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For NOVEMBER, 1818.

A Pew and Jinproved Series.



Pumber One Hundred and Sirteen.


It was with real gratification that we | cline; and, as the inimitable Mrs. Siddons found the original of the Portrait we this once declared, she had three motives for month present to our readers engaged at continuing her theatric occupation, so Mrs. Covent-Garden Theatre. A lady compe Yates has five--all infantine objects, looktent to fill those characters that Mrs. Yates ing up to her alone for protection and suphas already enacted, and in wbich she port! She knew then how much it bemust be allowed, by the nicest critic, to hoved her to employ every exertion, and possess infinite merit, was much wanted at

arouse all her energies for those dear ties the above Theatre. In those of Lady Mac- l of maternal affection. Mr. Young, that beth, and in the heroic and cruelly disap- truly classical and gentleman-like actor, pointed Elvira, in Pizarro, Mrs. Yates is knew how to estimate the merits of Mrs. admirable; and we are happy to say, that ' Yates; he was particularly struck with she has obtained in each that applause from her performance of Imogen, in Bertram, a discriminating audience so justly due to and of The Queen, in Richard III.; a chaa her histrionic powers.

racter too often not sufficiently attended Mrs. Yates was born near Leicester, of to; but in the hands of Mrs. Yates, it has respectable parents, of the name of Croshaw. that true force and feeling which our great Early in life she married Mr. Yates, at

dramatic author meant it to possess. Garstang, in Lancashire. Mr. Yates was Mr. Young introduced the subject of a comedian, whose line was in broad farce, our present biography to Mr. Harris, who, or as it is generally termed, low comedy. we are happy to say, has given her a very Mrs. Yates, since her marriage, performed liberal engagement for three years. in the west of England, where she was The beauty of the head, which is ena decided favourite; and Mr. Pope, con graven from an original painting by Miss vinced of her theatrical abilities, procured | Drummond, while it confers higli honour her an engagement in Dublin, where, for on the young artist, will prove to our two years, she drew universal admiration, readers the fine, yet truly feminine features both for her talents on the stage and her of Mrs. Yates, and which are so well calamiable deportment in private life. But culated for the expression of the beautiful here she had the affliction of losing her | heroines of tragedy. husband, who fell a victim to a rapid de.

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