New America

Hurst and Blackett, 1869 - 448 sider

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Side 447 - THE CRESCENT AND THE CROSS. BY ELIOT WARBURTON. " Independent of its value as an original narrative, and its useful and interesting Information, this work is remarkable for the colouring power and play of fancy with which its descriptions are enlivened. Among its greatest and most lasting charms is its reverent and serious spirit."— Quarterly Review.
Side ii - Intensely exciting volumes. The central interest of the book lies in Mr.Dixon's picture of Mormon society, and it is for its singular revelations respecting Brigham Young's people, and the Shakers and Bible Communists, that nine readers out of every ten will send for an early copy of this strange story. Whilst Mr. Dixon speaks frankly all that he knows and thinks, he speaks it in a fashion that will carry his volumes into the hands of every woman in England and America." — Post. "A book which it...
Side 447 - ' This is a very good and a very interesting work. It is designed to trace the career from boyhood to age of a perfect man — a Christian gentleman, and it abounds in incident both well and highly wrought. Throughout it is conceived in a high spirit, and written with great a! tility. This cheap and handsome new edition is worthy to pass freely from hand to hand as a gift book in many households.
Side 257 - ... next friend, or under cover of her husband's name. She continues to exercise, after she has passed from her father's house into her husband's home, all the rights which the law gives to men. All the privileges which belong to her as a woman and a wife are secured to her, not by the courtesies which 'come and go,' but by the actual text in the book of law.
Side 448 - Wiseman has here treated a special subject with so much generality and geniality, that his recollections will excite no ill-feeling in those who are most conscientiously opposed to every idea of human infallibility represented in Papal domination."— Athmaum. VOL. IX.— A LIFE FOR A LIFE. BY THE AUTHOR OF
Side 449 - XXVI.— MISTRESS AND MAID. BY THE AUTHOR OF "JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN." " A good wholesome book, gracefully written, and as pleasant to read as it is instructive."— Athenaeum. "A charming tale charmingly told.
Side ii - Saints during his sojourn there. For a full account of the singular sect called the Shakers, of their patient, loving industry, their admirable schools, and their perpetual intercourse with the invisible world, we must refer the reader to this work. Mr. Dixon has written thoughtfully and well, and we can recall no previous book on American travel which dwells so fully on these much vexed subjects.
Side 160 - Man, beiag one of the race of gods, becomes eligible, by means of marriage, for a celestial throne; his household of wives and children being his kingdom, not on earth only, but in heaven. 8. The kingdom of God has been again founded on the earth ; the time has come for the Saints to take possession of their own ; but by virtue, not by violence, by industry, not by force.
Side 117 - No beggar is seen in the streets ; scarcely ever a tipsy man ; and the drunken fellow, when you see one, is always either a miner or a soldier — of course a Gentile. No one seems poor. The people are quiet and civil, far more so than is usual in these western parts. From the presence of trees, of water, and of cattle, the streets have a pastoral character, seen in no other city of the mountains and the plains. Here, standing under the green locust trees, is an ox come home for the night; yonder...
Side 190 - Then you don't prohibit, and you don't practise it?' " YOUNG. — ' My prejudices prevent me.' " This remnant of an old feeling brought from the Gentile world, and this alone, would seem to prevent the Saints from rushing into the higher forms of incest. How long will these Gentile sentiments remain in force ?' " ' You will find here,' said Elder Stenhouse to me, talking on another subject, ' polygamists of the third generation; when these boys and girls grow up, and marry, you will have in these...

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