A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, Volum 1

J. Murray, 1890 - 2125 sider

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Side 108 - Sixty-four Vomitories (for by that name the doors were very aptly distinguished) poured forth the immense multitude ; and the entrances, passages, and staircases, were contrived with such exquisite skill, that each person, whether of the senatorial, the equestrian, or the plebeian order, arrived at his destined place without trouble or confusion.
Side 108 - Nothing was omitted which in any respect could be subservient to the convenience and pleasure of the spectators. They were protected from the sun and rain by an ample canopy occasionally drawn over their heads. The air was continually refreshed by the playing of fountains, and profusely impregnated by the grateful scent of aromatics.
Side 147 - But if any one will carefully calculate the quantity of the public supply of water, for baths, reservoirs, houses, trenches (euripi), gardens, and surbnrban villas , and, along the distance which it traverses, the arches built, the mountains perforated, the valleys levelled, he will confess that there never was anything more wonderful in the whole world.
Side 425 - The months confifted of 30 and 29 days alternately ; and the fliort year confequently contained 354 days, while the intercalary year having an extra month of 30 days, had 384 days. In Europe no era was fo generally ufed in literature, as the era of the Olympiads; and as the Olympic games were celebrated 293 times, we have 293 Olympic cycles, ie 1172 years, of which 776 fall before i AD, and 396 during the Chriftian era. When the Greeks adopted Chriftianity they probably ufed the Julian year and the...
Side 104 - They bound themselves by an oath that ' they would destroy no city of the Amphictyons, nor cut off their streams in war or peace ; and if any should do so, they would march against him and destroy his cities; and should any pillage the property of the god, or be privy to, or plan anything against what was in his temple at Delphi, they would take vengeance on him with hand, and foot, and voice, and all their might
Side 296 - In the time of Cicero it was usual for a general, or a governor of a province, to report to the treasury the names of those under his command who had done good service to the state: those who were included in such report were said in beneftciis ad aerarium deferri.
Side 276 - ... water over a bather. But there is good reason for thinking that this was not the case. In most cases the tepidarium contained no water at all, but was a room merely heated with warm air of an agreeable temperature, in order to prepare the body for the great heat of the vapour and warm baths, and upon returning from tte latter, to obviate the danger of a too sudden transition to the open air.
Side 168 - King Archon were almost all connected with religion ; his distinguishing title shows that he was considered a representative of the old kings in their capacity of high priest, as the Rex Sacrificulus was at Rome. Thus he presided at the Lenaea, or older Dionysia; superintended the mysteries and the games called Lampadephoriae, and had to offer up sacrifices and prayers in the Eleusinium, both at Athens and Eleusis.
Side 253 - As the augurs were therefore merely the assistants of the magistrates, they could not take the auspices without the latter, though the magistrates on the contrary could dispense with their assistance, as must frequently have happened in the appointment of a dictator by the consul on military expeditions at a distance from the city. At the same time it must be borne in mind, that as the augurs were the interpreters of the science, they possessed the right of declaring whether the auspices were valid...
Side 246 - It was usual to put up a spear (hasta) in auctions ; a symbol derived, it is said, from the ancient practice of selling under a spear the booty acquired in war.

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