long ride, and still longer fast. But like; but he'll be here in a few days, he was accustomed to such occasional and you mayn't think him so bad.” strains upon his strength without any After this the baronet drank two such results. Ah, no! He had come glasses of sherry in silence, slowly, within the edge of the shadow of and with a gloomy countenance, and judgment, and its darkness was steal- then, said heing over him, and its chill touched his “I think, Trixie, if you were hapheart.

pily placed, I should give the whole These were the dreamy surmisings thing up. I'm tired of that cursed with which he rode slowly toward House of Commons. You can't the house, and a few good resolutions imagine what a bore it is, when a in a nebulous embryo state, hovered fellow does not want anything from uncomfortably about him.

them, going down there for their No letter of any interest had come d--d divisions. I'm not fit for the by the early post, and Sir Jekyl sate hounds either. I can't ride as I down tête-à-tête with his pretty used-egad! I'm as stiff as a rusty daughter, in very dismal spirits, to hinge when I get up in the morning. dinner.

And I don't much like this place, and Beatrix was fond of her father, who I'm tired to death of the other two. was really a good-natured man, in the When you marry I'll let them, or, at common acceptance of the term, that, all events, let them alone. I'm tired is to say, he had high animal spirits, of all those servants. I know they're and liked to see people pleasant about robbing me, egad. You would not him, and was probably as kind as believe what my gardens cost me last a selfish and vicious man can be, year, and, by Jove, I don't believe all and had a liking, moreover, for old that came to my table was worth faces, which was one reason why he two hundred pounds. I'll have quito hatel the idea of his housekeeper's a different sort of life. I haven't any leaving him. But Beatrix was also a time to myself, looking after all those little in awe of him, as girls often are confounded people, one must keep of men of whom they see but little, about them. Keepers, and gardeners, especially if they have something of and devil knows who beside. I don't the masculine decision of temper. like London half as well as the con

"You may all go away now," said tinent. I hate dinner parties, and the baronet suddenly to the servants, the season, and all the racket. It who had waited at dinner; and when doesn't pay, and I'm growing oldthe liveried phantoms had with- you'll not mind if I smoke it?” (he drawn, and the door had closed on the held a cigar between his fingers) -handsome calves of tall and solemn “a complaint that doesn't mend by Jenkins, he said

time, you know. Oh! yes, I am old, "Nothing all day-no adventure, you little rogue. Everybody knows or visiter, Trixie- not a word of I'm just fifty; and the fact is I'm tired news or fun, I dare say?"

of the whole thing, stock, fock, and “Nothing--not a creature, papa; barrel; and I believe what little is to only the birds and dogs, and some be got of life is best had—that is, if new music.”

you know how to look for it-abroad. “Well, it is not much worse than A fellow like me who has got places Wardlock, I suppose; but we shall and properties - egad, they expect have a gay house soon-at all events him to live pro bono publico, and not plenty of people. Old General Len- to care or think two pence about himnox is coming. His nephew, Captain self- at least it comes to that. How Drayton, is very rich; he will be is old Gwynn ?" Lord Tewkesbury, that is, if old Tew- “Very well, I think." kesbury doesn't marry; and, at all “And what has she to say for herevents, he has a very nice property, self; what about things in general ?" and does not owe a guinea. You "She's not very chatty, poor old need not look modest, Trixie. You Gwynn, and I think she seems a may do just as you please, only I'd little-just ever so little-cross." be devilish glad you liked one an- “So she does - damnably crer other-there, don't be distressed, I She was always a bit of a vixer say,I'll mention it no more if you don't she isn't improving, per la


but don't be afraid, I like old Don- pain of making one; which she was nie for all that, though I don't think jiad of, for Lady Alice was good to I ever quite understood Ler, and I her after her way, and she was fond don't expurt either.'

of her. "I wonder who the devil he is," “We must ask her to come, you said the baronet abruptly, as he threw know. You write. Say I thought the stump of his ciir into the fire. you would have a better chance of If it's a fluke, it's as like a miracle as prevailing She won't, you know; anything I ever saw."

and so much t.e better." He recollected that he was talking S) as the baronet rose, and stood without an interlocutor, and looked glwmily with his back to the fire; for a moment hesitatingly at his the young lady rose also, and ran daughter.

away to the drawing-room and her * And your grandmamma toli yon desk; and almost at the same monothing of her adventure in church ?" ment a servant entered the room, “No, papa -not a word."

with a letter, which had come by the " It seems to me, women can hold late post. their tongues, but always in the Oldly enough, it had the Slowton wrong places

petmark. Here he shook the ashes of his **Devilish odd " exclaimed Sir cigar into the grate.

