inspection at any time, and that such statistical and sociological data as the bureau of labor may require shall be held in confidence by said bureau, and so published as not to reveal the identity of any applicant: And provided, further, That any applicant who shall decline to answer the questions contained in [the] special register shall not thereby forfeit any right to any employment the ofi might secure.

SEC. 4. Each superintendent shall report on Thursday of each Weekly lists. week to the State bureau of labor and industrial statistics the number of applications for positions and for help received during the preceding week, also those unfilled applications remaining on the books at the beginning of the week. Such lists shall not contain the names or addresses of any applicant, but shall show the number of situations desired and the number of persons wanted at each specified trade or occupation. It shall also show the number and character of the positions secured during the preceding week. Upon receipt of these lists and not later than Saturday of each week, the commissioner of the said bureau of labor and industrial statistics shall cause to be printed a sheet showing separately and in combination the lists received from all such free employment offices; and he shall cause a sufficient number of such sheets to be printed to enable him to mail, and he shall so mail, on Saturday of each week, two of said sheets to each superintendent of a free employment office, one to be filed by said superintendent and one to be conspicuously posted in each such office. A copy of such sheet shall also be mailed on each Saturday by the commissioner of the State bureau of labor and industrial statistics to the State inspector of factories. It is hereby made the duty of said factory inspector to do all he reasonably can to assist in securing situations for such applicants for work, to secure for the free employment offices the cooperation of the employers of labor in factories, to immediately notify the superintendent of free employment offices of any and all vacancies or opportunities of employment that shall come to his notice.

Sec. 5. 'It shall be the duty of each such superintendent of a Cooperation free employment office to immediately put himself in communica- with employtion with the principal manufacturers, merchants and other employers of labor, and to use all diligence in securing the cooperation of the said employers of labor, with the purposes and objects of such employment offices.

Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of each such superintendent to make a report to the State bureau of labor and industrial statistics ports. annually, not later than December first of each year, concerning the work of his office for the year ending October first of the same year, together with a statement of the expenses of the same, and such reports shall be published by the said bureau of labor and industrial statistics annually. Each such superintendent shall also perform such other duties in the collection of statistics of labor, as the commissioners of the bureau of labor and industrial statistics may require. SEC. 7. No fee or compensation shall be charged or received,

No fee to be directly or indirectly, from any person or corporation applying

charged. for employment or help through said free employment offices; and any superintendent or clerk who shall accept, directly or indirectly, any fee or compensation from any applicant. or from his or her representative, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than twentyfive dollars nor more than fifty dollars and imprisoned in the county jail not more than thirty days.

SEC. 8. The term “applicant for employment" as used in this Definition. act shall be construed to mean any person seeking work of any lawful character, and “ applicant for help” shall mean any person or persons seeking help in any legitimate enterprise. Nothing in this act shall be construed to limit the meaning of the term “ work” to manual occupation[s], but it shall include professional service, and any and all other legitimate services.




Private of Sec. 9. No person, firm or corporation where a free employfices.

ment office is located shall open, operate or maintain a private employment agency for hire or where a fee is charged to either

applicants for employment or for help, without first having obLicense. tained a license from the secretary of state, for which license

he shall pay one hundred dollars per annum ; and no such private agent shall print, publish, or cause to be printed or published, or paint on any sign, window or newspaper publication, a name similar to that of the Wisconsin free employment offices. And any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of this act, or any part thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction such person, firm or, if a corporation, all the

officers thereof, shall be fined not less than fifty dollars. Removal Sec. 10. Whenever, in the opinion of the commissioner of the superintend- bureau of labor and industrial statistics, the superintendent of ent.

any free employment office is not duly diligent in the perform-
ance of his duties he may summon such superintendent to appear
before him to show cause why he should not be recommended to
the governor for removal, and unless such cause is clearly shown
the said commissioner may so recommend. In considering such
a case, a low percentage of positions secured to applicants for
situations and help registered, lack of intelligent interest in the
work, or a general inaptitude or inefficiency may be deemed by
said commissioner sufficient to recommend a removal. And if,
in the opinion of the governor, such lack of efficiency can not be
remedied by reproval and discipline, he shall remove such person
from office as recommended by said commissioner: Provided,
That the governor may at any time remove any superintendent
or clerk for cause.


ARTICLE 1.-Rights of labor to be protected.

Protective SECTION 22. The rights of labor shall have just protection la was to be through laws calculated to secure to the laborer proper rewards passed.

for his service and to promote the industrial welfare of the State.

ARTICLE 9.-Mine regulations.

