theatre, to whose benches he nodded superior judges, such as you doubtless here and there, and arrived at the are, will, I venture to say, pronounce portico, where crowds of slaves were exquisite." in waiting. After some time he dis- * What, Grumio, not yet retired," covered amid the long line of vehicles Publicus said, "though rich already his chariot, in which they hurried fast as Crassus or Crosus! But como, as the mules could carry them across use your eyes and be yourself; no the Campus Martius- upon whose noble am I, as you know, nor my buildings and groups the sunset fell, friend here, who is an artist, whom I slowly turning from gold to grey. have brought to have a look at your

Passing along the porticoed side of collection, which you must now exthe Flaminian Circus, they turned hibit, like a jolly fellow as you are." upon the blue stone pavement of “Come this way, my friends," the Flaminian Way, and thence to a cried old Grumio. “Welcomer are street which diverged to the east, you than any lords. Lords-by Polunder the Capitoline hill

, into the lux, I have bought and sold kings in Argiletum or square of the book my time ay, Asian kings. You sellers, through the entrances of remember the anecdote, Publicus ?" whose lamp-lit shope they could see “Such, indeed, is a fact," the latter the transcribers copying, and artists said to Susarion. "The king of Garpainting the portraits of the authors hauria and his entire people we reat the head of the manuscripts ; and knocked down to him. “An affair others polishing the completed vo- which occurred in Caligulas' time Iruns with pummice, or painting the “Yes, that was one of my achievecovers in customary yellow. Then, ments, which I may call historic," hurrying through the Vicus Sanda said Grumio, laughing. Then, turnlarius, the chief mart for equipages, ing to Susarion, with sudden gravity they irriveil in a litt! timue with lar!, “Ard ye : auch imores. (iismall square, adjoining that of the terprises please me less than others jewellers, where, by Publicus's order, of a more refined nature. An artist the chariot presently stopped before in my way, like yourulf, sir, I wora large establishment with a neat ship the leautiful ; and though, unportico, in the quiet Doric style. like Apelles, I cannot create, yet,

possibly, I afford as inuch gratification in procuring. Ha, ha."

"Your profession requires grent AT A SLAVE DEALER'S.

talents,” said Susarion, with a graro

countenance, on which an incipient As tie pister u:ered them into smile had been with an effort quenchthe hall, “The dealer, who is the ed. proprietor of this mart," Publicus" There you are right," the slavesaid, “ does the highest business in dealer returned; "but were it not Riime; he is vastly weaithy, and quite for the high-class exlucation I received a character in his way. We shall from my master and preceptor, (hasee him prently a slar futu4 jailars, within an eropa Tell your master that Publicus, freed- tion, the greatmat man of his day - I man of Caius Rapat, requires his at- cvuld never have rimin to my pretend 1 m. Many a thousand certercessent position. Oh, Jupiter, what a I've bad of himn for recommending geniu, was he--uch judgment - koch his wares," he added. And was rhetorie - he could get any price for going ou, when an old mın ba-tled any artiile. For ine I have, of course, into the atrium, keen-eyed, hard. using his experience, made numerous headed, rubicund, in whose fawning hits in the way of Imainen; but, demeanour an affectation of ultrn ble-4 you, none appmaching his One politeness overlayed a certain indiri. atlair, to be sure, I can recall with duality,

un lennials satisfaction-I allude to “ Hail, my lords," he cried, lor. A lwy picked up by my agents in ing to Pablieas with a wink; "de. ('nppadida; hialwanity was a tinishghted to receive your visit, espe. ing; he king like a wiren ; played the lly as just now my stock is far flute equal to Timotus, and was a

ordinary. Indeed, though I say paragon in every way. Well, this have a few articles which even boy, bir, I sold to a celebrated per. sonage in the City—a person of the like that of a serpent poising for a first taste, whose name you are aware spring; impatiently the foot beat the of, Publicus. Perhaps, if I named ten ground, the arms were flung towards thousand golden denarii I would un- the sky, as though expectant of derstate the sum I received." some coming god, whom, with a

So saying, he led the way into a shriek of joy, she presently clasped large chamber, walled and alcoved as a lover, irresistible, terrible, whose with snowy marble, through which, embrace inspired – ecstacy, madfrom some unseen source, a soft, gold- ness, death. * With desperate head den light was diffused. A fountain thrown back on her neck, drunk with bubbled in the middle, over its blos- a wild joy, which was at the same som-heaped basin, whose odours, as time a despair; the flood of ebon though scattered by the spray, breath- tresses floating like wild pinions from ed voluptuously on the warm air of hor shoulders, with a bound she the chamber.

