The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal, Volum 155

A. Constable, 1882

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Side 434 - Britain hereby declare that neither the one, nor the other, will ever obtain, or maintain, for itself, any exclusive control over the said ship canal ; agreeing that neither will ever erect, or maintain, any fortifications commanding the same, or in the vicinity thereof, or occupy, or fortify, or colonize, or assume, or exercise, any dominion over Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Mosquito Coast, or any part of Central America...
Side 434 - Britain, take advantage of any intimacy, or use any alliance, connection, or influence, that either may possess, with any State or Government, through whose territory the said canal may pass, for the purpose of acquiring, or holding, directly or indirectly, for the citizens or subjects of the one, any rights or advantages in regard to commerce, or navigation, through the said canal, which shall not be offered, on the same terms, to the citizens or subjects of the other.
Side 330 - And now without, as if some word Had called upon them that they heard, The London sparrows far and nigh Clamour together suddenly ; And Jenny's cage-bird grown awake Here in their song his part must take, Because here too the day doth break.
Side 329 - Be flung — sits there, deaf, blind, alone ; — Aye, and shall not be driven out Till that which shuts him round about Break at the very Master's stroke, And the dust thereof vanish as smoke, And the seed of Man vanish as dust : — Even so within this world is Lust.
Side 144 - Gods; and what resounds In fable or romance of Uther's son Begirt with British and Armoric knights ; And all who since, baptized or infidel, Jousted in Aspramont, or Montalban, Damasco, or Marocco, or Trebisond, Or whom Biserta sent from Afric shore, When Charlemain with all his peerage fell By Fontarabbia.
Side 434 - ... with any State or people for the purpose of erecting or maintaining any such fortifications, or of occupying, fortifying, or colonizing Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Mosquito coast, or any part of Central America, or of assuming or exercising dominion over the same...
Side 548 - Russell, at the commencement of the session, proposed that the House should resolve itself into a Committee for the purpose of removing the disabilities of the Jews.
Side 326 - They drove me from thy gate; And yet my voice must rise to thine ears; But alas! it comes too late! "Last night at mid-watch, by Aberdour, When the moon was dead in the skies, O King, in a death-light of thine own I saw thy shape arise.
Side 329 - Like a toad within a stone Seated while Time crumbles on; Which sits there since the earth was curs'd For Man's transgression at the first; Which, living through all centuries, Not once has seen the sun arise; Whose life, to its cold circle charmed, The earth's whole summers have not warmed; Which always - whitherso the stone Be flung - sits there, deaf, blind, alone; Aye, and shall...
Side 531 - As I sat opposite the treasury bench the ministers reminded me of one of those marine landscapes not very unusual on the coast of South America. You behold a range of exhausted volcanoes. Not a flame flickers on a single pallid crest. But the situation is still dangerous. There are occasional earthquakes, and ever and anon the dark rumbling of the sea.

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