“But, Selim, thou must answer why “We need so much of mystery? “ The cause I cannot dream nor tell, “But be it, since thou say'st ’tis well; “Yet what thou mean'st by arms' and 'friends,'

Beyond my weaker sense extends. “ I meant that Giaffir should have heard

“ The very vow I plighted thee; “ His wrath would not revoke my word:

“ But surely he would leave me free.

“ Can this fond wish seem strange in me, “ To be what I have ever been ? “ What other hath Zuleika seen “ From simple childhood's earliest hour ?

" What other can she seek to see “ Than thee, companion of her bower,

“ The partner of her infancy? “ These cherish'd thoughts with life begun,

“ Say, why must I no more avow ? “What change is wrought to make me shun

" The truth; my pride, and thine till now? To meet the gaze of stranger's eyes “Our law, our creed, our God denies ; "Nor shall one wandering thought of mine “At such, our Prophet's will, repine: “No! happier made by that decree! “He left me all in leaving thee.

Deep were my anguish, thus compellid “To wed with one I ne'er beheld : “ This wherefore should I not reveal ? “Why wilt thou urge me to conceal ?

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“ I know the Pacha's haughty mood
" To thee hath never boded good;
“ And he so often storms at nought,
“ Allah! forbid that e'er he ought!
“ And why I know not, but within
“ My heart concealment weighs like sin.
“ If then such secrecy be crime,

“ And such it feels while lurking here ; “ Oh, Selim! tell me yet in time,

“ Nor leave me thus to thoughts of fear. “ Ah! yonder see the Tchocadar, (22) “ My father leaves the mimic war; “ I tremble now to meet his eye“ Say, Selim, canst thou tell me why?”

XIV. “ Zuleika to thy tower's retreat " Betake thee--Giaffir I can greet:

And now with him I fain must prate “ Of firmans, imposts, levies, state. “ There's fearful news from Danube's banks, “ Our Vizier nobly thins his ranks, “ For which the Giaour may give him thanks! “ Our Sultan hath a shorter way “ Such costly triumph to repay. “ But, mark me, when the twilight drum

“ Hath warn'd the troops to food and sleep, “ Unto thy cell will Selim come :

“ Then softly from the Haram creep
“ Where we may wander by the deep:
“ Our garden-battlements are steep;

“ Nor these will rásh intruder climb “ To list our words, or stint our time; “And if he doth, I want not steel 66 Which some have felt, and more may feel. " Then shalt thou learn of Selim more “ Than thou hast heard or thought before : “ Trust me, Zuleika fear not me! “ Thou know'st I hold a Haram key."


“ Fear thee, my Selim! ne'er till now “ Did word like this,"

" Delay not thou ; I keep the key—and Haroun's guard “ Have some, and hope of more reward. “ To-night, Zuleika, thou shalt hear “ My tale, my purpose,

fear : “ I am not, love ! what I appear.”

and my





The winds are high on Helle’s wave,

As on that night of stormy water
When Love, who sent, forgot to save
The young, the beautiful, the brave,

The lonely hope of Sestos' daughter.
Oh! when alone along the sky
Her turret-torch was blazing high,
Though rising gale, and breaking foam,
And shrieking sea-birds warn'd him home ;
And clouds aloft and tides below,
With signs and sounds, forbade to go,
He could not see, he would not hear
Or sound or sign foreboding fear ;
His eye but saw that light of love,
The only star it hail'd above;
His ear but rang with Hero's song,
“Ye waves, divide not lovers long!".



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