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Side 33 - I have not had time to make a detailed study of the several proposals which this Committee may have before it.
Side 37 - Gaz. 31: 73-108, 145-182. 1901. Cowles, HC The Influence of Underlying Rocks on the Character of the Vegetation. Bui. Am. Bur. Geog. 2: 1-26. 1901. Darwin, CR The Origin of Species.
Side 69 - Ephebic --• ^ Ephebolic. Gerontic ^Geratologic. 1 Phylogeny of the Pelecypoda: Mem. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Vol. IV. No. 8, 1890, p. 290 et seq. 'Hyatt, Biaplastology and the related branches of biologic research: Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. It has been shown by various investigators that in the prodissoconch stage of the oyster the umbones are directed posteriorly. At this early stage the young oyster has an anterior and...
Side 1 - ... mantle margin which have resulted in an unusually thick edge. The surprisingly complicated eyes and tactile organs of the thickened margin of the mantle require a distant withdrawal before the valves can be closed safely. According to Drew (1906, p. 12) : In specimens (of Placopecten...
Side 19 - ... laboratory. The rate at which feeding took place during the fourth hour is probably much nearer the rate at which it occurs with oysters living undisturbed on the beds. The work on the food resources of Newport River shows the average number of diatoms per liter (or about a quart) available to the oysters on the natural beds during the summers of 1900, 1901, and 1902 to be 23,432, and that the oysters of salable size examined during this time contained, on an average, 11,453 diatoms. If the usual...
Side 69 - A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Morphology of Lamellibranchiate Mollusks,
Side 18 - Represented as seen from the right side. Reconstructed to show internal organs. Fully grown specimens may be 6 cm. long. aa. Anterior adductor muscle. afm. Anterior foot muscles. bg. Byssal gland, eg. Cerebral ganglion. es.
Side 19 - ... averages calculated from the results of all the experiments. From these figures it appears that each oyster collected 385 diatoms during the first hour, 550 during the second, 1,406 during the third, and 4,301 during the fourth. This increasing rate of feeding is probably to be explained as due to gradual recovery on the part of the oysters from the shock of their unusual treatment in the laboratory. The rate at which feeding took place during the fourth hour is probably much nearer the rate...
Side 27 - ... further advancement. There is then no true climatic timber-line upon Ktaadn any more than upon the other mountains of Maine, Black Cap, Waldo, Desert, and others of far lower altitudes, and it is largely the element of time that retards the forestation of the very summit. (f). The Roches Moutonces Society. In the Northwest basin are two rock hills rising some 20-25 feet above the general level of the shelf. With their sloping sides and flat glaciated tops they present a plant society most unique....
Side 31 - Lobelia Dortmanni, Zizania sp., Nuphar odorata minor, and Nymphcca Kalmianum. These forms are never in enough abundance to be a potent factor in the life history of the pond. Chimney pond, on the other hand, has, as far as the writer was able to observe, no acquatics yet it is bordered by an interesting zone of amphibious forms. Among these may be noted Pellia epiphylla which covers all available space at the water's edge. Scirpus ccespitosus, Carex saxatilis, and Carex scabrata.

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