favour. By the Divine assistance and blessing, and through all these trials and troubles, he at length became “the shepherd of Israel,” to sustain his father and family, and to take care of them with all their flocks and herds; and “the stone of Israel,” the foundation and strong support of their interests. In these respects, as in many other things, he was a remarkable type of the Good Shepherd, and tried Corner Stone of the whole church of God.-Scott.

It is the solemn declaration of God, that“ by strength shall no man prevail.”'n We might hope that men would be convinced of this truth by their own experience, Who amongst us has not made vows and resolutions without number, and broken them again almost as soon as they were made? Who ever resolved to devote himself unfeignedly to God, and did not find that he was unable stedfastly to pursue his purpose? What folly is it, then, to be renewing these vain attempts, when we have the evidence both of Scripture and experience that we cannot succeed! How much better would it be to trust in that Mighty One, on whom help is laid! Learn, then, before it be too late, that without Christ you can do nothing, that “all your fresh springs are in him," and " of him must your fruit be found :" “ in him alone shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.” If you will not “be strong in him," you will continue without strength ;” but, if once you truly “know him, you shall be strong, and do exploits,”


ni Sam, ii. 9.

It is but too common for the Lord's people to be indulging needless fears, like David, when he said, “ I shall one day perish by the hands of Saul.” But surely such deserve the rebuke which our Lord gave to Peter. “O thou of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt?” If thou doubtest the Lord's willingness to serve thee, say, wherefore did he die for thee, even for the chief of sinners ?" If thou callest in question his power, what is there in thy case that can baffle Omnipotence? If thou art discouraged on account of thy own weakness, know that the weaker thou art in thyself, the stronger thou shalt be in him, and that he will perfect his own strength in thy weakness. If thou fearest on account of the strength and number of thine enemies, he meets thy fears with this salutary admonition : “Say ye not, a confederacy, a confederacy; but sanctify the Lord of Hosts himself, and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.” Only trust in him ; and, though weak, he will strengthen thee; though faint, he will revive thee; though wounded, he will heal thee; though captive he will liberate thee; though slain, he will raise thee up again, and give thee the victory over all thine enemies. “ Be strong," then, "and very courageous ;" abhor the thought of indulging a cowardly spirit as long as “God's throne is in heaven;" and assure yourselves with David, that though your enemies encompass you as bees, in the name of the Lord you shall destroy, them.-SIMEON.

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The beam of the mighty is mantled in night,
His glory is set in the blaze of the light;
His Bow-string is shaftless, his spear is at rest ;
His sabre unwaving and sighless his breast.
The beauty of Jacob is laid in the dust,
His armour is broken, and cankered with rust;
His eye is in darkness, a spot on its ray,
His vigour is death, and his bloom is decay.
The hills of Gilboa shall summer no more,
Jehovah's anointed hath stained them with gore;
Their trees shall be leafless, their verdure destroyed,
Their altar a ruin, and nature a void.
Philistia shall triumph—the pulse of the brave,
Whose thrill was destruction, is lost in the grave
One spirit sublimed them-adversity tried-
They existed in love, and in unity died.
Weep, daughters of Jacob, for Saul and his son !
Attune your bright harps to the deeds they have done;
The arm of the lion, the foot of the roe,
Weep, daughters of Jacob, be mighty in woe.
Oh, Jonathan ! Jonathan ! ghostless art thou,
There's gore on thy visage, and dust on thy brow :
Yet the angel of beauty is lingering by,
She revels in rapture, and flits to the sky.

. 2 Sam. i.


Yes, thou art a corse, but thy spirit's above,
Diverging in glory, and beaming in love ;
And friendship is blasted, and saintless her shrine,
My soul has no kindred, and anguish is mine.

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The Christian's reaves and Sandals.


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