General Tax Law 1893-1895-1897-1899 ...: With Annotations and Citations from Michigan Reports and Other Sources, and References to Statutes Affecting the Administration of the Tax Law

R. Smith Printing Company, state printers, 1900 - 215 sider

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Side 141 - ... the discharge of the duties of their office, and they shall also receive their necessary expenses in the performance of their duties, both to be audited and allowed by the Board of State Auditors, and paid monthly by the State Treasurer, out of the general fund.
Side 37 - cash value,' whenever used in this act, shall be held to mean the usual selling price at the place where the property to which the term is applied shall be at the time of assessment, being the price which could be obtained therefor at private sale, and not at forced or auction sale.
Side 68 - ... remain unpaid, and that he has not, upon diligent inquiry been able to discover any personal property out of which the same could be collected by levy and sale, shall be credited by the county treasurer with the amount of such account.
Side 33 - The supervisor shall estimate, according to his best information and judgment, the true cash value of every parcel of real property, and set the same down opposite such parcel. He shall also estimate the true cash value of all the personal property of each person, and set the same down opposite the name of such person.
Side 9 - The legislature shall provide a uniform rule of taxation except on property paying specific taxes, and taxes shall be levied on such property as shall be prescribed by law...
Side 65 - Any person owning an undivided share, or other part or parcel of real property assessed in one description, may pay on the part thus owned by paying an amount having the same relation to the whole tax as the part on which payment is made has to the whole parcel.
Side 143 - To receive complaints as to property liable to taxation that has not been assessed, or has been fraudulently or improperly assessed, and to investigate the same, and to take such proceedings as will correct the irregularity complained of, if found to exist.
Side 37 - In determining the value the assessor shall also consider the advantages and disadvantages of location, quality of soil, quantity and value of standing timber, water power and privileges, mines, minerals, quarries or other valuable deposits known to be available therein and their value.
Side 12 - Such real estate as shall be owned and occupied by library, benevolent, charitable, educational and scientific institutions, incorporated under the laws of this State, with the buildings and other property thereon, while occupied by them solely for the purposes for which they were incorporated...
Side 124 - ... shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months or by fine not exceeding three hundred dollars, in the discretion of the court and shall be liable to any person injured thereby to the full extent of the injury sustained.

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