yet," said he “ I doubt not to over- Dubhan, son of the fine embroidered come him if I only have the aid of Mogha, Liath Luachra Grey rushes, son of Whose dranghts of fine fish feed half the Achy of Arran, whom Cumhail ex- warriors of Erinn." pelled from the militia of Erin, and who is now living desolate and with; she

came in sight of Liath Luachra,

So Iathla sped swiftly forward till out revenue at the Cataract of Red Hugh.'"* " Let a messenger depart at Axsarve, where he stood dejectedly at once to the C'ataract for this dread on the sea-shore among his warriors. warrior," said Conn; "and when he

When they saw the woman-runner arrives what are the rewards to be approaching they fenred, for they offered him !" " The reward he will supposed she was followed by a demand,” said Goll, “ are, first, the mighty force. But their hearts were noble-minded Dubhan, son of the soon joyful as she delivered her mesrichly embroidered Mogha, who takes sage from ('onn, Sovereign of Erinn; in three bountevus draughts at

the and in a short time she and they were mouth of the yellow-valed, ever.

in his presence in the Midchuarta of beautiful Boyne, as many comely and

Teamor. fine flavoured fishes as supply C'um

('onn welcomed Liath Luachra and hail's forces even to fulness with food. his warriors, and confirmed the gifts Secondly, he shall obtain the corr. pr«mised, and gave him a hundred and boig, the impenetrable coat of mail, would keep his word in good faith.

fifty noble youths as hostages that he and the other war jeweis sword, helmet, &c., guarded by Marv; the into the band of Conn, and into the

Lath Luachra then put his hand Sighe queen of G'armain Weatorul, hand of God, and into the hand of for the use of ('umhail to protect Canal, son of Aungus, and the con him from every danger. Further, he shall have under eurmand the Fianna

fest, rury was formed of the two provin Ys of Munster, to the chiefs of later, to Achy of the

Then were swift messengers sent when ('umhail in deteaed." Then was called the female runner, and to the over bobics of the pro

recl neck, to Lonchy of the red arm, Iathla, daughter of linie, and con aidressed her in a pell, and she acop: and they came and joined the answered him in the same

Bubels of c'ona ht, of Meath, and of

Brend; but t., chiefs of Munster EUX

werra rey end to Cumhail, * Tathla, daughter of Ainle.

ani ritud to rome. Ambassadors For the sake of Erun an meita Art. thin went to Xian of the Kinzn to Rich,

C'umkal, demiring him on the part of Successfully intreat the uncoquered Conn to own him for his sovereit, hero,

and give him due allegiance, or meet And here bring with the Liath Luar bra, him at the head of the clans of lolater, Into my prese une in leamor of the of them of Conacht, and of the war. Карди.“

rion of Laith Luachra the Invincible,

at tie pain surrounding the fort of IATHLA. * What reward shall I offer hita, my

(ura l'antle Kne! ('umhaul was King?

Bir**** ab.p to maintain his anger, but To deceive the hero would be a basr art. amaning to custom he consulted his Is it geld, top silver, prex wus star, ist es rm').ee chiefk. Then one arromp, cattle ?"

and addrespund him thus, "l'uniha:',

King of lain ter, chief of the stand(ur.

!118 ture of Erin, privileged to hunt - The Cuttwelk and the war jewel shall Wind game through Erinn, Ala, Br. be kern bım.

tain, and Gaul, and all the Western The (TV whub pontets Cumhail

pentries of the world, and hitherto in danger. He shall further he entwed with rule

inviisible in war, it is not limir Over the two fair prosess of Munstet. you to submit to any king in Ennn. Moreover he shall obtain the kind of the world entire. My counsel 18 Dabha,

that you send defiance to conn, and

Bu fond liwAnare the Salmou leap at Bally channea.

at the plain of Cnuca make him feel rounded by a mist, and remain inacthe edge of the blue weapons of Gal- cessible to all the messengers sent by lian and Muimhe."

Cumhail, son of Trenmor, for the This speech was approved by the magic jewelled lorica, the Corrbolg. loud acclaim of the chiefs present, This was one unfavourable obstacle and the ambassadors returned with to the success of Cumhail ; another terms of defiance to Conn and his as- was that when the sons of Cathoir sembled forces.

Mhor assembled at Atha cliath (DubThose that came to the assistance lin), to march to Cnuca, there apof Cumhail from Munster, were peared before them on the plain the Conaire the Gentle, the son of Mogha beautiful Aine, the fairy love of Lamha; Machniad, son of Moglia Fiacha, son of Cathoir Mhor, who Lugha ; Mogha Nuadh of the bright forbade them to fight against Conn. countenance ; and in chief, Eoghan, These are some lines of the poem she son of Mogha Nuadh, to whom all uttered gathered with their forces, and who

" Sons of a king, consent not to this war. proudly led them to the presence of At Cnuca Goll will be in the battle, Cumhail.

