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Kenilworth and Benning
District of Columbia Stadium-Hos.

Barney Circle
Pennsylvania and South Carolina.
4th and D
7th and D.
12th and Independence.
Federal Triangle.
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Mr. WHITENER. Mr. McCarter, we appreciate your formal statement. As I have indicated earlier, we are under an unexpected handicap here this morning of having an early convening of the House. I would imagine that it would be somewhat useless for us to undertake to start discussion of your exhibits or to go into any detailed discussion in such a limited amount of time. I was wondering if you would not agree with us, if my colleagues on the committee agree, that we probably should set up another day for hearing very soon. This will give us an opportunity to go over the material which you have sent to us, which we obviously have not been able to do so before, and have a more comprehensive discussion then than we could have here today.

Mr. McCARTER. Thank you. I would just like to point out one thing. I think these two maps taken from pages 60 and 61 of the complete traffic report are very interesting in two respects.

Figure 14-A shows the light patronage on the Columbia Heights line, and it shows very heavy patronage on G Street which was the cause of the extra buses that had to come down to the Southwest.

Figure M shows the distribution of patronage of the modified system and a better distribution of patronage on the lines.

Mr. WHITENER. Of course, you know that prior to your joining the Agency we had the larger plan submitted to us which encompassed the loop which you have discussed here today.

Mr. McCARTER. That is right.

Mr. WHITENER. But for matters of, shall we say, legislative tactics we decided at the time to not press that. I think it should be said in

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FIGURE 14-A: Flow Map of Authorized System 1980 24-Hour Rapid

Transit Volumes

fairness to your predecessors that it was their feeling at the time, and I think the feeling of the then subcommittee, that that was a desirable proposition when you take into account the total regional area. The change that we made in eliminating it when we went to the so-called core system rather than the regional system for the initial steps of construction, we made it at that time. I am sure these gentlemen who have just come on the subcommittee will learn that the loop was not put in the present subway plan for reason of our desire to get a core

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FIGURE 14-M: Flow Map of Modified System 1980 24-Hour Rapid

Transit Volumes.

system approved by the Congress. I suppose it would be fair to say we contemplated-ultimately that that would be done, to extend it beyond the core system.

Mr. McCARTER. Yes, Mr. Chairman, but if it is done now we save a lot of wasted junctions.

Mr. WHITENER. That is right. Also, if we follow your recommendation, we would eliminate a submarginal area that was in the original plan. That will make it possible for us to go to the Floor, if we go along with the proposal, and tell our colleagues that it is not just a new expenditure in total but there will be some reductions in expenditures that would help offset the additional cost.

Mr. McCARTER. That is right.

Mr. WHITENER. I am sorry we have to ask you to come back, but having worked with you since you came here, while I know you don't like to come up here, you are always willing to cooperate. We appreciate that.

I want to say to you that I think you are a very fortunate addition to the program. Your presence as Administrator has been very helpful in dealing with our colleagues in the Congress and the people in the community. I want to publicly say to you that I am grateful to you for the cooperation you have given to me as one Member of Congress and as Chairman of this committee. I have not always had my way. I don't know whether you have had yours or not. I think there have been some unfortunate developments, but be that as it may, we will have to now operate within the light of what has been done and do the best we can.

Do you, Mr. Gude, and you, Mr. Steiger, agree that we probably should have a little more time?

Mr. Gude. Could I ask just one question?
Mr. WHITENER. Surely.

Mr. GUDE. I want to second Mr. Whitener's remarks that I believe the whole nation is very fortunate that you have been here to guide this planning through these stages. What strikes me, just looking at these maps, is that the Independence Avenue line also coincides with probably the better part of the Freeway system which we have been able to develop. If we don't have this Independence line, this is going to mean more and more use of this Freeway system that comes in across the river and through the Independence Avenue area. Therefore, it just seems like real good planning to adopt this particular change.

Mr. McCARTER. As a matter of fact, Congressman Gude, the Southwest Area Committee had their own traffic study made relating to these problems, and they have determined that the Freeway exits and streets, and so forth, just will not handle the employees that they have to have in that area, with all these new buildings being built. So that they say it is a must that there be rapid transit in that area.

Mr. WHITENER. That probably would be true if they never increased the employment.

Mr. McCARTER. Yes; it is a problem now, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. STEIGER. What is your priority of construction?

Mr. McCARTER. In priority of construction we would implement first the B and O Railroad to Union Station to Judiciary Square on G Street, and at least as far as Dupont Circle. That would be the first area of construction, but we would get to work on the detailed engineering of the Southwest plan immediately so that it might even be able to be constructed very shortly after the G Street construction.

Mr. STEIGER. That reinforces your position as to the necessity for the change?

Mr. McCARTER. Yes.

Mr. STEIGER. I have been informed that there is going to be a change in the administration of this operation, that you have with you today some of the people that will be involved. I wonder, at least for my edification, if they could be introduced.

Mr. McCARTER. I would like to introduce Jack Graham, who is the General Manager of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, who will in effect succeed me. We are extremely fortunate. He is a construction man. I am an operator. So that from that standpoint it is a fortunate transition. I have agreed to come back from the Virgin Islands one week a month to be of any assistance I can.

Mr. STEIGER. Thank you.

Mr. WHITENER. Of course, those gentlemen will be back at our further hearing.

Mr. McCARTER, Yes, sir.
Mr. GUDE. I could say that that alone marks him as a dedicated


Mr. WHITENER. He got marked by that when he came here.

Thank you very much, Mr. McCarter. We will notify you and any other parties as to when we can meet again.

(Whereupon, at 10:56 a.m., the subcommittee adjourned.)

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