The life and political career of the earl of Beaconsfield


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Side 25 - Erebus, and has the most mocking and lying-in-wait sort of expression conceivable. His mouth is alive with a kind of working and impatient nervousness, and when he has burst forth, as he does constantly, with a particularly successful cataract of expression, it assumes a curl of triumphant scorn that would be worthy of a Mephistopheles.
Side 117 - Occupier, as Owner or Tenant, of any Dwelling House within the Borough; and 3. Has during the Time of such Occupation been rated as an ordinary Occupier in respect of the Premises so occupied by him within the Borough to all Rates (if any) made for the Relief of the Poor in respect of such Premises; and 4.
Side 117 - ... during the time of such occupation been rated as an ordinary occupier in respect of the premises so occupied by him within the borough to all rates, if any, made for the relief of the poor in respect of such premises; and (4) has, on or before the 20th day of July in the same year, bonafide paid an equal amount in the pound to that payable by other ordinary occupiers in respect of all poor rates that have become payable by him in respect of the said premises up to the preceding 5th day of January.
Side 117 - Every man shall be entitled to be registered as a voter, and, when registered, to vote for a member or members to serve in Parliament for a...
Side 91 - One said it was a physical question ; another, a spiritual. Now, it was the absence of the aristocracy; then the absence of railroads. It was the Pope one day ; potatoes the next.
Side 92 - Gentlemen say if they were reading of a country in that position ? They would say at once — the remedy is revolution...
Side 117 - As a Lodger has occupied in the same Borough separately and as sole Tenant for the Twelve Months preceding the last day of July in any Year the same Lodgings, such Lodgings being Part of one and the same Dwelling House, and of a clear yearly Value, if let unfurnished, of Ten Pounds or upwards; and 3.
Side 119 - Scotland, be entitled to be registered as a voter, and when registered to vote at an election for such county...
Side 37 - From the moment that Lord Bolingbroke, in becoming a Tory, embraced the national cause, he devoted himself absolutely to his party...
Side 118 - Man shall, in and after the Year One thousand eight hundred and sixtyeight, be entitled to be registered as a Voter, and, when registered, to vote for a Member or Members to serve in Parliament for a Borough, who is qualified as follows ; (that is to say,) 1.

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