Tutankhamun's Armies: Battle and Conquest During Ancient Egypt's Late Eighteenth Dynasty

John Wiley & Sons, 3. aug. 2007 - 286 sider
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The force that forged an empire.

The furious thunder of thousands of hooves, the clatter and sheen of bronze armor sparkling in the desert sun, the crunch of wooden wheels racing across a rock-strewn battlefield-and leading this terrifying chariot charge, the gallant Pharaoh, the ribbons of his blue war crown streaming behind him as he launches yet another arrow into the panicking mass of his soon-to-be-routed enemies.

While scenes like the one depicted above did occur in ancient Egypt, they represent only one small aspect of the vast, complex, and sophisticated military machine that secured, defended, and expanded the borders of the empire during the late Eighteenth Dynasty.

In Tutankhamun's Armies, you'll discover the harsh reality behind the imperial splendor of the New Kingdom and gain a new appreciation for the formidable Egyptian army-from pharaoh to foot soldier. You'll follow "the heretic king" Akhenaten, his son Tutankhamun, and their three Amana-Period successors as they employ double-edge diplomacy and military might to defeat competing powers, quell internal insurrections, and keep reluctant subject states in line. This vivid and absorbing chronicle will forever change the way you think about the glories and riches of ancient Egypt.


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Interesting but not very well organized; it reads more like a collection of articles than a book. Authors John Coleman Darnell and Colleen Manassa have the problem that there are only a few ... Les hele vurderingen


Land of Desert and Nile
The important sites of New Kingdom Thebes
The City of Akhetaten
The Nubian Nile Valley
The great powers of the ancient Near East
SyriaPalestine in the late Eighteenth Dynasty
The Amarna Interlude
Military Forces and Weaponry
The Southern Empire
The Northern Empire
Domestic Security
Further Reading

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Egyptologist John Darnell is a Professor in Yale's Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, and he has considerable field experience, currently directing expeditions in the Egyptian Western Desert. He is the author of numerous scholarly monographs and articles dealing with many aspects of pharaonic culture, history, and language.

Colleen Manassa is an Assistant Professor of Egyptology in the same department. They are both experts in Egyptian military history.

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