said Dorchester Street, and continuing the same course, to a stone post standing on the Dorchester Turnpike, marked B. on the northeast side, and D. on the southwest side; then continuing the same course until it comes to Boston Harbor, being the same line described in the act entitled, “An act to set off the northeast part of the town of Dorchester, and to annex the same to the town of Boston.”

18. The line between Boston and Brookline was also Between Boston perambulated as follows: Beginning at a stone post Ibid, p. 600. marked Bo, on the easterly side, and Br. on the westerly side, standing on the Boston and Roxbury Mill Dam, westerly from the new filling sluices erected in said dam, (the old sluices referred to in the act of February 22d, 1825, entitled “ an act relative to the boundary lines of the city of Boston and to the town of Brookline" having been removed ;) thence running northwesterly from said post, at an angle of one hundred and fifteen degrees from the mill dam, until it strikes the centre of the channel of Charles River, and also running from the said post, southerly, at an angle of one hundred and three degrees forty minutes, until it strikes the centre of the channel of Muddy River, at a point where the respective boundaries of Boston, Brookline, and Roxbury meet each other, being the same lines mentioned and described in the above recited act.

and Brookline.



der to the commonwealth, in

case, &c.

1. Incorporation of Boston South

Bridge. 2. Width, and manner of building

and maintaining said bridge. 3. Proprietors authorized to trans

fer the franchise and materials to the city of Boston; to be toll free. Provision for surren

4. Provision for discontinuance of

the bridge, in case, &c.
5. Transfer of Boston South

Bridge to the city.
6. Boston Free Bridge Corpo-

ration. Authority to build a

7. Obligations imposed upon the | 16. A highway authorized to be corporation.

laid out over said bridge. Pro8. Compensation for land taken. viso. 9. City of Boston at liberty to 17. Highway authorized over cererect said bridge.

tain tide waters. 10. Surrender of the Free Bridge, 18. Highway to be laid out over &c. to the city of Boston.

Chelsea Free Bridge and the 11. City of Boston authorized to tide waters thereat. Bridge,

maintain wharves or piers on how to be maintained. Draw,

both sides of the Free Bridge. 12. Penalty for injury to bridge, &c. 13. Right to use wharves, &c. shall 1. Superintendents of Boston cease in case, &c.

South Bridge and Boston Free 14. Wharves, &c. not to be within Bridge to chosen.

forty feet of other wharves, &c. 2. Their duties. 15. City of Boston authorized to 3. Penalty for injuring bridges,

purchase Chelsea Point Bridge. &c.



Incorporation of 1. By an act passed March 6, 1804, William Tudor, Boston South Bridge. Gardiner Greene, Jonathan Mason and Harrison Gray 1803, 113, 09 1,2, 3, 5, 6, 8. Otis, and those who should become their associates, were

made a corporation, under the name of “ The Proprietors of the Boston South Bridge.” Provisions were made for organization, the rates of toll, the amount to be paid to vessels passing the draw, and the indemnity to be paid to persons whose land should be taken; and a penalty of not more than fifty nor less than twenty dollars was imposed upon the corporation, for every neglect or refusal to open

the draw, or unnecessary detention of any vessel about to Ibid, $ 7. pass. It was also provided that the act should be void, if

the corporation should refuse or neglect to build and com

plete the bridge for the space of three years. The provision 1829, 119.

for the payment to vessels passing the draw was repealed by an act passed March 12, 1830.

2. The fourth section of the same act provided, that ner of building and maintaining the bridge should be built of good and sufficient materials, 1803, 113, 04. not less than forty feet wide, and well covered with plank

or timber, suitable for such a bridge, with sufficient rails on each side for the safety of travellers and protection of foot passengers; that it should be kept accommodated with not less than twenty lamps, which should be well supplied with oil, and lighted in due season, and kept burning until

Width and man

said bridge.

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midnight; that there should be made a good and sufficient draw or passage way, at least thirty feet wide, in the channel over which said bridge should be built, proper for the passing and repassing of vessels, through which vessels might pass free of toll; that there should be erected at said draw and maintained in good repair, a well constructed and substantial pier or wharf on each side of the bridge, and adjoining to the draw, every way sufficient for vessels to lie at securely ; that the draw should be lifted for all vessels without delay and without toll, except for boats passing for pleasure; that the proprietors might make the leaves of the draw twenty feet long, instead of the width of the bridge; and that the bridge should be kept in good, safe and passable repair for the term of seventy years from the day of the first opening of the bridge for passengers, and at the expiration of said term should be surrendered to the commonwealth, who should be deemed the successor of the corporation.