Office of in- SECTION 1. There shall be established and maintained the spector of m'ines to be office of inspector of mines, the duties and salary of which shall. established. be prescribed by law. When said office shall be established, the

governor shall, with the advice and consent of the senate, appoint thereto a person proven in the manner provided by law to be

competent and practical, whose term of office shall be two years. Mining to be

SEC. 2. The legislature shall provide by law for the proper regulated.

development, ventilation, drainage and operation of all mines in

this State. Employment SEC. 3. No boy under the age of fourteen years and no woman of women and children.

or girl of any age shall be employed or permitted to be in or about any coal, iron or other dangerous mines for the purpose of employment therein: Prorided, houerer, This provision shall not affect the employment of a boy or female of suitable age in an office or in the performance of clerical work at such mine or

colliery. Right of ac- SEC. 4. For any injury to person or property caused by willful tion for inju- failure to comply with the provisions of this article, or laws .

passed in pursuance hereof, a right of action shall accrue to the party injured, for the damage sustained thereby, and in all cases in this State, whenever the death of a person shall be caused by wrongful act, neglect or default, such as would, if death had not ensued, have entitled the party injured to maintain an action to recover damages in respect thereof, the person who, or the corporation which would have been liable, if death

* *

had not ensuell, shall be liable to an action for damages notwithstanding the death of the person injured, and the legislature shall provide by law at its first session for the manner in which the right of action in respect thereto shall be enforced.

Sec. 6. There shall be a State geologist, who shall be appointed State geoloby the governor of the State, with the advice and consent of the gist. senate.

said State geologist shall ex officio perform the duties of inspector of mines until otherwise provided by law.

ARTICLE 10.-Limitation and waiver of right to damages. SECTION 4. No law shall be enacted limiting the amount of

Damages for

injuries. damages to be recovered for causing the injury or death of any person. Any contract or agreement with any employee waiving any right to recover damages for causing the death or injury of any employee shall be void.

ARTICLE 10.--Cooperative associations. SECTION 10. The legislature shall provide by suitable legisla- Incorporation

to be provided tion for the organization of mutual and cooperative associations for." or corporations.

ARTICLE 19.--Hours of labor. SECTION 1. Eight (8) hours actual work shall constitute a lawful Eight hours a day's work in all mines, and on all State and municipal works.

day's labor. ARTICLE 19.---Employment of aliens on public works. SECTION 1. No person not a citizen of the United States or who Aliens not to has not declared his intention to become such, shall be employed be employed. upon or in connection with any State, county or municipal works or employment.

Sec. 2. The legislature shall, by appropriate legislation, see that Enforcement. the provisions of the foregoing section are enforced.

ARTICLE 19.-Boards of arbitration. SECTION 1. The legislature shall establish courts of arbitration, ('ourts to be whose duty it shall be to hear, and determine all differences, and established. controversies between organizations or associations of laborers, and their employers, which shall be submitted to them in such manner as the legislature may provide. ARTICLE 19.—Contracts of employees waiving right to damages. SECTION 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, company or cor


waiving right poration, to require of its servants or employees as a condition of to damages. their employment, or otherwise, any contract or agreement, whereby such person[,) company or corporation shall be released or discharged from liability or responsibility, on account of personal injuries received by such servants or employees, while in the service of such person, company or corporation, by reason of the negligence of such person, company or corporation, or the agents or employees thereof, and such contracts shall be absolutely null and void.


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8. No person shall attempt to influence the vote of any elector Attempting to by means of

threats of

discharging from em- influence vote. ployment,

TITLE 7.-Viners' hospital.

Location and SECTION 660. The State charitable institution located at Rock nane.

Springs, Wyoming, originally known and designated as the Wyoming State Miners' Hospital, shall be known and designated as

“ The Wyoming General Hospital." Object.

Sec. 661. The object of said hospital shall be to provide sustenance, care and medical and surgical attention for all miners who shall become disabled or incapacitated to labor while working in the mines of the State, and who shall be in need of such sustenance, care or medical or surgical attention, and to such other persons as may be admitted under the laws, rules and regulations

established for the government thereof. Board of vis Itors.

SEC. 662. A board of visitors for said hospital, to consist of three. persons, shall be appointed by the governor of the State in Jan‘uary of each year. It shall be the duty of the board of visitors to make a personal examination into the state and condition of said hospital and all its affairs twice at least in each year, and to report the result to he governor, suggesting such improvements as they may deem proper, which report shall be submitted to the legislature at its next session. Such board of visitors shall receive

no compensation for their services. Charges for SEC. 663. It shall be the duty of the board of charities and retreatment.

form to establish a schedule of charges for care and treatment of patients which all persons treated at said hospital shall be required to pay, except in cases where such person or persons shall be adjudged a subject of charity under such rules as said board may adopt, for the government of said institution : Prorided, however, Said board shall have power, and is hereby empowered to establish a schedule of charges so that members of any society, or any class of individuals may, by the payment of an annual sum, be entitled to the benefits of care, and treatment at said institute [institution), and any person who shall comply with the requirements of this section, and the rules of the board, adopted in conformity to the provisions of this section, shall be entitled to the

benefits of said institution. Revenues. SEC. 664. All revenues derived from the said hospital and all

moneys received for the care of patients therein, shall be turned over to the State treasurer, and shall become a part of the fund known as the “ State Hospital Maintenance Fund," and all such sums shall be and the same are hereby appropriated and shall be used for the payment of the salaries and wages of officers and employees of the Wyoming General Hospital, and to pay other expenses incurred in the conduct, maintenance and support of the said hospital and for the care of patients therein.

