ing under the direct supervision of a person who has passed such examination, while the board of examiners is acting upon or de

ferring upon such application. Board SEC. 4. In every city affected by this act, there shall be appointed examiners.

a board of examiners consisting of one veterinary and two master horseshoers and two journeymen horseshoers which shall be called Horseshoers Board of Examiners," who shall be residents of such city, and whose duty it shall be to carry out the provisions of this act, and shall have a power to fix a standard of examinations to test the qualifications of applicants. The members of said board shall be appointed by the mayor of such city, and the term of office shall be five (5) years, except that the members of said board first appointed shall hold office for the term of one, two, three, four and five years, as designated by the mayor and until their successors shall be duly appointed. The board of examiners shall have a regular place of meeting and shall hold sessions for the purpose of examining applicants desiring to practice horseshoeing as master or journeyman horseshoers in each city affected by this act, not later than three days after applications have been presented to them, and shall grant a certificate to any person showing himself

qualified to practice, and the board shall receive as compensation Fee.

a fee not exceeding ten ($10) dollars from each person examined.

Three members of said board constitute a quorum. Registration. Sec. 5. Every applicant who shall have complied with the pro

visions of sections four and five (three and four] of this act, shall be admitted to register and shall pay the city treasurer of the city in which he desires to register the sum of fifty (50) cents, which

shall be received as full compensation for such registration. Fraudulent SEC. 6. Any person who shall present to the clerk for the purcertificate.

pose of registration any certificate which has been fraudulently obtained, or shall in any wise knowingly violate or negleet to comply with any of the provisions of this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, for each and every offense, be punished by a fine of not less than ten ($10) or more than one hundred ($100) dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term of not less than ten (10) days or more than thirty (30) days, or by both fine and imprisonment.

CHAPTER 68.Employment of women.

Limit of a SECTION 1 No female shall be employed in any mechanical or day's labor.

mercantile establishment, laundry, hotel or restaurant in this State more than ten hours during any day. The hours of work may be so arranged as to permit the employment of females at any time so that they shall not work more than ten hours during the twenty-four.

This provision is constitutional. 70 Pac. Rep. 52. Seats to be Sec. 2. Every employer in establishments where females are provided.

employed shall provide suitable seats for them and shall permit the use of such seats by them when they are not engaged in the

active duties for which they are employed. Penalty. SEC. 3. Any employer, overseer, superintendent, or other agent

of any such employer who shall violate any of the provisions of this act, shall, upon conviction thereof be fined for each offense in a sum not less than ten dollars nor inore than twenty-five dollars.

CHAPTER 74.Bureau of labor.

Bureau estab- SECTION 1. A commissioner of labor shall be appointed by the fished. governor; he, together with the inspector of coal mines, shall con

stitute a bureau of labor. On the first Monday in April, in 1897, and every four years thereafter, the governor shall appoint, a suit able person to act as commissioner of labor, and as factory, mill and railroad inspector who shall hold office until his successor is

appointed and qualified. Duties.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of such officer and employees of the said bureau to cause to be enforced all laws regulating the employment of children, minors and women, all laws established for the protection of the health, lives and limbs of operators in workshops, factories, mills and mines, on railroads and other places, and all laws enacted for the protection of the working classes, and declaim it a misdemeanor on the part of the employers to require as a condition of employment the surrender of any rights or citizenship, laws regulating and prescribing the qualifications of persons in trades and handicrafts, and similar laws now in force or hereafter to be enacted. It shall also be the duty of officers and employees of the bureau to collect, assort, arrange and present in biennial reports to the legislature, on or before the first Monday in January, statistical details relating to all departments of labor in tlie State; to the subjects of corporations, strikes or other labor difticulties; to trade unions and other labor organizations and their effect upon labor and capital; and to such other matters relating to the commercial, industrial, social, educational, moral and sanitary conditions of the laboring classes, and the permanent prosperity of the respective industries of the State as the bureau may be able to gather. In its biennial report the bureau shall also give account of all proceedings of its officers and employees which have been taken in accordance with the provisions of this act or of any other acts herein referred to, including a statement of all violations of law which have been observed, and the proceedings under the same, and shall join with such accounts and such remarks, suggestions and recommendations as the commissioner may deem necessary.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of every owner, operator or manager Duties of of every factory, workshop, mill, mine or other establishment owners of facwhere labor is employed, to make to the bureau, upon blanks fur- tories, etc. nished by said bureau, such reports and returns as the said bureau may require, for the purpose of compiling such labor statistics as are authorized by this act, and the owner or business manager shall make such reports and returns within the time prescribed therefor by the commissioner of labor, and shall certify to the correctness of the same. In the reports of said bureau no use shall be made of the names of individuals, firms or corporations supplying the information called for by this section, such information being deemed confidential, and not for the purpose of disclosing personal affairs, and any officer, agent or employee of said bureau violating this provision shall be fined in the sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or being [bel imprisoned for not more than one year.

