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Judges, clerks, etc., to be paid Out Of the county treasuries.

Sheriffs, electOrS, etc., Out Of the State treaSury.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the judges and clerks of the township elections, and clerks of the different counties, shall be paid out of their respective county treasuries, such compensation as the board of commissioners of their respective counties may direct. The sheriffs of the several counties of the state, and electors of president and vice-president, together with the expenses of publication and transmission of the certificates aforesaid, shall be paid out of the state treasury, such compensation as the general assembly shall, at their next session, provide by law.


Speaker of the house of representatives.

NATH. MASSIE, Speaker of the senate. January 20th, 1804.



An act, to provide for the incorporation of townships.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Ohio, That the townships of the several counties in this state, as they are or hereafter may be laid out and designated, be and they are hereby formed into bodies politic and corporate, for the purposes of exercising and enjoying the rights and privileges hereinafter enumerated.

Sec. 2. And be it fur//er enacted, That on the first Monday of April, annually, the electors in each and every township, shall assemble at such place in their respective townships, as is hereinafter directed, at the hour of ten o'clock in the morning, and when so assembled, to the number of fifteen or upwards, they shall proceed to elect a chairman, who shall preside at the said meeting, and it shall be his duty to preserve order, and he shall have power to cause any and every disorderly person to be removed, and if necessary, confined, until the close of such meeting; and it shall be the duty of each and every constable present, to obey the orders and direc

Townships incorporated.

Electors in each township to meet the first Monday of April, annually, etc.

To elect a chairman.

His duty.

Two judges elected, to take an Oath.

First meeting, where held.

Subsequent meetings to be fixed by the trusteeS, etc., in new townships by the commisSioners.

Officers to be ChoSen.

tions of the said chairman, for the purpose of preserving order and regularity in such meeting; and at the same time the electors shall elect two persons, having the qualifications of electors, as judges Of the election, who shall take an Oath or affirmation faithfully to discharge the duties of their office.

Sec. 3. And be if foother enacted, That the first meeting of the electors under this act, shall be holden at the places appointed by the associate judges, for holding the last annual election, and ever after, the elections shall be held in such place, in the respective townships, as shall be ordered and directed by the trustees at each preceding meeting, and when any new township is laid off, the board of commissioners shall appoint the place for holding the first meeting, and the place of holding their annual meetings shall be determined as in this section directed.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That after the election of a chairman and judges in manner aforesaid, the electors shall proceed to the election of one township clerk, three trustees, two overseers of the poor, two fence viewers, two appraisers of houses, one of whom shall be lister of taxable property, which lister shall be designated on each election ballot, a sufficient number. of supervisors of highways, one or more con stables and one township treasurer, which several officers shall continue in office until their successors shall be chosen and qualified, and shall, on their respective appointments, take an Oath or affirmation, faithfully and impartially to shall take discharge the duties of their respective offices. "“”


Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, that it shall so Of

be the duty of the township clerk, to keep fair the clerk. and accurate records of all the public transactions of the township meetings, to make out within two days after the election of township officers, a list of all those of whom, by law, oaths are required, stating the Offices to which they are respectfully chosen, and the same deliver to a constable of the township, requiring such constable forthwith to summon such officers to appear before a justice of the peace, or before such clerk, within ten days, to take such Oaths or affirmations as may be by law required, which Oaths or affirmations the said clerk is authorized to administer, and of which he shall make a record; and in case any township officer shall take the oath of office before any justice of the peace, such justice shall file a certificate thereof with the clerk of the township, who shall make a record of the same.

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