dashed into the air, every nerve "Bring cupsand flasks of Falernian," quivering, and while an expression Grumio said to a slave, “and order of ineffable tenderness, blackened in No. 3 from the African depart- into desperation on her beautiful ment. Favour me by reclining, gen- face, abandoned herself to her voluptlemen;" and he pointed to a couple tuous doon. of couches, on whose luxuriant Susarion, though familiar with the cushions Susarion and Publicus threw dance of the serpent-eaters of Africa, themselves.

gazed on this strange performance, The slave placed myrrhine cups first with indifference, then with and flasks on the ivory table before artistic admiration; but soon with a them, and they had answered Grumio's feeling of awe; for it appeared to him "health,” when a beautiful Numi- that after a convulsive excitement so dian girl appeared standing in one long sustained by this creature, whose of the alcoves, in a flame of golden frenzy seemed to arise from some irlight, strong as that of the desert resistible inner fire consuming her

frame-death only could ensue. As “This is the most promising of my after the final spring toward heaven, Africans," said Grumio; "several more she fell upon the marbles, and lay in my collection are as handsome, these movelessly entombed in her deluge of however, I merely intend as contrast black hair, he breathed hard, and figures to others of fair complexion was about to rush forward to her asat the feasts of our epicures; but sistance, when Grumio layed his this girl understands a certain dance fingers carelessly on his shoulder, while peculiar to a people of one of the with his other hand he trifled with Oasis, who are said to be inspired. I his cup. am educating her for the panto- “You will confess there is some mimists. As a monad, methinks she talent there,” he said. “I have seen will yet draw considerably."

her perform this dance still better, so Hereupon he made a sign to the girl, much so, that some parties have at the same time touching the spring fainted on beholding her. Do not of one of a series of bells, whose ivory concern yourself, she is now asleep, handles were within reach along the and will awake in a few moments, wall-a movement immediately fol- when you may ask her to soothsay, lowed by a strain of music which as she always wishes to do after one seemed to come from a great distance, of her inspirations. I may add, that and which, as it approached in waves though this is the custom of the tribe of impulsive rapidity, appeared to ani- from whom she was purchased, and a mate the dark figure, who had hitherto sort of madness, yet, by Hercules, some stood modestly motionless, with the things she has told me in answer to sweet, wild, impetuous passions of my queries, have proved true. its airy soul.

Susarion, who still experienced a At first she stood with parted strange sensation in his blood resemlips listening, absorbing the sounds, bling a magic influence, or the effect which presently seemed to fill her of a charmed potion, drained a large veins with an intoxicating fire ;-the cup, and with a degree of excitement bosom heaved, the large African eyes for which he could not account, awaitflamed, the form swayed to and fro, ed the prophetic exhibition to which

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the slave dealer laughingly had al- my death - expound this enigma, luded. " Athyrtés," cried old Gramio in a pretty sibyl

, whose prophesy has

so loud voice, and in the Numidian As he spake a change had come tongue, “rise and come hither." over Attyrtés, the peculiar expression

The girl rose, advanced to the couches of whose face had vanished, and who where they reclined, with arms cross- appeared once more a beautiful slave, ed, and head declined, smiling a dark as when she entered the chamber. smile.

"Question me no more, master," she "My young friend here wishes to said, laughing joyously, " for it is usehave his fortune told," Grumio said, less; I could not now answer your filling his cup; "exercise the art of question, for the spirit has departed divination you say you possess, and from me. Master, may I retire!”. tell him his destiny.

Grumio waved her away, and the Athyrtés, who at first seemed suf-whisper of her naked feet on the fering from exhaustion, raised her marbles was soon lost in the adjoinlanguid face, which bore an expression ing passage. of one in a dreain, and gazed with * The wench promises you riches vague large eyes on the countenance and power--you shall be a lucky fel. of the young man, as though uncon- low," said old Grumio, “if you obtain scious of any human presence. Seve. those you may command destiny ; ral minutes silently elapsed, and with think you not so ?" each pulse of his heart, which beat * Psha!" returned Susarion, still audibly, he felt increase the power of under the influence of the unensy imthose dark lustrous orbs on which pression created by the colloquy, his glance was irresistibly rivetted which he struggled to dissipate. as by some fatalistie fascination. “This sort of thing is, of course, inere Despite the beauty of the form raving; the state of 'mind induced before him, and the life-animating by the ultranatural excitement which draughts in which he had indulged, those African dancers work theina shiver convulsed his frame. When selves into, amounts to madness. If she seized his hand with one of hers-- gods there be who govern the world and making with the other a mystic sign- life, such Powers must be rational;" he remained spell-bound. At length and he continued for a few moments to she muttered a few sentences in a argue against his feelings in a half low shrill whisper, as she stood apart, unconscious soliloquy. Grumio and which Grumio interpreted.

