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Earl of

One of the Lords of his Majefties most

Honorable Privy Councel.

Right Honorable,

S those who have been of late, and in these days yet are of the Antichristian

party, may well be accounted mer: born in an evil time; because howsoever beretofore was the time of Gods long luffering towards such,


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the time of permission of them to prosper the set time of Antichrists downfal then be ing further off then now it is. But now Gods time of setting his face against Antichrist, and all the Antichristian party, is come, wherein GOD is determined to fight against them, and to ruine them ; most wretched men therefore are they who not have spirits set for the upholding, the pleading for that which God hath set himself against. So happy especially now are those whole hearts have

been, and still are set to countenance, main tain, to further and horor the truth of the Go Spel, in the power and purity of it; born and raised-up by God, and for God, in a most blessed time, wherein God sīretcheth out bis holy Arm together with them, their hearts are guided by God himself, to the furtherance of that work which is the greatest work that God hath to do in this latter age of the world; namely,To bring in his Truth and Ospirantes with glory and power, to set up Jerusalem eg the praise of the earth, to make godliness, and the powerful pro feßion of it, as honorable as ever it hath been contemptible. And now (Right Honorable). God hath been pleased to bleß your Noble Family for many years past, with this so great a blessing,

These are

as to make it instrumental to this great work of his, and your self have had a plentiful share in this so great a happiness : Your Honor hath difcountenanced superstitious time-serving spirits but as for the faithful Ministers of the Gospel, and the most sincere and godly of your Countrey, your Honor hath cast much respe&t upon them, and been the encourager of them, which refleets Honor, as upon Gods name and his truth, so upon your noble Family ; 1 believe there hath not afcended to Heaven more praises to God from any County in England for any Noble Family, in regard of the placing of a godly, painful, conscionable Ministery, as hath ascended from that County, in which your Honor, and your truly Noble Father, hath had such a large opportunity of service for God, and doing good to bis people : And I may further confidently affirm, That no Noble Family in England hath more prayers of the Saints ascending to Heaven for a blessing upon it, then that family of yours ; neither is there any Noble Family this day, mall 1 say in England ? I may without prefumption reach it further, which the Lord hath blessed, in regard of some Branches of it, with more beauty and power of godliness then he hath blessed yours; in regard whereof, it

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would be the most miserable thing that could be, if ever the succeßion of the countenancing and honoring the ways of godliness, should be cut off from such a noble Family Cursed be that man who shall be the cutter off of the succeßion of so great an Hinor to such an Honorable Family

. Pfal,72.17. it is said, The name of Christ should endure for ever ; Filiabicur nomine ejus,so the words are, it shall be begotten,as one generation is begotten of another, and so there shall be a fucceßion of Christs name. It is a most blessed thing when in a Family there is a begetting of the name of Christ, and so it is left unto the succeeding generation, as the name of the Family is left unto it: Pliny tells us, that it was accounted a great bonor, jea

the height of felicity, that in one house and Race of Plin.lib.7 the Curio's, there were known to be three excel

lent Orators one after another,by descent from the Father to the Son, and that the Fabii afforded three Presidents of the Senate, in course one immediately succeeding the other. If this fucceßion be jo boxorable, so happy, how honorable, how happy doth the successim of Religion from Father to Son, make Families to be?

This succession in your noble Family, is the subject of the prayers of many precious fpirits,exceed

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