Conn in the struggle. While the fighting men were ga- Goll will gain renown, he will shed the thering at Naas, Cumhail and some heart's blood of Cumhail : of his friends went to the chase, and

Mine are words of truth, draw not the at last, fatigued and weary, he strayed

sword against Conn." to the edge of a dark lake; and on So in the approaching fight, Cumthe rock that overhung it he espied a hail had none to depend on but his beauteous maiden sitting. Her yel- own people, and his foster-brothers, low hair, confined in front by a golden and the trusty clans of the south. torque, fell in curls on her shoulders. So he sent forward the faithful Balar, Her eyes were large, blue, and beam- son of Eogan, to Maev, golden-haired ing Her features, soft, and regular, fairy queen of Carmain, for the magic and of the purest colours. Her gar- war-jewels and shirt of mail, the ment of bright shining silk, circled a Corrbolg. But Tady, the deeplyslender-waisted sunbright, lovely- learned and much incensed father of shaped body. Over this flowed her the gentle Muirrean, spread a verymany-hued mantle. Fine embroidery dark druidic mist before him, so that covered her delicate feet. Her de- he could neither find the powerful meanour was modest and yet noble, friendly Maev, nor her magic house. and to Cumhail's questions and com- Returning in grief, he was received pliments she gave discreet answers, at the richly adorned Sighe house of informing him that her father was Naas, by Aine, the Lianan of Fiach, the druid Tadg, of the luminous son of Cathoir Mhor, who gave him side, son of Nuagat, of the Sighe rich war jewels for Cumhail ; but fort of Almhuin.

warned him against meeting the Cumhail, forgetful of the solemn heroic Conn at Cnuca. oath taken by every warrior of the When he came into Cumhail's preFianna Eirionn, offered violence to sence he was addressed in a poem, this excellent virgin, Muirrean, daugh- and answered in the same. ter of Tady of the shining body; but

CUMHAIL. great was his sorrow and dejection on listening to her gentle upbraidings,

" My head for you, O youth, honourable,

punctual in your return : and prophecies of the evils that were

Have you brought with you the jewels to await him, when she learned that for which I have delayed?" he was the chief of the Clan Baoisgne. Now Maev, the white skinned and

BALAR. golden haired Bhan Sighe, had pro

* You will get Lugha's shield, a guard mised to Cumhail the war jewels against lances, and the impenetrable Corrbolg kept

And the helmet of Borcha of hills, a

chief unburt in conflicts, in the Sighe bill of Carmain ; but

And the elegant belt of Ganean, a sucwhen the wise Tadg learned from

cour in distress, the golden-haired Muirrean the guilt

And the sword of conquering Macha, of Cumhail, he uttered a vow of the war jewel of red beroes; deadly vengeance, and deterinined Bot drar not the sword on that this fairy house should be sur. Cnuca,"

At this time the warriors of Conn sparkling spears. Thus attired, he of the Hundred Battles, and those of delivered a heart-stirring address to Cumhail, chief of the Fianna of his warriors of Bregia, of Tailtean, Leinster, were nearing each other on of Teamor, of Conacht, and of Uladh, the gorse-blossomed, grassy plain of and all, with wild shouts, cried to be Cnuca ; but the soul of Cumhail led to battle. was darkened, for the wise druid, Cumhail, the tall, fierce general, Conmean, had prophesied his defeat arrayed in his shining arms, har. and death in the near battle. How- angued his Leinster forces with words ever he revealed that Muirrean's son of fire. “Shall we," said he, "conshould in tiine renew his fame, and tinue to pay the curred Boroihme be chief of the Fianna of all Erinn, (tribute), which was inflicted on the as he once was. So he called the guilty Achy Ainchean + We are inswift-limbed, red-mouthed Boghmin, nocent of wrong to the Ard-Righ of his female runner, and thus gave her Erinn, and will to the death resist in earnest charge.

