History of the wars resulting from the Frenchrevolution. To which is added, an appendix, Volum 2


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Side 2 - Called by the wishes of the French nation, to occupy the first magistracy of the republic, I think it proper, on entering into office, to make a direct communication of it to your majesty. " The war, which for eight years has ravaged the four quarters of the world, must it be eternal ? Are there no means of coming to an understanding'?
Side 509 - We maintained our position also, and completely defeated and repulsed all the enemy's attempts to get possession of it. The enemy repeatedly attacked us with a large body of infantry and cavalry, supported by a numerous and powerful artillery : he made several charges with the cavalry upon our infantry, but all were repulsed in the steadiest manner.
Side 509 - Quatre Bras. The Prussian army maintained their position with their usual gallantry and perseverance, against a great disparity of numbers, as the 4th corps of their army, under General Bulow, had not joined, and I was not able to assist them as I wished, as I was attacked myself, and the troops, the" cavalry in particular, which had a long distance to march, had not arrived.
Side 338 - Buonaparte, consisted of the whole of the armies of the south, and of the centre, and of four divisions, and all the cavalry of the army of Portugal, and some troops of the army of the north.
Side 517 - I had reason to hope for success, and I braved all the declarations of the Powers against me. Circumstances appear to be changed.
Side 509 - Picton, arrived at about half-past two in the day, followed by the corps of troops under the Duke of Brunswick, and afterwards by the contingent of Nassau. At this time the enemy commenced an attack upon Prince...
Side 513 - Lancey, who was killed by a cannon shot in the middle of the action. This officer is a serious loss to His Majesty's service, and to me at this moment. I was likewise much indebted to the assistance of...
Side 2 - ... families? How is it that they do not feel that peace is of the first necessity, as well as of the first glory ? These sentiments cannot be foreign to the heart of your Majesty, who reigns over a free nation, and with the sole view of rendering it happy.
Side 513 - Count Dornberg. I am also particularly indebted to general Lord Hill for his assistance and conduct upon this as upon all former occasions. The artillery and engineer departments were conducted much to my satisfaction by colonel Sir G.
Side 91 - Finances founded on a flourishing agriculture can never be destroyed. To take from France her colonies ? The colonies are to France only a secondary object; and does not your majesty already possess more than you know how to preserve ? If your majesty would but reflect, you must perceive that the war is without an object, without any presumable result to yourself. Alas ! what a melancholy prospect to cause two nations to fight merely for the sake of fighting.

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