SEC. 4. The commissioner of the bureau of labor shall have the Powers of power to issue subpanas, administer oaths and take testimony in commissioner. all matters relating to the duties herein required by such bureau, such testimony to be taken in some suitable place in the [vicinity) to which testimony is applicable. Witnesses subpænaed and tes

Witnesses. tifying before any officer of the said bureau shall be paid the same fees as witnesses before a superior court, such payment to be made from the contingent fund of the bureau. Any person duly subpoenaed under provisions of this section (who] shall willfully neglect or refuse to attend or testify at the time and place named in the subpoena, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, before any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be punished by a fine not less than twenty-five dollars or more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding thirty days.

Sec. 5. The commissioner of labor, the coal mine inspector or Access to any employee of the bureau of labor, shall have power to enter premises. any factory, mill, mine, office, workshop or public or private works at any time for the purpose of gathering facts and statistics such as are contemplated by this act, and to examine into the methods of protection from danger to employees, and the sanitary conditions in and around such buildings and places and make a record thereof, and any owner or occupant of said factory, mill, mine, office or workshop or public or private works, or his agent or

agents, who shall refuse to allow an inspector or employee of the said bureau to enter, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, before any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in the

county jail not to exceed ninety days, for each and every offense. Returns, etc., Sec. 6. No report or return made to the said bureau in accordto be preserved. ance with the provisions of this act, and no schedule, record or

document gathered or returned by the commissioner or inspector [shall be destroyed within two years of the receipt or collection! thereof, such reports, schedules and documents being declared public documents. At the expiration of the period of two years above referred to in this section, all records, schedules and papers accumulating in the said bureau that may be considered of no value by the commissioner may be destroyed : Prorided, The au

thority of the governor be first obtained for such destruction. Reports. SEC. 7. The biennial reports of the bureau of labor, provided for

by section 2 of this act, shall be printed in the same manner and under the same regulations as the reports of the executive officers of the State: Provided, That not less than five hundred copies of the report shall be distributed, as the judgment of the commissioner may deem best. The blanks and other stationery required by the bureau of labor in accordance with the provisions of this act shall be furnished by the secretary of the State, and shall be

paid for from the printing fund of the State. Salary.

SEC. 8. The salary of the commissioner of labor, provided for in this act, shall be eighteen hundred dollars ($1,800) per annum, and he shall be allowed his actual and necessary traveling and

incidental expenses. Consolidation SEC. 9. All the powers and duties heretofore exercised by the of duties.

assistant commissioner of labor and the factory, mill, and railway inspector are hereby devolved on the commissioner of labor.

CHAPTER 103.--Street railway companies to employ competent


Competent SECTION 1. llereafter street railway or street car companies, or men required. street car corporations, sball employ none but competent men to

operate or assist as conductors, motormen or gripmen upon any

street railway, or street car line in the State. Who deemed Sec. 2. A man shall be deemed competent to operate or assist competent.

in operating cars or (dummies) usually used by street railway or street car companies, or corporations, only after first having served at least three days under personal instruction of a regularly employed conductor, motorman or gripman on a car or dummy in actual service on the particular street railway or street

car line for which the service of an additional man or additional Proviso. men may be required : Provided, That during a strike on the street

car lines the railway companies may employ competent men who

have not worked three days on said particular street car line. Penalty. Sec. 3. Any violation of section 1 of this act by the president,

secretary, manager, superintendent, assistant superintendent. stockholder or other officer or employee of any company or corporation owning or operating any street railway or street car line or any receiver of street railway or street car company, or street railway or street car corporations appointed by any court within this State to operate such car line shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject the offender to such offense [sic] to a fine in any amount not less than fifty dollars nor more than two hundred dollars, or imprisonment in the county jail for a term of thirty days, or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

CHAPTER 172.--Eiramination and licensing of barbers.

Certificate re- SECTION 1. It shall be unlawful for any person to follow the quired.

occupation of barber in any incorporated city or town in this

State, unless he shall have first obtained a certificate of registra-
tion as provided in this act: Provided, however, That nothing in Proviso.
this act shall apply to or affect any person who is now engaged in
such occupation except as hereinafter provided.

SEC. 2. Shaving the face, or cutting the hair or the beard of any Definition. person either for hire or reward, shall be construed as practicing the occupatiou of barbering within the meaning of this act.

SEC. 3. A board of examiners, to consist of three persons, is Board of ex. hereby created to carry out the purposes and enforce the provi- aminers. sions of this act. Said board shall be appointed by the governor, the appointees to be chosen from practical barbers who have at least five years prior to their appointment followed the occupation, and have been residents of the State of Washington for two years. Each member of the said board shall serve for a term of three years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified, except in the case of the first board who shall serve one, two and three years respectively.

Sec. 4. Said board shall elect a president, secretary and treas- Organization, urer, shall have a common seal, and shall have power to adminis- seal, etc. ter oaths. The headquarters of said board shall be the place of residence of the secretary.

