and all others invested with powers for that purpose, shall cause to be arrested and punished, conformably to the laws, all those who shall contravene the provisions of the present decree, which shall be printed in the bulletin of the laws, and with the execution of which the Ministers of Foreign Relations, and of the Marine, and of the Colonies, are charged.

For a true copy, as the President of the Executive

By the Executive Directory, as the Secretary General.

For a true copy.
The Minister of Exterior Relations

By the Minister. The Secretary General.
(L. s.]


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No. 241.


Department of Exterior Relations. LIBERTY.

EQUALITY. Copy of a Decree.--Extract from the Register of the Decrees of the Exe

cutive Directory, of the 29th Thermidor, 6th year of the French Republic, (16th August, 1798.)

The Eexecutive Directory considering, that notwithstanding the hostile manifestations of the government of the United States, which have occasioned a momentary embargo upon their vessels, it must be believed, that, unless abandoned to the passions of the British cabinet, that Government, faithful to the interests of the American nation, will take mea. sures conformable to the pacific dispositions of the French Republic, after it shall receive a confirmation of them ;

And wishing to pursue the friendly and fraternal habits of France towards a People whose liberty it defended; Decrees as follows:

Art. 1. The embargo laid upon the American vessels shall be imme. diately raised.

Art. 2. The Minister of Marine and of the Colonies is charged with the execution of the present decree, which shall not be printed. For a true copy: As President of the Executive Directory,

MERLIN, By the Executive Directory: As Secretary General,

J. M. REVEILLERE LEPEAUX. For a true copy : The Minister of Exterior Relations,


No. 242.


Decree of the Executive Directory, in Explanation of that of the 12th

Ventose, 5th year, 2d March, 1797. concerning the navigation of neutral vessels, of the 28th Ventose, 7th year, 18th March, 1799.

The Executive Directory, having examined its decree of the 12th Ventose, 5th year, (2nd March, 1797) concerning the navigation of neutral vessels loaded with merchandise belonging to the enemies of the Republic, and the judgment on the trials as to the validity of maritime prizes ; considering that the 4th article of that decree, in what relates to the roles d'equipages with which neutral vessels ought to be furnished, has had improper interpretations so far as concerns the roles d'equipages of American vessels, and that it is time to do away the obstacles resulting therefrom, to the navigation of the vessels of that nation :

After having heard the Minister of exterior relations, and the Min. ister of justice, declare that, by the fourth article of the said decrec, it was not understood that the navigation of American vessels, relatively to the form of their roles d'equipages, was subjected to other conditions, than those imposed on all neutrals by the 12th article of the ordinance of 1794, and by the 9th article of that of the 26th July, 1778.

The Ministers of the marine and of justice, each in what concerns him, are charged with the execution of the present decree, which shall be inserted in the bulletin of laws.

No. 243.

[TRANSLATION.) Decree of the Executive Directory as to those who compose the crews of

the vessels of the enemies of France, ( 8th Brumaire, 7th year, 29th October, 1799.)

The Executive Directory, on the report of the Minister of exterior relations, considering that the squadrons, privateers, and vessels of England and Russia, are in part manned by foreigners ; considering that this violation is a manifest abuse of the laws of nations, and that the Powers of Europe bave not taken any measures to stop it—decree :

Art 1. Every person, native (original) of friendly countries, allied to the French Republic, or neutral, holding a commission given by the enemies of France, or making part of the crews of the vessels of war, or other enemy vessels, shall, for that act alone, be declared a pirate, and treated as such, without being allowed in any case to allege that he was forced by violence, menace, or otherwise.

2. The Executive Directory of the Batavian, Ligurian, Cisalpine, and Roman Republics, shall be informed of this measure.

3. The provisions contained in the first article shall be notified to the powers neutral or allied to the French Republic.

No. 244.


Copy of a Decree of the Executive Directory, on the mode of executing

its Decree of the 8th Brumaire, 7th year, (29th October, 1799,) concerning those who compose the crew of enemy vessels. 24th Brumaire, year 7, (Nov. 14, 1799.)

Art. 1. In execution of the 3d article of the decree of the Executive Directory of the 8th of this month, the allied or neutral Powers shall be invited to take the necessary measures for recalling within a time, which shall be fixed, those mariners of their respective nations actually embarked on board the vessels of war, or other vessels, belonging to England.

