The lady of Lieut.-Colonel Brownrigg, of a, and the only remaining one of Pope Clement daughter.

XIVth's creation. At Washington, the lady of Mr. Bagot, Mini At the Percy Hotel, London, Sir J. E. Dry. ster Plenipotentiary to the United States, of a den, Bart. eldest son of Lady Dryden, of Candaughter,

nons Ashby, in the county of Northampton, ma. At Svuthgate, Mrs. A. K. Mackenzie, of a son, ternally descended from the family of the Poet being her twentieth child, all living.

Dryden, and grandson, by his father, of Sir E. Lately, a woman, passenger in the Maria, | Turner, who, with Lord Parker, contested the Peebles, from Liverpool to Glasgow, was safely il election for Oxfordshire, in the year 1754, with delivered of a fine female child. The child is

Viscount Weoman and Sir J. Dashwood. named Maria Peebles ; but as she was born at an Lately, at Edinburgh, three weeks after bar. equidistant point from Scotland, England, and ing given birth to a son and heir, Elizabeth, Ireland, a difficulty will occur to say to what wife of the Hon. C. N. Noel, of Barham Court, country she may belong.

Kent, second daughter of the Hon. Sir G. Grey,

Bart. Commissioner of his Majesty's Dock-yard MARRIED.

at Portsmouth.' This amiable and much-lament. Lately, in Limerick, B.G. Grey, Esq. Captained lady has been called from life at the early age in the 12th regiment of foot, nephew of Admiral of 19 years. Sir Home Popham, to Mary Anne, daug of After breakfasting with his family, Mr. A. Andrew Sexton, Esq. of Limerick.

Purkiss, boot and shoemaker, in Prince's-street, H.J. Pearson, Esq. to Matilda, third daugh- Westminster. He complained of giddiness in ter of the late Theophilus Moore, of Edinburgh, his head, and, in an instant, dropped down and and piece to Sir D. Blair.

expired! J. G. Jones, Esq only son of J. Jones, Esq. In the Trinity house, at Hull, where he had of Johnsport (Sligo), to Letitia Elizabeth, daugh- resided for 24 years, in the goth year of his age, ter of the late C. F.Sheridan, Esq. and niece of Mr. J. Wilson, the oldest ship-master belonging the late Right Hon. R. B. Sheridan.

to that port. He was at Lisbon at the time of At St. James's church, Mr. Wm. Sams, of the great earthquake ip 1754. Pall-Mall, to Harriet, third daughter of the late In the prime of life, the Lady of the Chevalier J. G. Raymond, Esq. of Chester-street, Grosve-Ruspini, of Pall Mall; whose amiable and pri. por place.

vate virtues, as a wife and a friend, endeared At Woodbridge, Suffolk, the Rev. W. Strong, her to a numerous circle, who are left, with her son of the Rev. the Archdeacon of Northampton, || disconsolate husband and son, to lament their is. to Miss Skeeles, both of the former-place. reparable loss.

Lately, Augusta Matilda, daughter of Lady DIED.

Perrott. This lady performed, as an actress, at In Rutland-square, Dublin, the Earl of Wick- Bath, Brighton, and other places, under the name low. His Lordship is succeeded in his titles and

of Miss Fitzhenry. estates by his son, Lord Clonmore.

At Upton, near Pontefract, aged 74, Mrs. A. In her 79th year, the Right Hon. Lady North- Tookey, relict of Mr. Tookey, an eminent coach. wick, widow to the late, and mother to the pre- spring and tire smith. This eccentric character sent, Lord Northwick.

ordered her coffin to be made some few days beLately, aged 74, at her estate at Prisseux, near fore her death, and actually made her owa Poinloise, the Marchioness De Girardin, the shroud, which she kept by her. widow of the friend of Rousseau. She has left

At Edinburgh, Mrs. Dundas, widow of the three sons and two daughters to lainent her loss. Right Hon. Robert Dundas, of Arniston, Lord

At St. Kitt's, the Right Hon. James Edmond, President of the Court of Session. Lord Cranstoun.