his claim. Let him gather his auxi. "My trusty Boghmin, speed with liaries from the four winds. They secrecy and diligence to the fairy will know, when expiring on the mnount of Almhuin, the residence of blood-stained field, why the blue the much-knowing. Tadg of the blades of Leinster have been sung by bright side, son of Nuadha. Aconst poets of burning words." his daughter, Muirrean Muncaoin So with banners waving, sun(fair neck), with kindness, and remain beams flashing from helms, shields, about her till my son be born, giving and lance-points, war-cries, and bugle. her all your care and tenderness. blasts rending the air, and the trampTell her that my greatest sorrow on ing of many thousand fierce-minded going to battle is the wrong she has beroes on the dry, short grase, the suffered at my hands. 'My son shall men of Galliano rushed to close be in time the renowned, the coura- quarters with the much more nugeous, the wise above men, and his merous tribes commanded by Conn. fame shall fill Erinn, Alta, and No pause, no thought of ferr, and Britain. So has prophesied Conmen more than once the terrible very. the foreseeing. But leave him not enraged Leinster clans made their to the ill-treatment of Tadg the re- multitudinous for'a recoil from their vengeful Carry him away froin him torrilie ofiat. Wedge-like, they mother's house, rear him in caves and pierced the opporsilig maves, and the forests; and so shall he grow up heavy armed men of conacht, of strong, and firet, and prudent; and ladh, and of Meath, were levelled Fion, son of Cumhail, shall be cele- by their heavy blows as the strong brated by bards while the waters sur oxen fail before the mace of the butcher. round Erinn. These, my faithful ('un!.ail rund throth the lat:le Boghmin, are perhaps the last words field as tie wilt mong a fleck of you shall ever hear from me. Fare- sbesp. or a wulf hun ataulig a pack well ***

of frightened wilva A wide je On the side of Coun, that noble, grew at eai sule, a wider space le great minde, courgeous king, on Lind him ; and when Goll cros-ea1 the morn of battle, atired his manly, his path, Wind deep ami long were benutiful body in a milken shirt; and ir flirted on the firm and rough budy over that buckled on his briuht, of the son of Mma by his heary strong, and furiy-tempered coat of keen-cuttirg zlaire. But many war mail. He slung bis jewel hulted sword Tits were thrust between then by by his side, placed on his head his the press of strife; ard after han. helm of finest-wrought steel, girt on dreds had fallen by the arm of the his jewelled belt, took his many; unevnquering som ut în umur, a strong coloured shield on his left arm, and and uuenit "ppear, cast fruin the arın grasped in his right his venoinouse of Goli, pirtil his strong mail, and

"Venomous" in the months of the story-tellers, meant deadly, but without any reference to poison.

+ The cause of enforcing this galling tribute wax related in the review of Morley's * English writers before Chancer."

ture asunder his mighty heart - volume of the Ossianic Society's that heart on which a shadow of fear Transactions. had never fallen.

What is here presented of this and But the fate of their heroic leader the preceding story is a nere abturned not the feet of the clans of stract, as much of the style and Leinster homewards. Criomthan the spirit of the originals being preserved yellow-haired, and the wise and va- as the editor was capable of seizing. liant prince, Eogan of Munster, Parts of the Cath Cnuca are startcheered on their forces with bugle lingly florid, to say the least of them. blasts, shouts of defiance, and ringing It is to be remarked that there is no blows heard afar in the din. Many mention of slings, bows, arrows, battleof the warriors of Conn perished that axes, or maces mentioned in either of day, long after the lifeless body of the tales. The bronze double-edged Cumhail was stretched on his orna- glaives (Cloidimh), and the lances mented, very beautiful shield. Eogan, and javelins cast over-hand, are the when he found that further strife same as in the Iliad. was fruitless, withdrew with his re- If our ancient chroniclers did not, maining forces, and in later days de- in every instance, succeed in estabfeated the mighty Conn, and forced lishing the truth of their records, they from his rule the Southern half of certainly deserved more credit than Erinn.

some of them have received, so great Even when joy was at its height in was the interest they took in their Liathdruim (Tara), the triumph of favourite studies, and so firmly did the Ard-Righ was tempered by the they seek to establish the foundation prophecy of the wise and truthful of the literary structure they were Cithrua.

employed in raising. One of them * Powerful is your sway, O Conn ;

has even left on record, or invented Plentiful your Lios in Liathdruim.

some particulars of the primal hisOn the broad smooth plain of the Liffé torian who witnessed some of the You gained the victory over Cumhail. evil doings before the flood. Without falsehood, he was a fair, wise man,

C'nequalled in the strife of heroes;
His offspring yet unborn

In the days of Noah, and while the Will one day crush the clan of Morna, ark was being built, there dwelt in His sway will be felt throughout Banbha, the forests by the banks of the Tigris, The King of green-sided Tara will be Bith, with his wife Birren, of the disturbed.

race of Cain. Near them lived their Eoghan Mhor, magnanimous youth, daughter, Kesára, whose husband, Has gained the south ; evil will it be Finntan, was of the blood of Seth. for Conn.

