For Good Measure: The Making of Australia's Measurement System

Allen & Unwin, 2004 - 290 sider
A history of measurement standards in Australia, including the change to decimal currency in the 1970s

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Dr Jan Todd is an industrial and science historian. With degrees in science, social science and economic history, she has worked in industry, government and academia and maintained a continuing interest in the interaction between industrial development and scientific and technological change. For many years she has worked as a consultant researcher and writer, uncovering the stories of Australian companies and industries, while also publishing in the history of Australian science and technology. Her work?published in books, articles and reports?has ranged across such diverse fields as gold mining, microbiology, veterinary vaccines, brewing, office technology, the paint industry, the chemical industry and the dairy industry. She is a winner of the C.H. Currey Fellowship for the writing of Australian history from original sources, an Australian Research Council fellowship and a resident scholar grant from the Center for the History of Business, Technology and Society at America's Hagley

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