Jthyl, howling eagerly on it, and * Old Granny's a fool-isn't she se..ting himself hastily on the side of Trixie, and a lit'le bit vicious eh?" allur he broke it open and read at

Sir Jekyl put hisquestion dreamily, the fout the autograph, “Guy Strangin a reverie, and it plainly nereled ro ways." answer. Su Beatrix was spared the


THE HORE KRONTO FILL. It was with the Napleshit-il!, “I The baronet's spirit revived within have them, then, thus Ernish il it him, and he stood erect, with bis Sir Jekyl real, in a gentlemani l., Lt- uk to the fire, and his hands ther foreign land, a ine Reyes*t* and behind him, and when the bouretcomplimentary : mpo? 110011: kerper enterol, he re eived her with tation to of his arutomed rule. the young man ind of his chimica "Cad to me to you, Dunnie. Glass panion. Hin corte-pondentalnit of berry! No weil, sit downsly exatly, is their tour walet tane a chair? why's that! de-ultory, where it witzi so Well, will be on pleasanter terms them; but as Sr Jekyl Murowa No you ll find it's reaily no choice been so was to peat them to I can't help uring that aluname a clay for their visl, they w: uid piirren toon. Here are two more Bay pu) amit more

trimis com not till Weinesilay * Let me sepse wit day't this We a ti.1.1 two kentlemen. You why, that will be 103* -tnt. Iay put tixin in roms leaide one with the tip of his fine, poate analer wherever you like mily W on the win"W: Jenay Dit in the warreia, of course. Guard Week, eh panel1.cored it wir un mans, dojam." with antures a Rubles !

** And wiat's the ontlemen's names, and of course with an uils re. 3*, Sir Jekyi,” inquired Mrs. sult. "Wednesday wick Weite* inyon." day," and he hearriagomat mieh, like "Mr. Stranyways, the young gena man with a load taken off him. trman; and the her, the well as I

* Well, I'mn devilish glad. I hope can rad it, is Jr. Varbarriere."
nothing will happen to stop the in ** Thank Ve', pir."
now. It can't be a run to priques,y The housekeeper haviar

the ground! No that will love clined the kindly distir
ng it too fine" He runs the bell of wherty, withdrew.
I want Mrs. Gwyn.

In less than a wee'

assemble, and in a few days more old Old Dick Doocey was there also, Marlowe Hall began to wear a hos- a colonel long retired, and well known pitable and pleasant countenance. at several crack London clubs, tall,

The people were not, of course, slight, courtly, agreeable, with a themselves all marvels of agreeability. capital elderly wig, a little deaf, and For instance, Sir Paul Blunket, the his handsome high nose a little redgreat agriculturist and eminent au- dish. Billy Cobb, too, a gentleman thority on liquid manures, might, as who could handle a gun, and knew we all know, be a little livelier with lots about horses and dogs, had aradvantage. He is short and stolid; he rived. wears a pale blue muslin neck-hand- Captain Drayton had arrived : a kerchief with a white stripe, care- swell, handsome, cleverish, and imfully tied. His countenance, I am pertinent, and as young men with less bound to say, is what some people reason will be, egotistical. He would would term heavy-it is frosty, pain- not have admitted that he had deigned fully shaven, and shines with a glaze to make either plan or exertion with of transparent soap. He has small, that object, but so it happened that he very light blue round eyes, and never was placed next to Miss Beatrix, whom smiles. A joke always strikes him he carelessly entertained with agreewith unaffected amazement and sus- able ironies, and anecdotes, and sentipicion. Laughter he knows may im- ments poeticand perhaps a little vapid. ply ridicule, and he may himself pos- On the whole, a young gentleman of sibly be the subject of it. He waits intellect, as well as wealth

and expectatill it subsides, and then talks on as tions, and who felt, not unnaturally, before on subjects which interest him. that he was overpowering. Miss

Lady Blunket, who accompanies Beatrix, though not quite twenty, him everywhere, though not tall, is was not overpowered, however, neistout. She is delicate, and requires ther was her heart pre-occupied. nursing; and, for so confirmed an in- There was, indeed, a shadow of anovalid, has a surprising appetite. John ther handsome young gentleman Blunket, the future baronet, is in the only a shadow, in a different stylediplomatic service, I forget exactly dark and this one light; and she heart where, and by no means young; and whole, perhaps fancy-free, amused, lean Miss Blunket, at Marlowe with delighted, the world still new and her parents, though known to be elder only begun to be explored. One than her brother, is still quite a girl, London season she had partly seen, and giggles with her partner at dinner, and also made her annual tour twice and is very naive and animated, and or thrice of all the best county houses, sings arch little chansons discord- and so was not nervous among her antly to the guitar, making consider- peers. able play with her eyes, which are And General and Lady Jane Lenblack and malignant.

