How to Learn to Play the Game of Chess: A Primer of the Game

Henry Chadwick
American sports publishing Company, 1905 - 104 sider

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Side 48 - Errors. If, during the course of the game, it be discovered that any error or illegality has been committed, the moves must be retraced and the necessary correction made, without penalty. If the moves cannot be correctly retraced, the game must be annulled. If a man be dropped from the board and moves made during its absence, such moves must be retraced and the man restored. If this cannot be done, to the satisfaction of the Umpire, the game must be annulled.
Side 50 - The player who undertakes to win in a particular manner, and either draws the game, or wins in some other manner, must be adjudged to be the loser. In all other respects, the play in games at odds must be governed by the regulations before laid down. RULES FOR PLAYING CORRESPONDENCE AND CONSULTATION GAMES.
Side 50 - ... cannot be captured, he may be required to move the King or capture the man which can be taken, at the adversary's option; or, if neither can be captured, then the King must be moved. A player moving into check may be required, by the opposing player, either to move the King elsewhere, or replace the...
Side 47 - Squares. While the hand remains upon a man, it may be moved to any square that it commands, except such squares as may have been touched by it during the deliberation on the move ; but if all the squares which it commands have been so touched, then the man must be played to such of the squares as the adversary may elect.
Side 28 - A player may call upon his opponent to draw the game, or to mate him within fifty moves on each side, whenever his opponent persists in repeating a particular check, or series of checks, or the same line of play, or whenever he has a King alone on the board, or King and Queen, King and Rook, Against an equal or superior force.
Side 50 - AT ODDS. I. In games where one player gives the odds of a piece, or " the exchange," or allows his opponent to count drawn games as won, or agrees to check-mate with a particular man, or on a particular square, he has the right to choose the men, and to move first, unless an arrangement to the contrary is agreed to between the combatants. II. When the odds of Pawn and one move, or Pawn and more than one move are given, the Pawn given must be the King's Bishop's Pawn when not otherwise previously...
Side 47 - J'adoube,". "I adjust," or words to that effect, cannot protect a player from any of the penalties imposed by these laws, unless the man or men touched, obviously need adjustment, and unless such notification be distinctly uttered before the man, or men, be touched, and only the player whose turn it is to move is allowed so to adjust. The hand having once quitted the man, but for an instant, the move must stand. Men overturned or displaced accidentally may be replaced by either player, without notice.
Side 50 - ... chess-law and rules ; or for any duly appointed Referee, or Umpire; for the bystanders, when properly appealed to; or for any person, present or absent, to whom may be referred any disputed questions ; or for any other authority whomsoever having power to determine such (questions. When the word " move " is used it is understood to mean a legal move or a move to be legally made according to these laws. When the word "man" or " men " is used, it is understood that it embraces both Pieces and Pawns.
Side 148 - Boius. was formerly superintendent of physical culture In the Elizabeth (NJ) public schools. Instructor at Columbia University (New York), instructor for four years at the Columbia summer school and is now proprietor of the Park Place Gymnasium, at 14 Park Place, New York City. The book contains 200 photographs of all the various exercises with the instructions in large, readable type. It should be in the hands of every teacher and pupil of physical culture, and is invaluable for home exercise. Price...
Side 50 - ... he must not cross the middle line of the board, before his adversary makes his first move. Such several moves are to be collectively considered as the first move of the player accepting the odds. VI. In the odds of check-mating on a particular square it must be the square occupied by the King mated, not by the man giving the mate.

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