General Systematic Bacteriology: History, Nomenclature, Groups of Bacteria

Williams & Wilkins, 1925 - 597 sider

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Side 142 - If a genus, without designated type, contains among its original species one possessing as a specific or subspecific name, either as valid name or synonym, a name which is virtually the same as the generic name, or of the same origin or same meaning, preference should be shown to that species in designating the type, unless such preference is strongly contraindicated by other factors. (Type by virtual...
Side 142 - The meaning of the expression "select the type" is to be rigidly construed. Mention of a species as an illustration or example of a genus does not constitute a selection of a type.
Side 142 - ... if a genus, without originally designated [see (a)] or indicated [see (b)] type, contains among its original species one possessing the generic name as its specific or subspecific name, either as valid name or synonym, that species or subspecies becomes ipso facto type of the genus (type by absolute tautonymy) ; II.
Side 141 - Cases in which the generic type is accepted solely upon the basis of the original publication: (a) when in the original publication of a genus, one of the species is definitely designated as type, this species shall be accepted as type, regardless of any other considerations (type by original designation...
Side 112 - The essential points in nomenclature are: (1) to aim at fixity of names; (2) to avoid or reject the use of forms and names which may cause error or ambiguity or throw science into confusion.
Side 138 - ARTICLE 9. — If a genus is divided into subgenera, the name of the typical subgenus must be the same as the name of the genus (see Art. 25). ARTICLE 10. — When it is desired to cite the name of a subgenus, this name is to be placed in parentheses between the generic and the specific names. Examples Vanessa (Pyrameis) cardui.
Side 143 - ... q) All other things being equal, show preference to a species which the author of the genus actually studied at or before the time he proposed the genus. r) In case of writers who habitually placed a certain leading or typical species first as "chef de file...
Side 145 - A specific name is published when it has been printed and distributed with a description, or with a reference to a previously published description. Note. — A recognizable figure may be the equivalent of a description in the literature, of paleobotany and diatoms. (a) In the transfer of a species from one genus to another, the original specific name is retained, unless the resulting binomial has been previously published. Recommendations: Botanists will do well, in publishing: 1. In describing...

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