75th Congress, 2d and 3d Sessions

(November 15, 1937-June 16, 1938)


VOL. 1





NOTE.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in volume A of House private reports, except

ing part 1 of House reports 1446 and 1504 which were bound in volume 3 of House reports of 75th Congress-

1st session.

1446. Allocation of net revenues of Shoshone power plant. pt. 2.

1504. Completion, maintenance, and operation of Fort Peck project, Mont. pt. 2.

1641. Increasing efficiency of Coast Guard.

1645. Agricultural adjustment act of 1937.

1646. Method of computing annuities for retired employees of Canal Zone.

1647. Conveyance of land to Ketchikan, Alaska.

1648. Authority to mine tide lands of all shore waters of Alaska.

1649. Public utility districts in Alaska to incur bonded indebtedness.

1650. Prohibit making photographs of military and naval defensive equipment.

1653. Flowage easement on certain ceded Chippewa Indian lands.

1654. Retirement pay of officers, other than regular, disabled in World War.

1655. National housing act amendments.

1657. Bridge across Red River of the North at or near Nielsville, Minn.

1658. Bridge Red River of the North between Caledonia, N. Dak., and Shelly, Minn.

1659. Bridge Tennessee River between Colbert and Lauderdale counties, Ala.

1660. Exchange Coast Guard site at Miami Beach, Fla.

1662. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1939.

1664. Ratifying act of Hawaii extending time for issuance of revenue bonds.

1665. Hawaii to convey Maalaea Airport to Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.

1666. Treasury and Post Office departments appropriation bill, 1939.

1667. Disposition of records in Department of Navy.

1668. Disposition of records in Department of Agriculture.

1669. Disposition of records of Civil Service Commission.

1670. Disposition of records in Veterans' Administration.

1671. Disposition of records in Department of Interior.

1672. Disposition of records in Federal Housing Administration.

1673. Disposition of records in Department of Labor.

1674. Disposition of records in Department of Treasury.

1675. Disposition of records in Department of War.

1676. Disposition of records of Food Administration.

1677. Disposition of records in Department of Commerce.

1679. Ceremonies commemorating ratification of Constitution of United States.

1697. To dispose of surplus buffalo and elk of Wind Cave National Park herd.

1699. Navy Department and naval service appropriation bill, 1939.

1700. Acquisition of lands for Tahoe National Forest.

1701. Sale of lands to regents of Agricultural College of New Mexico.

1702. Sale of lands to regents of Agricultural College of New Mexico.

1703. Protection of sea wall at Galveston Harbor, Tex.*

1704. Sale of power developed on Uncompahgre Valley reclamation project, Colo.

1705. National housing act amendments.

1707. Appropriations for administration of sugar act of 1937, etc.

1708. Transfer to Sec. of Treasury site for quarantine station, Galveston, Tex.

1709. Amending act to provide for retirement of justices of Supreme Court.

1710. Survey for transmountain diversion of waters to aid Colorado.

1711. Residence requirements of judges not to apply to retired judges.

1721. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1939.

1722. Construction of bridges in Maryland by said State.

1723. Bridge over Mississippi River from Rock Island, Ill., to Davenport, Iowa.

1736. California Indians, jurisdictional act.

1737. Amending section 2 of act to incorporate Howard University.

1738. Senate amendments to sugar act of 1937 rel. to Senate investigations, etc.

1739. Disposition of records in Department of Justice.

1740. Disposition of records in Veterans' Administration.

1741. Disposition of records of Tariff Commission.

1742. Disposition of records in Department of Interior.

1743. Disposition of records in Department of Treasury.

1744. Disposition of records in Department of Agriculture.

1745. Validate naturalization certificates granted by district court, Hawaii.*

1746. Leasing lands for purpose of furthering use, etc., of grazing districts.

1747. Addition of lands to Shasta and Klamath national forests.

1748. Addition of lands to Modoc, Shasta, and Lassen national forests.

1750. Addition of lands to Plumas, Tahoe, and Lassen national forests.

1753. Invite International Seed Testing Assoc. to hold 9th congress in U. S.

1754. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1938.

