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Side 21 - ... the mayor and aldermen of a city or the selectmen of a town in which there is no such board.
Side 45 - June 14, 1880, provides for the widening and deepening of the river so as to secure a channel of at least 12 feet depth at high water, with 100 feet width from its mouth up to Berkley Bridge (above Dighton); thence 12 feet depth with 80 feet width (100 feet width at bends) up to Briggs shoal; thence 11 feet depth with 80 feet width up to the "shipyard...
Side 57 - Said parties of the second part are to furnish all the plant, tools, appliances, labor and materials for filling with gravel, as hereinafter specified, portions of certain streets on South Boston Flats, as follows : D and E streets from the southerly line of Cypher Street to the southerly line of Congress Street, and Cypher, Claflin, Danby, Egmont and Fargo streets and Mt. Washington Avenue from C Street to D Street and from D Street to E Street, also Anchor and Bullock streets from D Street to E...
Side 47 - At the adoption of the present project no jetties existed and the channel entrance was barred by a shoal of 1.5 miles width, on which there was only 0 feet depth of water at low tide, the channel being very crooked and subject to changes in location.
Side 46 - The approved project of 1880, as modified in 1885, provides for the construction of two jetties as training walls, one on each side of the harbor entrance, planned so as to allow the tidal current to assist in scouring out and maintaining a good channel, and for the completion of the work by dredging where necessary to obtain a depth of from 12 to 15 feet at low water in this channel; all at a total cost estimated in 1885 at $375,000, of which $220,000 was appropriated prior to 1895.
Side 46 - At the adoption of the present project the 15.5 feet depth anchorage covered only about 47 acres, and the 34 additional acres to be dredged carried an average of about 12 feet depth of water at low water.
Side 48 - ¡i jetty of 50 feet length -at the East Chop, and a sea wall of 400 feet length, three jetties of from 80 to 296 feet length, a wharf, and a short breakwater of 60 feet length at the West Chop.
Side 48 - The existing project of 1887, as modified in 1889, provides for the protection of the "Chops" (or headlands) from erosion and the intervening harbor from being filled...
Side 28 - Petition of the Board of County Commissioners of Bristol County for approval of plans for a bridge across the East Branch of Westport River in the town of Westport, as authorized and required by chapter 125 of the Acts of 1893. Granted Dec. 20, 1893. 1624. Petition of the...
Side 48 - ... being filled by the eroded material ; the whole to be done by means of stone sea walls and jetties to be built along the beach in front of the bluffs at both headlands.

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