Bulletin of the Geological Society of America

The Society, 1919
Vols. for 1938-61 include as pt. 2 of the December issue the Society's Abstracts, later published separately.

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Pagina 400 - This is, however, only a brief sketch of the objects of civil engineering ; the real extent to which it may be applied is limited only by the progress of science ; its scope and utility will be increased with every discovery in philosophy, and its resources with every invention in mechanical or chemical art, since its bounds are unlimited, and equally so must be the researches of its professors.
Pagina 504 - Oct. 20, 1907, pp. 667-666. most of the principal coal groups the climate has been characterized by (1) general mildness of temperature, approaching in most cases tropical or subtropical; (2) conspicuous equability or approximation to uniformity of climatic conditions, which, with a few exceptions, appear to have lacked cold winters or severe frosts; (3) a generally high humidity, the rainfall being from moderately heavy to very heavy and fairly well distributed through the year, though in many cases...
Pagina 537 - It is perhaps not too much to say that it has now been demonstrated beyond reasonable question that climatic zoning such as we have had since the beginning of the Pleistocene did not obtain in the geologic ages prior to the Pleistocene.
Pagina 75 - Williston was senior, to endeavor to establish the difficult and intricate questions of homology and to base upon this an enduring terminology to replace the confusing whirlpool of names for certain skull bones which have accumulated since the time of Cuvier. A few of the more general features of Williston's life-work and character are as follows: He strove arduously through forty years of investigation to discover new material in the field and to widen our basis of facts in several distinct lines...
Pagina 136 - Society must present to the Treasurer a fully itemized bill, certified by the official ordering it, and approved by the President. The Treasurer shall then pay the amount out of any funds not otherwise appropriated, and the receipted bill shall be held as his voucher.
Pagina 565 - Mathematics may be compared to a mill of exquisite workmanship, which grinds you stuff of any degree of fineness; but nevertheless, what you get out depends on what you put in; and as the grandest mill in the world will not extract wheat-flour from peascods, so pages of formulae will not get a definite result out of loose data.
Pagina 75 - Here his genial personal character and admirable relations with his colleagues shone forth; he was singularly appreciative of the work of other men and ready to adopt whatever he believed to be solid and enduring in previous attempts at classification. Thus Williston's work stands in contrast with that of Cope and Marsh, whose personal differences of opinion led to the setting up of two entirely distinct systems of classification as well as of nomenclature, irrespective both of priority and of merit....
Pagina 50 - Chapelle, etc. , is represented in the New York sections by the Tully limestone, and, second, that the representative of the fauna of 'the Cuboides zone of Europe is seen in New York not only in the Tully limestone, but in the shaly strata for several hundred feet above. Therefore, if we wish to express precise correlation in...
Pagina 74 - ... results obtained by other workers. Williston had shown a bent for the harmonious study of form and function, of structure and habit, of environment and adaptation, which he applied with skill and originality to the interpretation of the highly diversified forms of aquatic life. He followed Eberhard Fraas, of Stuttgart, in making a special study of aquatic adaptations in the vertebrates; consequently his book on the water reptiles constitutes one of the most important contributions which we have...
Pagina 53 - On the Fossil Faunas of the Upper Devonian, along the Meridian of 76į 30', from Tompkins County, New York, to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, by Henry S.

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