At Pisa, that once greatly celebrated vocal per. In consequence of a severe attack of the gout, | former, Mrs. Billington. M. Follisent, the husat bis estate near Aubagne (Months of the band of Mrs. Billington, will not be enricbed by Rhone), aged 63 years, the Count Ganteaume, || the death of his lady. A large annuity, for life, Peer of France, Vice-Admiral, Grand Officer of || constituted the principal part of her property. the Royal Order of the Legion of Honour, and At Kenton, at the very advanced age of go, Commander of the Royal and Military Order of Mr. J. Carnall. He lived 53 years in the service St. Louis.

of the present and late Lord Viscount Courtenay, At his house, in New Bridge-street, of a para and rode post from Powerdam Castle to Exeter, lytic stroke, Robert Shawe, Esq. aged 60.

every day during that period, withoat experia Lately, at Rome, at the age of 36, Cardinal Ca- | encing an hour's illness. raffa Trajetto, senior of the Cardinal Preacher,

London: Printed by and for John BELL, Proprietor of this MAGAZINE, and of the WSBKLY

MESSENGER, No. 104, Drary-lane.








a few and Improved Series.

EMBELLISHMENTS. 1. A Correct Likeness of MRS. YATES, of Covent-Garden Theatre, Engraved from an original Painting



[ocr errors]

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF DIS- || Abridgment of Natural History, in a series

TINGUISHED AND ILLUSTRIOUS of Letters from a Lady to her Daughter.

The Green Lizard

•••••••••.......... 204 Mrs. Yates.

The Common Lizard

............................... 205 The Cameleon

ib, Merit of Mrs. Yates in varions Characters 195

Feminine Heroism.
Real Courage in a Female

......................... 207 ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS.

The Lamentation of a fond Husband

......... 208 A brief History of Music, selected from the Conjugal fidelity in death

209 best Authorities.

An Academical Meeting. Masques in the reign of James I. 196 Observatory for Women

209 Charles I. 197 Woman anatomized

............................... 210 Anecdotes of Illustrious Females.

Topographical Museum. Maria Louisa ......................................... 197


.................. 211 Characters of celebrated French Women.

Combe Abbey ........................................ 212

Dunstable The Duchess of Montebello

***........... 213 ......................... 198

ib. Historical and Select Anecdotes.

Jahia and Meimoune.--A Turkish Tale. Anecdote of Frederic the Great

.............. 200 Anecdote of Louis Bonaparte

ib. Meimoune presented hy the Sheick to Jahia 215 Young Napoleon ib. Atrocity of the Sheick

ib. the Duke of Bassano ............... ib. | Escape of Jahia and Meimoune

216 Intrigues of the gth November, 1799

Their happy marriage

217 The Gleaner's Porte-Folio.

The Listener. Particulars of the Princess of Wales .......... 201 Frenzy of Fashion

......... 217 Account of Germany ............................... 202 Essay on Pockets ...

219 Egyptian Females ............................... 204

Parisian Anecdote

.... ib. George

St. Alban's .........---

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[blocks in formation]

**** ... 231

Extracts from Lee's Poem

........................ 224 Ode on Education


Death of her Majesty the Queen. Tribute to the memory of Sir S. Romilly 297 | Account of her death

230 Wordsworth's Water Melon .................... ib. Interesting particulars of her Majesty Line's from Moore's National Melodies ...... ib. The dead Soldier


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. On hearing a Lady sing “ Angels ever bright and fair"

Review of the History of Jane d'Albret,

....... 228 Lines to the memories of Sir Samuel and Queen of Navarre ................................ 233 Lady Romilly

ib. Works in the Press ................................ 940 Valentine's Eve ib. Births, Marriages, and Deaths



The story of Peregrine Forrester, from our Worcester Correspondent, is unavoidably postponed till our next Number,

Mrs. M.Mullan's Address to the Nightingale came too late for insertion this month.

The Robber of Esteral has merit, and shall, if possible, be inserted in some future Number; it is, notwithstanding, longer than we wish for any one particular article in our poetical department.

In order, if in our power, to do justice to the original and witty publication entitled Night-Mare Abbey, we shall defer a review of jl till our next Number, or to the yearly Supplement.

We thank our Correspondent H. S. V. D. for his last poetical effusions, which will be attended to in due time.

Miss Porter's new Novel of The Fast of St. Magdalen, and the Poem of The Anglo Cambrian, will be reviewed in our yearly Supplement.

Some interesting particulars relative to our late gracious Queen have prevented us giving the promised reviews this month. They shall be attended to as early as possible.

We are sorry that many of the effusions of loyalty which we received came too late,

The Correction on the Lives to the Memory of Sir Samuel and Lady Romilly came too late to be attended to.

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London: Printed by and for JOHN BELL, Proprietor of this Magazine, and of the WEEKLY

MESSENGER, No. 104, Drury-Lane.

DECEMBER 1, 1818.

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