nox had come. The general, a tall, This family, though neither deco- soldierlike old gentleman, who held rative nor entertaining, being highly his bald and pink, but not very respectable and ancient, make the high forehead, erect, with great gray circuit of all the good houses in the projecting moustache, twisted up at county every year, and are wonder- the corners, and bristling gray eyefully little complained of. Hither brows to correspond over his frank also they had brought in their train round gray eyes--a gentleman with a pretty little Mrs. Dabe:iy, a cousin, decidedly military bearing, imperious whose husband, the Bjor, was in but kindly of aspect, good-natured, India--a garrulous in good-hu- prompt, and perhaps a little stupid. moured syren, who smiled with pearly Lady Jane--everybody knows Lady little teeth, and blushed easily. Jane-the most admired of London

At Marlowe had already assembled belles for a whole season. Golden several single gentlemen too. There brown hair, and what young Thrumly was little Tom Linnett, with no end of the Guards called, in those exof money and spirits, very good- quisite lines of his, "slumbrous eyes of red, addicted to sentiment, and blue,” under very long lashes and ex

te for practical joking too, quisitely-traced eye-brows, such brilopular character not- liant lips and teeth, and such a

sweet oval face, and above all, so beautiful a figure and wonderful a I may term the rudiments of a double waist, might have inade one mar- chin- altogether an ugly and even vel how a lary Bowell qualified repulsive face, but with no lack of for a title, with noble blood, though energy and decision--one looked with but a small dot, should have wrecked Wonder from this gross, fierce, clerical herself on an old general, thongh countenance to the fine outlines and with eight thousand a year. But proportions of the baronet's face, and there were stories and reasons why wondered how the two men could the simple old officer, just home from reaily be brothers. India, who knew nothing about Lon- Tiie cleric shook his brother's hand don lies, and was sure of his knight- in parink, and smiled and nodded hood, and it was said of a baronetage, briefly here and there, right and left, did not come amies,


and across the table his recognition, There were people who chose to and chuckled a harsher chuchle than believe these stories, and people who his brother's, as he took his place exchose to discredit them. But General temporized with the quiet legerdeLennox never had even heard them; main of a consummate butler by and certainly, it seemed nobody's bun Ridley; and answered in a brisk, ness to tell him now. It might not abrupt voice the smiling inquiries of have been quite pleasant to tell the friends. General. He was some what muddled * Hope you have picked up an of apprehension, and slow in every appetite on the way, Diver," said the thing but ti zliting; and having all baronet

. Dives generally carried a the old fashioned 10* juna -ut hair. pretty good oneal ut with him. "Good triggers, and "trn japon" as the air on the way, and pretty good mutproper ordeal in a mi-inlup**. niling, ton here too my friends teil me.' people avoded uron he tople's * ('apital air capital muttonin his company, and were for the insint capital tih,'' replied the ecclesiastic part d. pise to let wel zine. in a bri-k business like tone, while

La ly Jane lada willari a tempor; being a man of nerve, he got some but the General lend his ground fra, although that esculent had long firmly. As brave mon as he lave vanished, and even the entrees hal brenohen joined; but molew be printer into history, and called over W.In not of the temperament wkrótce shoulder for the special Muces will anvenit to be bittet evenly a winch bis soll loved, and talked, and laily; and as he wis ils nt id compounded his condiments with fers must, t. I. he will endy and precision the une xhe i li pelliy Julie Trepp for was a shrewd and genwas not a rant haury. Luino, tlemanithe, thush not a very pretty, funt**e, sun, ti mistery and 11 spamties, and had made a sutticeut lanety of liess fa * win a trip toirt letre presenting himself, and among the sllian ind i millors of the apped and demanded his tish, in a labi rom, and the nustaty of the Limay, pody, olen luteid wat, with style interracial toru tur even the rianding kenar; a ribbed blik waistbir ttn of!*!!) preliv!

