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Improved Patent Self Acting kitchen Range.


Explanation The smallest size Range with Oven (as marked 0/Boiler (B) and burn-over Trivet. The fire acting equally against Oven and Boiler, without a true ; is used for the convenience of small families. Width of fire 12 inches_ Whole width ot Range, 3" 3 wu.dkin

Improved Patent Self Seting kitchen Range

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B.The Boiler.--0.The Oren.-U.The front of the Boiler.

One winding Check with Truet,

Improved Patent Self Acting Kitchen Range.


B.The Boiler. O, The Oven. U.The front of the Boiler.
Two Winding Checks with Trivets.
Width of fire 2 feet & upwards Whole width of Range, 3.* upwards.
The Oven or Boiler can be 'heated seperate if required .

THE greatest economical improvement ever discovered is evident in these Ranges; the Boiler and Back (marked B.) forming one entire Vessel; the Fire acting against it,

WITHOUT A FL U E! keeps an abundant supply of Boiling Water, which gives an advantage of COOKING BY STEAM, without consuming more Fuel than is used in Common Grates. The other side (marked 0.) may be fitted with an Oven on Count RUMFORD's principle, or as an Ironing or Stewing Stove, as the purchaser may require.

For Steaming purposes, which in Cooking, is proved to be more cleanly than Boiling in Water. The Boilers will be found to excel every other bitherto invented, før heating Washing Tubs, Baths, Rooms, Halls, Staircases, &c. It is simple in its construction-certain in operation and requires little attention. To every Family, more especially for large Establishments, a constant supply of Pure Hot Water and Steam must be a valuable acquisition, accomplished by means so simple, that where it has hitherto been adopted it has given entire satisfaction, and proved superior to any one heretofore offered to the Pube lic for inspection.

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