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To Don J. de Carvajal, Minister of Wur, Cadiz.


Cadiz, 25th Dec., 1812. · I have had the honor of receiving your Excellency's letter of the 24th instant, in answer to that which I had the honor of addressing you on the 4th instant.

• The Government and Cortes have done me the honor to confer upon me the command of the Spanish armies; and at the same time that they have thus manifested to the world the confidence they repose in me, they have imposed upon me the performance of duties, for which I am responsible not only to Spain, but to my own country and to the world.

• It is impossible to perform these duties as they ought to be performed, unless I shall possess sufficient powers; and I request that you will inform the Government that if they do not feel themselves authorised, or have not confidence in me to trust me with the powers which I think necessary, I beg leave to relinquish the command of the Spanish armies which has been conferred upon me.

· I stated distinctly what the powers are which I required.

• First; that officers should be promoted and should be appointed to commands solely at my recommendation. In this request I do not refer to the regular regimental promotions under the 25th title of the Ordenanzas, which Orde



nanzas I require should be obeyed in every article, but to the extraordinary promotions which the Government are in the habit of conferring upon officers for extraordinary services.

• I required that no promotion of this description, nor appointment of any description, should be made to any command, whether in chief or of a division, or to any

other of any description, excepting at my recommendation.

Secondly; I required that I should have the power of dismissing from the service those whom I should think deserving of such punishment. The reason for which I required this authority was, that I saw from the nature of the Ordenanza, that it was next to impossible to assemble a Council of War for the trial of any officer; and that if such Council of War could be assembled, the proceedings were likely to be of such duration as to defeat the ends of justice and of all punishment, which in an army must be an early example.

• The power of dismissing an officer from the service must exist in all armies, independent of the mode of cashiering him by trial; but I admit that there may be reasonable objections, founded on the opinions of individuals, against entrusting the exercise of this power to myself. I insist upon it, however, that in the existing state of the Spanish army, the power itself, and the exercise of it, are necessary; and I require from the Government that they should take into consideration, and attend to my recommendations, to dismiss officers from the service, when I may find it necessary to lay them before them.

Thirdly; I required that the resources of the state which are applicable to the payment, or equipment, or supply of the troops, should be applied in such manner as I might recommend.

The reason for which I made this request was, that I was aware that the resources of the Government are not in their present state very sufficient for the maintenance and support in the field of all the troops now appearing as effectives on the returns of the Spanish armies; nor are the whole of those troops in a state of efficiency or discipline to oppose the enemy in the field.

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· I shall be responsible, and must be allowed to judge which of the troops shall be so employed, and which shall not; and all I desire is, to be allowed to recommend that the financial and other resources applicable to military purposes, may be applied to the support of such particular corps as I might point out. If the Government does not comply with this request, I shall certainly be in the unpleasant situation of giving commands to troops, which commands the troops cannot obey.

· Fourthly; I required that, in order to enable me to perform my duties, the Chief of the Staff, and such limited number of the Staff Officers of the army as might be thought necessary, should be sent to my head quarters; and that the Government should direct that all military reports, of all descriptions, should be sent to me; and that I should, of course, make my reports to your Excellency.

I consider myself as the Commander in Chief of the Spanish armies, under the Government, with whom I am to correspond, through the medium of your Excellency. No officer, according to the Ordenanzas, should address himself to the Government, excepting through me, and the answer and orders of the Government should reach him through the same channel. The Chief of the Staff would be the channel through which I should receive the reports of the army, and should convey to the army the orders of the Government and my own.

• This mode of transacting business is conformable to the common practice of all armies, and the adoption of it is essentially necessary in that of which it is desired I should take the command.

• I beg to have a decided answer from Government on all these points at an early period. I have come to Cadiz with a view to arrange with your Excellency various objects for the benefit of the service, and my stay must necessarily be limited, under any circumstances; and I must set out upon my return to my head quarters in the course of a very few days. At the same time I beg that you will inform the Government, that whatever may be their decision on all or any of these points, my desire to serve and advance the cause of Spain will remain the same; and that whoever may be

successor, or whatever


be the nature of the

arrangement for the command of the Spanish armies, I shall always be found ready, as I have ever been, to co-operate with, and to assist with my counsel and suggestions, any officer who may be employed to direct the whole or any portion of the Spanish forces.

• I have the honor to be, &c. Don J. de Carvajal!


To Lieut. General Campbell, Governor of Gibraltar.

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• Cadiz, 26th Dec., 1812. • I have received a letter of the 2nd instant from the Secretary of State, in which he informs me that he has directed you to send the 2nd batt. 11th regiment to Malta, in case I should not have required you to send the 2nd batt. 9th regiment to the Tagus, under the former directions of the Earl of Liverpool.

I have made a reference to the Secretary of State on these directions; and I shall be much obliged to you if you will delay sending the 2nd batt. 1lth regiment to Malta till I shall have received his Lordship's answer to this reference.

The Secretary of State has likewise informed me that he has sent to Gibraltar, to wait for orders, two squadrons of the Brunswick hussars; and I shall be much obliged to you if you will give directions that these troops may proceed to Alicante, and place themselves under the orders of the officer commanding the troops at that place.

I have the honor to be, &c. Lieut. General Campbell.'

· WelliNGTON.

To Sir Charles Stuart, K.B.


Cadiz, 26th Dec., 1812. • I write just to tell you of our arrival here on the 24th at mid-day. I shall leave this as soon as I can; but it is possible that I may be detained longer than I intend; and I think you will do well to delay ordering the preparation of the feast till you hear that I have, or am about to set out, when I will write to you. The horses, however, might be placed on the road; and I request you to desire Mr.

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