Publicus laughed, attributing his "Well," cried Susarion, with un- speech to the influence of the wine he wonted impulsiveness, "what is my had taken; and the former, touching fate to be, happy or unhappy 1" another bell, said, "Somuch, Susarion, "Happy and unhappy

for my primest African specimen. I "Shall I arrive at wealth and am now going to exhibit a couple of power !"

Syrians and Gauls, whom I think you " You will be rich and potent." will confess are worth somewhat. * And how unhappy, then ?" he In a few moments keveral other cried, with a foreerd laugh.

bxautifui s'aver assured. An Asian “That knwalse will time teach girl fiecated into the chamber, and you-sooner than you dream." threw herself on a couch, veiled in a

* Mean you that I shall die before flood of golden hair, in an attitude the space of life allotted man is com- languid as a palm-branch drwoping plete

in the beat, lipping a Preneste rose, Athyrtés paused a moment : then from whose perfume she seemed to continued in a vague deep voice which derive a delicious intoxication; while seemed to come less from her lips a beautiful little figure, with arrh than from a distance.

sweet face, hair fair is silver, and "From this night your fate will eyes blur as turquoise, danerd beneath follow you. In the very source of a wreath of bloms, with which, your life will you find your death." when she had aches megtare

As she spoke, Susarion rune, “What ful perfections of most trus at, she mean you by this unintelligible seemed about to, but defe:tral, crostgibberish ?" he cried angrily. *** In ing herulf with. Though far exreedthe source of my life I am to meeting the African in loveliness and joyous grace, however, those figures and their Proserpine ; here might be seen Bibexhibition passed blankly before Susa- les flying from her pursuing lover, rion ; and Publicus perceiving the springing upon a rock, which sudstrange preoccupation of his mind and denly ejected the fountain into which manner, presently rose, and thank- she seemed to be changed and in ing his friend Grumio--by this time which she disappeared; here Phæton, slightly fuddled - for his entertain- rising from an eminence sustained by ment, bade him farewell, telling him vast wings, floated away beyond the they proposed going that evening to view of the spectators; here Persius, the Milvian Bridge, where he desired to armed with the Gorgon head, turned show Susarion, who had never before the furious feasters who sought his been in Rome, the evening amusements life into stone ;-and other mythoof the people in that neighbourhood. logic stories, for the most part of an

Taking a lectica on one of the stands amatory cast. Beyond the gardensnear, they were hurried along the which resounded with vocal and incrowded Flaminian way by some strumental music, mingled with the updozen stout Cappadocians, who took roar of their ebrious attendants—were their turn in carrying the conveyance, groves, the admission to which was and who, in less than an hour, came higher, to which an introduction from to a stop at the place of destination. one of the initiate was necessary,groves

The warm blue Italian summer night in which the mysteries of Cotylla and sparkled with innumerable stars as the rites of the Bona Dea were celebratthey entered the gardens and groves ed-haunts in which were baths and beyond the Milvian Bridge; which, festal tables, ceremonies which inunlike those of Lucullus--the rendez- cluded the baptism in wine, the wild vous for appointments among the dance, the frantic orgie with which upper classes-formed in those days the pagan shadows of their infamous the evening scene of revelry and arcades reverberated. Here Publicus, debauchery among the plebs, and in a whisper, pointed out to Susarion, lower order generally, slaves of every many a noted character, ever and sort and occupation ; gladiators, arti- anon uttering such remarks assans, soldiers, women of a certain class, “There goes Catulla with her lover, amid whom those of Asia preponder- the singer, Chrizogenes; there's Hipated;-an immense gathering, among pia, wife of the Senator-with the whom might be seen numerous repre- famous gladiator, Glusyphus,” &c. ; sentatives of all nations, and Roman and once, in a still lower voice-after personages of both sexes, of a far supe- they had passed a low-sized male rior rank, from the wealthy knight to figure, poorly dressed, followed by a the lady of quality, some of whom had group of youths in a state of the come to observe the life of the place, to wildest excitement, whose rich garwhich the people resorted for pleasure ments appeared under their coarse after the bloody sports of the amphi- lacernas-he uttered the name of an theatre, others to partake of it; the individual whose mention caused Suchief difference between the visitors be. sarion some surprise, until his friend ing that the nobles chiefly were mask- added that Nero, whose revelries ed. A. million of lamps illumined the were no secret, frequently finished shady avenues and groves; in one place the night in the Milvian pleasurea crowd, thickly interspersed with grounds. children, gathered round some group Some time after this, it being alof jugglers, Asian and Indian, who ready midnight, somewhat unsteady performed miracles for the open- with wine and wearied with the tumouthed spectators ; in others, girls multuous scene and insane revelry of Gades were performing the national they had witnessed, they made their dance, surrounded by a multitude way to the entrance of the garden, wild with wine ; in others companies and again hiring