cont, cering his ample chent, al

m at the acck, and one of theme were; and the end..hii mit tuntia ja ent murindo2-Cuiars whh to unner, *Lyn Revente D. bimbi i Wellen atleet. Janine, fut of the Isn't ta * Will. Des cried Sir Jekyl," miiyvin Qad: lief inomis, * low do the bearing! I gave them hus appearance in the pavir, a lit!. a shume, por do vila" tha W* alto the purple of his los other transfered to Laiy Blunket at his eyes baronet, who did not capert kom" by way of compensation when I quite so soon.

heit tien lives." The Rector was a tall man aul ** Pretty Wil; they don't know stalwart, who had alrady a v how to pull 'em, I think, quite," that convex curve which wird es atawered Divis, dabbing a lut of fish incipient corpulence, and who, ti wote mna yvel of satire, and pubehing it

than his brother, hulf into his with his bii of brael.

his senior. W.... b: “And how in old Parson Moulders
1, projecting rse ofvw, continued the baronet, pleasantly.
mouth, and will wiat "I haven't hearl," said the rector,

and drank off half his glass of jars, and glass bottles. And every hock.

night there was a confounded noise “Can't believe it, Dives. Here's there ; jars, and bottles, and things Lady Blunket knows. He's the aged tumbling about, made a devil of a incumbent of Droughton. A devilish row, you know. I got Smith--my good living in my gift; and of course servant Smith, you know, a very you've been asking how the dear old respectable man- -uncommon steady fellow is."

fellow, Smith--to watch, and he did. “I haven't, upon my word ; not We kept the door closed, and Smith but I ought, though,” said the Rev. outside. I gave him half-a-crown a Dives Marlowe, as if he did not see night and his supper--very well for the joke.

Smith, you know. Sometimes he kept He's very severe on you," sim- a light, and sometimes I made him pered fat Lady Blunket faintly across sit in the dark with matches ready. the table, and subsided as if the exer- "Was not he very much frighttion hurt her.

ened ?" asked Beatrix, who was “Is he? Egad, I never perceived deeply interested in the ghost. it.” The expression was not clerical, “I hope you gave him a smellingbut the speaker did not seem aware bottle ? inquired Tom Linnett, with he had uttered it. “How dull I a tender concern. must be! Have you ever been in “Well, I don't suppose he was," this part of the world before, Lady said the general, smiling good-huJane ?" continued he, turning towards mouredly on pretty Beatrix, while he General Lennox's wife, who sat be- loftily passed by the humorous inside him.

quiry of the young gentleman. “He “I've been to Wardlock, a good was in fact on dooty, you know many years ago; but that's a long way and there were occasional noises and from this, and I almost forget it,” damage done in the store-room-in answered Lady Jane, in her languid, fact just the same as if Smith was haughty way.

not there." "In what direction is Wardlock," "Oh, possibly Smith himself among she asked of Beatrix, raising her the bottles !" suggested Linnett. handsome, unfathomable eyes for a “He always got in as quick as he moment.

could,” continued the general ; “but "You can see it from the bow- could not see anyone. Things were window of your room-I mean that broken--bottles sometimes." oddly shaped hill to the right.

“How very strange ?" exclaimed " That's from the green chamber," Beatrix, charmed to hear the tale of said the rector. “I remember the wonder. view. Isn't it ?"

“We could not make it out ; it was “Yes. They have put Lady Jane very odd, you know,” resumed the narin the haunted room," said Beatrix, rator. smiling, and nodding to Lady Jane. "You weren't frightened, general ?”

“And what fool, pray, told you inquired Linnett. that,” said the baronet, rather sharply. Vo, sir,” replied the general, who

"Old Gwynn seems to think so, held that a soldier's courage, like a answered Beatrix, with the surprised lady's reputation, was no subject for and frightened look of one who fan- jesting, and conveyed that sentiment cies she has made a blunder. “I- by a slight pause, and a rather of course we know it's all folly." alarming stare from under his fierce

“You must not say that-you grey eyebrows. “No one was frightshan't disenchant us," said Lady Jane. ened, I suppose; we were all men in “There's nothing I should so like as the house, sir.' a haunted room ; it's a charming idea “At home, I think, we'd have sus-isn't it, Arthur?" she inquired of the pected a rat or a cat,” threw in the general.

Rector. “We had a haunted room in my “Some did, sir," replied the genequarters at Puttypoor," observed the ral;" and we made a sort of a search; general, twisting the point of one of but it wasn't. There was a capital his moustaches. “It was the store- tiled floor, not a hole you could put a room where we kept pickles, and ramrod in ; and no cat neither-high olives, and preserves, and plates, and windows, grated ; and the door al

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