The industry of the perfumer has in our day been advanced to a position which now makes it one of the first of the arts; indeed, we might almost say, one of the most useful. Perfumery has had to undergo many transformations and changes to free itself from the old beaten path of quackery

and charlatanism.

In the last century, the general abuse of paints of every kind, and perfumery of different varieties, often most injurious to health, gave birth to preventives, sometimes unnecessary and exaggerated. Since, however, the perfumer, discarding a multitude of absurd receipts, now asks from the

chemist combinations formed with a view

to hygienic considerations, and studies the

crude materials and co-ordinates them in a

rational manner, perfumery has at last taken

new forms in perfect harmony with good

taste and refinement.

The art of the perfumer, with the advances which it has recently made, and its present scientific character, is worthy of the consideration and support of rational people. Of the truth of this assertion I hope to give a proof in this work, and unless the desire

to be useful has made me the victim of a

strong delusion, I trust that this guide, which has been made as complete as possible, will advantageously direct the manufacture and contribute to the progress which skilful perfumers are daily making in that interesting branch of industry.


June 19, 1868.


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