alectica, proceeded to of pantomimists were personating the City along the highway, thronged the stories of Venus and Adonis, with drunken revellers. Jupiter and Europa, Pluto and

Grau theurer Freund ist alle Theorie

Und grün des Lebens goltner Baum.-Faust. It is one of the lessons of the past, cessive peoples who have in turn that while human nature remains in struggled up in the scale of civilizaall its characteristics comparatively tion. Such an age was it in Greece unchanged, the various ages of human at the time when academic groves rehistory are stamped with some marked sounded with the voice of elevated peculiarity distinguishing them from philosophy -- when under that blue each other. The only change which sky a great and noble people assemhumanity has undergone has been bled to witness the representation of from time to time a change of ex- such dramas as those of Æschylus ternal condition: it has gone about and Euripides, or to crown successful the earth unclal, hunting its food competitors in poetry and philosophy like a beast of prey, and sheltering with the Olympian chaplet, and when itself in caverns and mud buts, Athenian oratory reached its most only a few steps removed from the glorious climax. Such an age was it lower animals ; and it has worked its in Rome when the Forum rang with way up in what is called the scale of the free, bold eloquence of Cicero; civilization, houred itself in gorgeous when the Flavian Amphitheatre palaces, clad itself in co-tly raiment, flourished in all its glory, and a luxu. decked itself with precious metals rious social life was embellished by a and stones, cradle itreifin the downy galaxy of men of genins; wlen at bed of civilization, massed itself in the festivities of the nobles, the odes nations, and ranged itself under of Horace were sung with enthugovernments ; but still during all siasm ; when the admiration of the the gradations of these external public was challenged by a glittering changes remaining in its interior self page of Livy, a new bucolic of Virgil, comparatively unaltered, having the or the last oration of Cicero; and when, same passions, indulging in the same too, there came wasted from an exiles vices, and maintaining still that long prison the charming minstrelsy of unbroken struggle which it com- pour banished Ovid. An age repromenced from the first moment after duced once more, but feebly, decked the delicate machinery of ita moral out in the tinsel of artificial life in the being was deranged by its fall- that times of Louis Quatorze-that bril. dual conflict between the indwelling liant period of refined vice and gallant spirit of good and the spirit of evil, licentiousness, when the court wept faintly delineated by the clairvyant unler the impassioned cloquence of intellect of Plato, and more fully by Burnuet, cast its jewels at his feet the inspired Paul-a struggle between in pious despair, but reruvered its two antagonists whose alternate vic- compusure and forgot its devotion tories and defeats make human life under the sweet smiles of a Pompa that variod scene of joy and sortuw, dour and a Dubarri-a gay carnival of smiles and tears, of d vine aspira whose torchlights were kit extintions and grovelling propensities, of guished in the darkness of a terrible subdued passions and licentious indul. retribution. There have in ages gence, or good and evil, which it pre- too in the world's history marked by sents to the eye of him who stud es it the gresest ignorance, by a general under every aspert of its hu-'ory. intelectual darkness, which the flickYet, notwithstanding thi« monetayering lamp of science, as it gleamed of character, the anuals, f humanity fitfully from sane monk's lonely cell, might be divided into a series of could scarcely penetrate. There was periods, earh recognisable by some an age when chivalry couched its lanco distinguishing peculiarity. There in honour of a woman's name, and an have been ages in the world's hi-tory age when woman was compelled to surrounded by a halo of refinement week in the cloister and the convert and splendour, reproduced too by suc- an any un from the licentious per

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