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Specifications of Patents.


Mr. Prior’s for perfectly detaching the Escape Wheel of Chro-

nometers from the Influence of the Friction, and Inaccuracies

arising from the Main Spring, the Pivots, and the Teeth, and

all the other Wheels and Pinions in the Machine, during the

Time of its giving Impulses to the Balance; whereby its Vi-

brations will be more accurately and uniformly supported

than by any other Invention heretofore made public; which

Invention will be of much Benefit and Utility for producing

a superior Rate of Time-keeping, -

Mr. Corty's for certain Improvements on, and Additions to

Stills, or the Apparatus used for Distilling, and also in the

Process for Distilling and Rectifying,


Mr. Turner's for certain Improvements in the plating of Cop-

per or Brass, or a Mixture of Copper and Brass, with pure or

standard Gold, or Gold mixed with a greater Portion of Alloy,

and in the Preparation of the same for rolling into Sheets, 10

Mr. CLELAND's for an Improvement in the Bleaching of Flax and

Hemp, and also in the Bleaching of Yarn and Cloth, or other

Goods made of either of those Articles,


Mr. AMBROSE's-for a Pump of a particular Sort, which is worked

by a Roll or Sheave, placed in an Aperture in the Spear

.thereof, by which Means the said Spear is kept in a Direction

perpendicular to the Chamber in the simplest Manner possi-

ble; and for constructing Leavers suitable for large or small

Bores, in such Manner that the said Pump may be worked

either single or double banded with the greatest ease; and


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