Sec. 5. The treasurer of said board shall give surety bond to be Treasurer. approved by and deposited with the auditor of this State, in the sum of one thousand dollars, and said board shall take the oath provided by law for public officers. The costs of said bond shall be paid out of the funds in the hands of the treasurer. Sec. 6. Each member of said board shall receive a compensation. Compensa.

tion. of five dollars per day for actual service and actual expenses incurred in attending the meetings of the board. All moneys shall be paid out of the fund in the hands of the treasurer, and in no event shall any money be paid out of the State treasury.

SEC. 7. Said board shall report to the governor of this State Report. biennially a full statement of the receipts and disbursements of the board during the preceding two years, a full statement of its doings and proceedings, and such recommendation as may seem proper.

SEC. 8. Said board shall hold public examinations at least four Quarterly ertimes a year in different cities of this State, at such times and aminations. places as it may determine, notice of such meetings to be sent to the various applicants by mail, at least ten days before the meetings are to be held.

SEC. 9. Every person now engaged in the occupation of barber Certification in cities of the first, second or third class in this State shall within without exami

nation. ninety days after the approval of this act file with the secretary of said board an affidavit setting forth his name, residence and length of time during which and the places where he has practiced such occupation, and shall pay to the secretary of said board one dollar, and a certificate entitling him to practice said occupation for one year shall thereupon be issued to him.

SEC. 10. To obtain a certificate of registration under this act, Applicants. any person excepting those mentioned in section nine shall make application to said board, and shall pay to the secretary an examination fee of five dollars, and shall present himself at the meeting of the board for examination of applicants. The board shall examine such person, and being satisfied that he is above the age Qualificaof eighteen years, of good moral character, free from contagious tions. or infectious disease, has studied the trade for two years as an apprentice under or as a qualified and practicing barber in this State, or other States, and is possessed of the requisite skill to properly perform all the duties, including his ability in the preparation of the tools used, sharing, cutting of the hair and beard and all the various services incident thereto, and has sufficient knowledge concerning the common diseases of the face and skin to avoid the aggravation and spreading thereof in the practice of his trade, his name shall be entered by the board in a register hereinafter provided for and a certificate of registration shall be issued to him authorizing him to practice said trade in this State,


for one year. All certificates shall be renewed each year, for which renewal, a fee of fifty cents shall be paid. All persons making application for examination under the provisions of this act, shall be allowed to practice the occupation of barber until the

next meeting as designated by said board. Apprentices. SEC. 11. Nothing in this act shall prohibit any person from serv

ing as an apprentice in said trade under a barber authorized to practice under this act: Provided, That in no barber shop shall there be more than one apprentice to each registered barber and all apprentices shall be registered with the secretary of said board

for which registration no fee shall be paid. Certificate to SEC. 12. Said board shall furnish to each person who has sucbe posted. cessfully passed examination, a certificate of registration, bearing

the seal of the board and the signature of its president and seeretary certifying that the holder thereof is entitled to practice the occupation of barber in this State, and it shall be the duty of the holder of such certificate to post the same in a conspicuous place

in the shop. Register. SEC. 13. Said board shall keep a register in which shall be en

tered names of all persons to whom certificates are issued under this act, and said register shall be at all times open to public

inspection. Revocation of SEC. 14. Said board shall have power to revoke any certificate of certificate.

registration granted by it under this act, for (a) conviction of crime, (b) drunkenness, (c) having or imparting any contagious or infectious disease or (d) for doing work in an unsanitary or filthy manner: Provided, That before any certificate shall be revoked the holder thereof shall have notice in writing of the change [charge) or charges against him, and shall at a day specified in said notice, at least five days after the service thereof, be given a public hearing and full opportunity to produce testimony in his behalf, and to confront the witnesses against him. Any person whose certificate has been so revoked may after expiration of ninety days upon application have the same reissued to him upon

satisfactory showing that disqualification has ceased. Penalty. SEC. 15. Any person practicing the occupation of barber in any

city of the first, second or third class in this State, without first having obtained a certificate of registration as provided in this act, or falsely pretending to be practicing such occupation under this act, or who uses, or allows towels to be used on more than one person before such towels have been laundered; or razors, lather, or hair brushes on more than one person before same shall have been sterilized or in violation of any of the provisions of this act, and every proprietor of a barber shop who shall willfully employ a barber who has not such a certiticate shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than ten dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not less than ten days nor more than ninety days, or both. This act is constitutional. 71 Pac. Rep. 737.

ACTS OF 1903.

CHAPTER 37.--Inspection of factories, etc.-Safety appliances, Belt shifters. SECTION 1. Any person, corporation or association, operating a

factory, mill or workshop where machinery is used, shall provide and maintain in use proper belt shifters or other mechanical con

trivances for the purpose of throwing on or off belts on pulleys, Guards. proper safeguards for all vats, pans, trimmers, cut-off, gang edgers

and all other saws that can be guarded advantageously. planers,
cogs, gearings, belting, shafting, couplings, set screws, live rollers,

conveyors, manglers in laundries and machinery of other or similar Fans.

description. Exhaust fans of sufficient power shall be provided in
the discretion of the commissioner of labor for the purpose of car-
rying off dust from emery wheels, grindstones and other machin-

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