Farther off was the wood-built habiFrom Spain he will trouble Banbha ; tation of their son, Lara, and his wife, The daughter of its king he will wed, Blama. None of these paid adoraHe will afterwards afflict the clans of tion to the Creator but Finntan, and

Meath, And trample the horny hills of Con- destruction of mankind by a univer

to bim was revealed the approaching acht."

sal deluge. He constructed a rudely The quasi-historic poems and tales, built vessel, and not until it was though composed by different bards, finished could he induce his relatives generally dovetailed well into each to escape with him from the impendother. The youth of Fion, son of ing danger. His unbelieving consort Cumhail, forms a continuation of this tenderly loved him, and though fearpiece, and relates Boghmin's troubles less of the coming danger, she deterto save the infant from the search mined to share his fate. The others instituted by Conn, and his own joined them at the last hour; the vengeful grandfather. The adven- bark went down the river; and in tures of the young hero are to be one year from that day they were found at full length in the second entering a bay on the west coast of the then uninhabited woody island, Host of Heaven and the spirits of afterwards called Erinn.

* THE GREY RIDGE. † " Fair Wave, Son of Ocean."

the seas, the lakes, the forests, and They lived by hunting and fishing, the hills, it was told at the Court of and moved inland till they reached Laere that a strange Druid, in flowered that mountain in the centre of the garments, with a two-pointed ornaisland, which has since borne the mented birredh on his head, and bear. name of Lara's wife, Blama. They ing in one hand a book inscribed with were all in the prime of their age characters different from the Oghuim, when they left the far-off eastern and in the other a shepherd's crook, land, varying in age from four to five was approaching from the country of hundred years each. But nowa couple Gallian (Wicklow, Wexford, &c.) of centuries seemed to have passed It was the Eve of the Sun's Fire over their heads in one revolution (Beltiné), and the learned and the of the year. Hardly had they reached noble from every part of the island the hill when Bith and Birren expired were assembled at Teamor, in the on the same day. Their sorrowing Midchuarta. In rows they took their children had scarcely interred them, seats, and five fileas in succession reraised their pile, and sung their la- cited the deeds of dead heroes, the mentation, when Lara and Blama fol- genealogies of the lines of Heber, lowed them to the lone house. Now Heremon, and Ith, and the different were Finntan and Kesára the only invasions of the island since the land. dwellers on the island ; and as they ing of Nemidh. The last orator had sat in woe by the side of the neigh- ceased, and a storm of applause burst bouring loch, and looked on the crom- over him from the assembled nobles. lechs laid over their relatives, Ke. When silence fell on the bencher, he sára burst into a wild passion of grief again took up the theme. “More and reproaches against her gods and praise than we merit you have given to against the God worshipped by her my brothers and myself. Alas, we have husband. He spoke to her of a future only preserved some of the inscribed state of rest and happiness for those staves on which the full chronicle of who were submissive to the decree of our country is engraved. There is only the All. Wise and all. Good; but her one to whom the whole story is known, fury only gathered strength. Just Fionntuin, son of Bochna, Bein of then a volume of white vapour aruse Eathoir, son of Annadha, who, from from the dark loch. It went round the days of the great flood to this, and round, and at last wheeled out has been preserved in life in the land between the living pair; then in rapid of youth. Whenever a tilea, endowed whirls it sunk again on the lake, and with untiring zeal and all the knowKerára was left desolate on the brink. ledge that can be obtained, appeared She cried out wildly on her husband among now dead poete, he has at not to abandon her ; but seeing no gome period of his career been fathing but the wild hill round her, the voured with a visit from this being grey sky over her, and the dark wa. in the deep dark silence brfore the ter beneath, she flung herself wildly down, and missing staves of the past below its quiet surface to find her chrom les been supplied. From the partner or perish with him. To the revelations of some of these we learn bright land of Tir-na-D-ege was Finn- that his life shall endure till a white tan conveyed, and there was he cof. druid, whose writings are made on scious of the great fund that suh. folded parchments, and not on the merged the island, of ita loneliness corners of staves, and who also bears for three hundred years, of the land: a crown, Le wears a fluwered garnent, ing of the parricide Partholan, and shall come to reveal to us a kid whom the speedy destruction of his colony we yet know not This druid of an by a plague at Ben Flair. Tien in unknown faith shall wal him from succession came the clans of Nemidh, his earthly staw, and his freed spirit the Fomorian Pirates, the Furbu!is then to departe to sme place, as the learned Danaans, the warike much excelling the Land of Youth as Milesians; and after a thousand that happy evuntry surpasses tha. years of their sway, worshipping the He was yet speaking, when every.

Sor would be more poetical than drpetrt, hat the fillea knew hm audience. The cold upper sir, with its logs, snows, and harsh wines, was the Celtic Tartarus.

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