Transactions, Volum 34

Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York., 1899
"Directory of the homœopathic practitioners of the State of New York" in v.25- .

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Side 156 - Great wits are sure to madness near allied; And thin partitions do their bounds divide: Else why should he, with wealth and honour blest, Refuse his age the needful hours of rest?
Side 64 - COME unto me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Side 2 - All that pertains to the great field of medical learning is his, by tradition, by inheritance, by right.
Side 28 - The consideration of this is beyond the scope of this paper. Suffice it to say here, that the...
Side 226 - ... elected a senior member at an annual meeting, provided that at the time of such election he or she is in good standing and shall have paid dues for twenty-five years. Senior members shall be exempt from dues and assessments, and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership. § 3. Any physician or surgeon not a resident of this state, who has manifested superior attainments in medicine or one of its collateral sciences, may be elected an honorary member at an annual meeting, provided...
Side 191 - All the full-brain, half-brain races, led by Justice, Love, and Truth ; All the millions one at length, with all the visions of my youth ? All diseases quench'd by Science, no man halt, or deaf or blind ; Stronger ever born of weaker, lustier body, larger mind...
Side 228 - Section 6, of the by-laws. § 2. Their term of office shall commence at the close of the meeting at which they...
Side 108 - ... justified in opening the peritoneal cavity either by the abdomen or the vagina in order to shorten the round ligaments. In such cases Alexander's operation is easy, quick, safe, and more reliable. The author has had no failures in his last hundred cases. 3. For the removal of pus tubes the operation by the vagina is more difficult than by the abdomen, in all cases excepting those in which the uterus is removed at the same time.
Side 51 - These poisons are contained in the discharges from the bowels of persons suffering from these diseases. " 2. The admixture of even a small quantity of these infected discharges with a large volume of drinking water is sufficient for the propagation of those diseases among persons using such water.
Side 18 - No appointments are made in the regular army except after examination by an army medical examining board, and all applicants must be graduates in medicine and less than twenty-nine years of age.

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