The North American Journal of Homeopathy, Volum 24

American Medical Union, 1875

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Side 286 - To set up anew the action of the poison, a certain period of incubation with the presence of alkaline moisture is required, which period is completed within one to three days ; a temperature favoring decomposition, and moisture or fluid of decided alkaline reaction hastening the process, the reverse retarding.
Side 545 - ... so frank in her intruded attentions as Nature, though it is happiness and not grandeur to which she attaches herself. Alice went down to breakfast that morning, which she had not been able to do for a long time. She had laid aside her black dress by instinct, and put on a white one, which had nothing but its black ribbons to mark it as mourning ; and there was a little delicate colour on her cheek, and her eyes, though a little too large and clear, had a glimmer of sunshine in them, like the...
Side 264 - Bd. cix., p. 172) concludes, from a series of experiments on dogs, rabbits, &c., that "phosphorus acts specifically on the nerves of voluntary motion, and on the muscles themselves. It impedes, diminishes, and at last entirely destroys the power of movement, or rather it destroys the irritability of the motor nerves, the contractibility of the muscular fibres, and at last completely paralyses the powers.
Side 286 - ... to any distance: and when liberated may find their way direct to the alimentary canal through the medium of the air — by entering the mouth and nose and being swallowed with the saliva — or, less directly, through the medium of water or food in which they have lodged.
Side 527 - There are creatures of exquisite tenuity which are capable of climbing through fluids, and probably the air itself, creatures which climb without muscles, nerves, or limbs, creatures with no mechanism, having no structure, capable, when suspended in the medium in which they live, of extending any one part of the pulpy matter of which they consist beyond another part, and of causing the next to follow, as if each part willed to move and did so.
Side 286 - Malignant cholera is caused by the access of a specific organic poison to the alimentary canal ; which poison is developed spontaneously only in certain parts of India, (Hindostan.)
Side 68 - Throbbing and jerking of muscles in the different parts of the body with severe chills, and great pain between the hips of a dull, heavy, dragging character, which descend slowly to the left leg.
Side 67 - Organs. Great sexual desire, and painful erections, with emissions. Lewd dreams, with emissions. Very hard erections ; terrible erections. Erections, with severe pain in the left testicle, as if bruised, extending up the cord as far as the external abdominal ring. Chest.
Side 525 - Being so very transparent, and often imbedded in dark and more or less opaque tissue, bioplasm has often been overlooked, and has been mistaken for mere passive fluid occupying a space or vacuole in the tissue.

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