2. The Ambassadors, Ministers, and Envoys of the Republic, near the respective Powers, shall receive particular instructions on this subject.

3. The period of the execution of the decree of the 8th Brumaire shall be determined by a subsequent decree.

4. The Minister of Exterior Relations shall be charged to make arrangements with the Minister of Marine and the Colonies for the execution of the present decree.

No. 245.

[TRANSLATION.] French Law, repealing the 1st article of that of 29th Nivose, 6th year,

January 18, 1798, relative to maritime cruising.

Art. 1. The 1st article of the law of the 29th Nivose, 6th year, 18th January, 1798, relative to maritime cruising, is repealed.

The Consuls of the Republic order, that the above law shall be published and executed, and that the seal of the Republic shall be affixed to it.

Done at the national palace of the Consuls of the Republic, the 23d Frimaire, 8th year, 13th December, 1800, of the Republic.


No. 246.


Decree of the Consuls of the Republic, which puts in force the Ordinance

of the 26th of July, 1778, concerning the navigation of neutral vessels, 29th Frimaire, 8th Year, 19th December, 1800.

The Consuls having examined the law of the 23d Frimaire, 8th year, December 13th, 1800, which repeals the first article of the law of the 25th Nirose, 6th year, January 14th, 1798 relative to maritime cruising; considering that the repeal of that law necessarily renews that state of the law antecedently existing:

That this, as fixed by the ordinance of the 26th July, 1778, is considered the most proper to conciliate the interests of the Republic with the rights of neutral Powers; wishing to prevent, on the part of French or neutral owners, (armateur,) errors, or interpretations, which shall counteract the views under which the law of the 29th Nivose, 6th year, 18th January, 1798, has been repealed-decree what follows:

Art. 1st. The regnlations preseribed by the ordinance of the 26th July, 1778, concerning the navigation of neutral vessels, shall be strictly observed by all those to whom they shall be applicable ; but, in case of a contravention on their part, they are to suffer the confiscations and condemnations, in damages, fixed on by the said ordinance and the laws.

2d. The Ministers of Justice, of the Marine, of Exterior Relations, and of the Finances, are charged, each one in what concerns him, with the execution of the present decree, which shall be inserted in the bulletin of the laws. The Consuls of the Republic,


No. 247.


Extract from the Register of Resolves of the Commission delegated by

the French Government to the Leeward Islands.

The Commission resolves, that the Captains of French national vessels and privateers are authorized to stop, and bring into the ports of the colony, American vessels bound to English ports, or coming from the said ports.

The vessels which are already taken, or shall be hereafter, shall remain in the ports of the colony until it shall be otherwise ordered. At the Cape, 7th Frimaire, (27th November, 1797,) in the fifth

year of the French Republic, one and indivisible. Signed on the records of the Process Verbal,

LE BLANC, President.

PASCAL, Secretary General.
A true copy
The Secretary General of the Commission,


No. 248.



DECREE. The Special Agents of the Executive Directory to the Windward Islands:

Considering that the ports of the Windward and Leeward Islands, as well as those of Demarara, Essequibo, and Berbice, delivered up to the English, occupied and defended by emigrants, are in a state of regular siege, and not entitled to the same advantages as the ports of the different English colonies, possessed by that Power before the war, or to other rights ;

Considering that it is against every principle to treat a horde of insurgents, destitute of country, without government, and without a flag, with the same respect as civilized nations preserve towards each other during a war;

Considering that, by the authentic acts wbich are in our possession, it is proved that the divers places of the colonies, delivered up to the English by the rebel Frenchmen and Batavians, no more belong to the British Government than la Vendee, in which the English ministry had, in like manner, mercenary troops under pay-some regimeots clad in the same uniform as those of England;

Considering that, in virtue of the second article of the treaty of alliance, concluded at Paris on the 6th of February, 1778, between the United States and France, the former Power engaged to defend the American possessions in case of war, and that the Government and the commerce of the United States have strangely abused the forbearance of the Republic of France, in turning to its injury the favors granted to them of trading in all the ports of the French colonies;

That, by permitting neutral vessels any longer to carry provisions of war and of subsistence to men, evidently in a state of rebellion,

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