The borough

John Murray, 1820
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Side 187 - ... hast little, do thy diligence gladly to give of that little : for so gatherest thou thyself a good reward in the day of necessity. Tobit iv. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord : and look, what he layeth out, it shall be paid him again. Prov. xix. Blessed be the man that provideth for the sick and needy : the Lord shall deliver him in the time of trouble.
Side 9 - Upon the billows rising — all the deep Is restless change ; the waves so swell'd and steep, Breaking and sinking, and the sunken swells, Nor one, one moment, in its station dwells : But nearer land you may the billows trace, As if contending in their watery chase ; May watch the mightiest till the shoal they reach, Then break and hurry to' their utmost stretch ; Curl'd as they come, they strike with furious force, And then re-flowing, take their grating course, Raking the rounded flints, which...
Side 277 - Though mangled, hack'd, and hew'd, not yet destroy'd ; The little ones, unbutton'd, glowing hot, Playing our games, and on the very spot ; As happy as we once, to kneel and draw The chalky ring, and knuckle down at taw...
Side 258 - Or sadly listen to the tuneless cry Of fishing gull or clanging golden-eye; What time the sea-birds to the marsh would come, And the loud bittern, from the bull-rush home, Gave from the salt-ditch side the bellowing boom.
Side 9 - Far off, the petrel in the troubled way Swims with her brood, or flutters in the spray; She rises often, often drops again, And sports at ease on the tempestuous main. High o'er the restless deep, above the reach Of gunner's hope, vast flights of wild-ducks stretch; Far as the eye can glance on either side, In a broad space and level line they glide ; All in their wedge-like figures from the north, Day after day, flight after flight, go forth.
Side 8 - Light twinkling streams in bright confusion move; (For heated thus, the warmer air ascends, And with the cooler in its fall contends) — Then the broad bosom of the ocean keeps An equal motion; swelling as it sleeps, Then slowly sinking; curling to the strand, Faint, lazy waves o'ercreep the ridgy sand, Or tap the tarry boat with gentle blow, And back return in silence, smooth and slow.
Side 275 - And he will now the sweetest moments spend Life has to yield : no, never will he find Again on earth such pleasure in his mind ; He goes through shrubby walks these friends among, Love in their looks and...
Side 261 - I fix'd my eyes On the mid stream, and saw the spirits rise: I saw my father on the water stand, And hold a thin pale boy in either hand; And there they glided ghastly on the top Of the salt flood, and never touch'da drop: I would have struck them, but they knew th' intent, And smiled upon the oar, and down they went.
Side 276 - She cries ; — Alas ! the watchman on his way Calls, and lets in — truth, terror, and the day ! DWELLINGS OF THE POOR.
Side 20 - And sadly-sacred held the parting scene, Where last for sea he took his leave — that place With double interest would she nightly trace ; For long the courtship was, and he would say, Each time he sail'd, — " This once, and then the day :" Yet prudence tarried ; but, when last he went, He drew from pitying love a full consent.

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