3. On the 23d of June, 1831, after the Boston Free Proprietors auBridge had been built, and the Boston South Bridge was transfer the greatly diminished in value, in consequence thereof, an act materials to the was passed, authorizing and empowering the proprietors of 1831, 71, $ 1. the Boston South Bridge to sell, assign, and transfer to the city of Boston, the franchise and materials of said Boston South Bridge, to have and to hold the same to the said city and its successors forever; provided, that no toll or duty to be toll free. should ever be exacted or paid for any travel over said bridge, or passing the draw of the same, and the said city should always be held liable to keep said bridge and draw in good repair, and to raise the draw of said bridge, and afford all necessary and proper accommodation to vessels that have occasion to pass the same by night or by day, and should keep said bridge sufficiently lighted. This act also au- Provision for thorized the proprietors to surrender the franchise to the currender to

commonwealth, commonwealth, in case the city of Boston should not, be- ibid, 2. fore the 15th of September in the same year, pay

them such sum as should be agreed upon, and receive a transfer.

4. By an additional act, passed March 16, 1832, the Provision for proprietors of the Boston South Bridge were authorized to of the bridge, in

in case, &c.

case, &c.

Transfer of
Boston South
Bridge to the
City Records,
vol. 10.
pp. 78, 97.

1832, 136, Ø 1. discontinue said bridge, as a pass way, and at any time

between the passing of this act, and the first day of August then next, if the city of Boston, before the first day of May then next, should not pay to said proprietors such sum of money as might be agreed upon by them and the said city, for a transfer and assignment of the franchise and materials of said bridge, as above provided, and to take up and remove the materials.

5. On the 12th of March, 1832, the joint committee of the city council upon the subject was authorized to agree with the proprietors of the Boston South Bridge for the purchase of their franchise. On the 2d of April they made their report, that the proprietors offered to sell, for a sum not less than thirty-five hundred dollars ;

and recommended that the offer be accepted. This report was accepted by the city council. A vote was passed by the corporation, April 19, 1832, authorizing the president and

clerk to execute a deed to the city; and a deed was exRecords of Suf- ecuted accordingly, dated April 19, in consideration of Lib. 360, fol. 50. $3500, conveying to the city of Boston and its successors

66 all that the franchise and also all the materials of the Boston South Bridge, together with the buildings, rights, wharves and real estate of the said corporation, and every part and parcel thereof, whatsoever the same may be, and wheresoever situate, with all the privileges, appurtenances and immunities of every description to the granted premises and any part thereof in any wise appertaining,”—“ subject nevertheless always to all the provisoes, terms, duties, con ditions and tenure in the aforesaid acts of the said commonwealth set forth and expressed."


Boston Free

6. The Boston Free Bridge Corporation was incorporBridge Corpora- ated March 4, 1826. The corporation was authorized and build a bridge. empowered to build and construct, or cause to be built and 1825, 147, § 1, 2. constructed, a free bridge, with one or more suitable and

sufficient draws, across the water and over the channel, in or near a direction in a straight line from or near Sea street, in Boston, to the newly made land at South Boston,

Ibid, 3.

and nearly in the direction of the Dorchester turnpike, and to erect a wharf or pier on each side of said bridge, near said draws, for the accommodation of vessels passing through said bridge ; such bridge and wharves to be built in such manner as the city government of Boston should approve: Provided, however, that said corporation should be holden to make compensation to any person, or corporation, whose land should be appropriated to the use of said bridge.

7. It was further enacted that no toll or duty should obligations imever be exacted or paid, for any travel over said bridge, or corporation. passing the draws of the same; and that said corporation should always be held liable to keep said bridge and draws in good repair, and to raise the draw of said bridge, and afford all necessary and proper accommodation to vessels, that should have occasion to pass the same by night or by day, and should keep said bridge sufficiently lighted; and if any vessel should be unreasonably delayed or hindered in passing said draw, by the negligence of said corporation or their agents, in discharging the duties enjoined on them by this act, the owners or commanders of such vessels should recover reasonable damage therefor, of said corporation, in an action on the case, before any court proper to try the same; and if the said corporation should not, within three years from the passing of this act, locate, construct, build, and complete said bridge, agreeably to the provisions of this act, then the act should be null and void: Provided, that whenever the city government of Boston Oirations to should assume the care and obligations of keeping said government, bridge in repair, lighting the same, and providing facilities assume the care

of bridge. for raising said draw or draws, as aforesaid, then the obligations imposed on said corporation to that effect, should be annulled, and the same should devolve on the said city government; in which case the damages mentioned in this section should be sued for, before any court proper to try the same, in either of the counties of Middlesex or Essex. But unless the city government should assume the care and obligations aforesaid, the said corporation, before commencing the building of said bridge, should furnish ade

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