tresses, executions or sale for debt, damages, or the payment of taxes.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all ministers of the gospel, licensed to preach according to the rules of their sect, all keepers of jails, and such other persons as are exempted by the laws of the United States shall be and are hereby exempted from militia duty.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the state shall be divided into four divisions, in the following manner, viz: The counties of Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, Green, Montgomery and Butler, shall compose one division, and be called the first division. The Counties of Adams, Scioto, Ross and Franklin, shall compose one division, and be called the second division. The counties of Fairfield, Gallia, Washington and Belmont, shall compose one division, and be called the third division. And the counties of Jefferson, Columbiana and Trumbull, shall compose One division, and be called the fourth division. Each division shall be divided into brigades, in the following manner, to-wit: The counties of Hamilton and Clermont shall form one brigade. The counties of Butler and Warren shall form one brigade. The counties of Green and Montgomery shall form

What perSOrls are exempted from militia duty. Each diviston, brigade and regiment to be numbered, and to rank accordingly.

The state divided into four diwiSions.

The first,

the second,

the third,

the fourth.

Each division into brigades.

Division brigade, etc., what to COI)sist Of.


The militia, how Offlcered.

one brigade. The counties of Adams and Scioto shall form one brigade. The counties of Ross and Franklin shall form one brigade. The counties of Fairfield and Gallia shall form one brigade. The counties of Washington and Belmont shall form one brigade. The counties of Jefferson and Columbiana shall form one brigade; and the county of Trumbull shall form one brigade. Each division, brigade and regiment, shall be numbered, and a record of such numbers made in the adjutant general’s office, and when in the field or in service in the state, each division, brigade or regiment, shall respectively take rank according to their numbers, reckoning the first or lowest number highest in rank. Each division shall consist of not less than two nor more than four brigades; each brigade of not less than two nor more than four regiments; each regiment of two battalions; each battalion of four companies, and each company shall consist of sixty-four privates: Provided always, That if local circumstances should require it, a company may be formed of forty, or extend to eighty, rank and file.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the militia of the state shall be officered as follows, viz: To each division there shall be one major general, who shall be allowed two aids-de-camp, with the rank of major; to each brigade one brigadier general, with one brigade inspector, to serve as brigade major, with the rank of major, to be appointed by the brigadier general; to each regiment one lieutenant colonel commandant; to each battalion one major, and to each company One captain, one lieutenant, One ensign, four sergeants, four corporals, one drummer and one fifer; the regimental staff shall consist of one adjutant, one clerk, one quartermaster, One paymaster, One surgeon, One surgeon’s mate, one sergeant major, one quartermaster sergeant, One drum major and One fife major.


Sec. 5. And be if further enacted, That the majors general of the respective divisions, SO SOOn as they are commissioned and qualified agreeable to law, shall proceed to lay out the several counties within their respective divisions, into regimental, battalion and company districts, and shall cause notice of the lines of such districts to be given in two of the most public places therein, which notices shall state, that on a certain day, at the hour of eleven o’clock, and at a certain place within the company district, an election will commence and be held for the purpose of electing One captain, one lieutenant and One ensign, for such district, and the election shall be held and conducted in the following manmer, The manner to-wit: The qualified electors within such com

'The majors general to lay out their divisions into districts.

To give notice Of the time and place of holding elections.

“Of conduct

ing thesame pany district, shall meet at the time and

place pointed out in such notice, and shall proceed, viva voce, to elect three Judges and one clerk, by a plurality of the voters present; any one of the persons elected judges shall administer to the other two judges and clerk, and either of the other judges to him, the following Oath or affirmation: “I, -—--—, do solemnly swear, (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will faithfully and impartially receive, count and make return, of the votes legally given for a captain, lieutenant and ensign, in militia, for the district in which I am appointed judge.” And the judges shall proceed to receive the ballots from the qualified electors of such district until three o’clock of the same day, and no longer. The clerk shall write down the name of each elector in a book prepared for that purpose, and at the Close of the election the judges and clerk shall compare the ballots with the poll-book, and declare to the people present, who is duly elected, and shall certify under their hands and seals, to the major general forth with, the names of the persons elected Officers, to each their proper title of Captain, lieutenant, or ensign.

Sec. 6. And be is further enacted, That the majors general respectively, shall forth

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