TITLE 13.-Hours of labor on public roads.


Eight hours a SECTION 1943.

any person liable to pay such poll or day's labor.

road tax, may work out the said tax under the direction of the supervisor of the district or other proper officer in an incorporated town or city, where such person resides, and he shall be allowed for such work the sum of two dollars for each day's work of eight hours.

TITLE 16.Employment of children, Acrobatic and

SECTION 2289. It shall be unlawful for any person having the mendicant occupations.

care, custody or control of any child under the age of fourteen years to exhibit, use or employ, or in any manner, or under any pretense, sell, apprentice, give away, let out or otherwise dispose of any such child to any person, in or for the vocation or occupation, service or purpose of singing, playing on musical instruments, dancing, rope or wire walking, begging or peddling, or as a gymnast, contortionist, rider or acrobat, in any place whatsoever; or as an actor or performer in any concert hall or room where intoxi. cating liquors are sold or given away, or in any variety theater,

or for any illegal, obscene, indecent or immoral purpose, exhibition or practice whatsoever ; or for or in any business exhibition or vocation, injurious to the health or dangerous to the life or limb of such child, or cause, procure or encourage such child to engage therein. Nothing in this section contained shall apply to or affect the enployment or use of any child as a singer or musician in any church, school or academy, or at any respectable entertainment, or the teaching or learning the science or practice of music. It shall be unlawful for any person to take, receive, hire, employ, use, exhibit or have in custody any child, under the age, and for the purposes prohibited in this section.

SEC. 2295. Any person who shall take, receive, hire or employ, Employment either in his or her own behalf, or as the agent, servant or em- of women and

children in ployee of any person, persons, association of persons, copartner- mines. ship, company, corporation, any boy or male child under the age of fourteen years, or any woman or girl of any age, or shall allow or permit the said persons to be in or about any coal, iron or other dangerous mine, or underground works or dangerous place whatsoever in this State, for the purpose of employment therein or thereabouts, shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars to which may be added imprisonment in the county jail not more than six months: Provided, Proviso. however, That the provisions of this section shall not affect or apply to the employment of a boy or female of suitable age in an office, or in the performance of clerical work at such mine, colliery or place.

TITLE 17.-Wages preferredIn assignments.

SECTION 2482. No assignment for the benefit of creditors shall Wages to be give any preference of one debt or class of debts over any other paid first. debt or class of debts, and any such provision in any assignment for the benefit of creditors shall be null and void; save and except that in all cases of assignment under this chapter, the wages of employees of the assignor for the period of three months prior to the date of assignment shall be and constitute preferred claims over all and singular other claims against such estate, and sball be first paid out of the assets of the estate of the assignor.


TITLE 17.-E.remption of wages-Unlawful assignment of claims.

SECTION 2516. It is hereby declared unlawful for any creditor Assignments or other holder of any evidence of debt, book account, or claim to evade ex. of any name or nature against any laborer, servant, clerk, or

emptions. other employee of any corporation, firm or individual in this State for the purpose below stated, to sell, assign, transfer, or by any means dispose of any such claim, book account, bill or debt of any name or nature whatever, to any person or persons, firm, corporation or institution, or to institute elsewhere than in this State, or prosecute any suit or action for any such claim or debt against any such laborer, servant, clerk or employee, by any process seeking to seize, attach or garnishee the wages of such person or persons earned within sixty days prior to the commencement of such proceedings for the purpose of avoiding the effect of the laws of the State of Wyoming concerning exemptions.

SEC. 2517. It is hereby declared unlawful for any person or Aiding. persons to aid, assist, abet, or counsel a violation of the foregoing section for any purpose whatever.

SEC. 2518. In any proceeding, civil or criminal, growing out of Evidence. a breach of the provisions of this chapter, proof of the institution of a suit or service of garnishment summons by any persons, firm or individual in any court of any State or Territory other than this State, to seize by process of garnishment or otherwise any of the wages of such persons as defined in sections two thousand five hundred and sixteen and two thousand five hundred and seventeen shall be deemed prima facie evidence of

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