1757. Grant pension to widows and dependent children of World War veterans.

1758. Compromising suits on contracts of insurance with World War veterans.

1759. Establishment of Coast Guard station near Panama City, Fla.

1760. Additional judge for eastern district of Louisiana.

1761. Compensation of deputy clerks and commissioners of District Courts.

1762. Penalties for stealing or injuring Government property.

1763. False impersonation of officers of Government-owned corporations.

1764. To create board of inspectors of hulls and boilers at Port Arthur, Tex.

1765. Compacts between certain States relative to Great Lakes fisheries.

1767. Agricultural adjustment act of 1938.

1768. Disposition of records of Department of War.

1769. Disposition of records in Department of Navy.

1770. Court of Claims to hear claims of Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indians.

1771. Payment of attorney fees by Indians on Quinaielt Reservation.

1772. Maintenance of capital of Commodity Credit Corporation at $100,000,000.

1773. To cancel R. F. C. relief obligations incurred at direction of Congress.

1774. Amendments to Federal Trade Commission act.

1795. Amend workmen's compensation act rel. to Congressmen's office employees.

1796. Tax exemption for Society of the Cincinnati in D. C.

1797. Limit duties of chief clerk and chief inspector of Health Dept. of D. C.

1798. Amending act for incorporation of Washington College of Law.

1800. Amending act rel. to naturalization of certain women born in Hawaii.

1803. Compensation of char people in Government service.

1804. Appropriations for control of outbreaks of insect pests, etc.

1805. Supplemental appropriations for relief and work relief, 1938.

1807. Interstate compact relating to waters of Red River of the North.

1808. Furnishing water supply for Arch Hurley Conservancy District.*

Corrected print.

1810. Amend act authorizing Federal participation in New York World's Fair.

1814. Relinquishing title to lands in favor of Jesse G. Whitfield or others.

1826. Restoring right of appeal to Supreme Court to Sioux Indians.

1827. Amending Wisconsin Chippewa jurisdictional act of Aug. 30, 1935.

1828. Reestablishing Regular Army Reserve. 2 pts.

1829. Permitting mailing of small samples of liquors.

1830. State, Justice, Commerce, and Labor departments appropriation bill, 1939.

1832. Extending lending authority of Disaster Loan Corporation.

1833. Amending section 75 of bankruptcy act relative to farmers.

1836. Amending act establishing Civilian Conservation Corps.

1850. Authorizing investigation of motor-vehicle distribution practices.

1851. Withdrawal of small tracts of public domain in Alaska for schools, etc.

1852. Sale of lands of Eastern band of Cherokee Indians.

1853. Louis Haag to operate vending stand in Washington Asylum and Jail.

1854. Establish small claims and conciliation branch in Municipal Court, D. C.

1855. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1939.

1856. Providing for commissioned strength of 14,659 for Regular Army.

1858. Making additional appropriation for relief and work relief, 1938.

1860. Revenue bill of 1938.

1862. Amending act to convey to Wilmington, N. C., marine hospital reservation.

1863. Use of part of reservation conveyed to New Hanover County, N. C.

1864. State courts to designate officers to hear naturalization petitions.**

1865. Quieting title and possession to certain islands in Tennessee River.

1866. Quieting title and possession to certain islands in Tennessee River.

1867. Quieting title and possession to certain island in Tennessee River.

1869. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1938.

1870. Preventing profiteering in time of war and to equalize burdens of war.

1872. Leasing Indian lands for mining purposes.

1874. Amend act rel. to winter range for animals of Yellowstone National Park.

1875. Protect telescope and scientific observations at Mt. Palomar, Calif.

1876. Providing for purchase of public lands for home and other sites.

1899. To establish composition of Navy, etc. 2 pts.

1900. Set apart public ground for Smithsonian Gallery of Art.

1901. Amend act to eliminate cultivation requirements on homestead entries.

1902. Amend act to eliminate cultivation requirements on homestead entries.

1903. Establishing Springfield-Greenville Memorial Commission.

1904. Erect Monument to Gen. Frederick Funston at New Carlisle, Ohio.

1905. Liberalize death benefit laws for widows, etc., of World War veterans.

1906. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1939.

1909. Acquisition of Triune Ranch, Nev., for Goshute and other Indians.

1912. Vancouver, Wash., to construct memorial on Vancouver Barracks reservation.

1913. Authorize acceptance of former residence of late Justice Oliver Holmes.

1914. To authorize appropriation for reconstruction at Fort Niagara, N. Y.

1915. Erection of memorial to Guglielmo Marconi in D. C.

1916. Removing restrictions as to use of Little Rock Confederate Cemetery.

1918. Acquire land and buildings for cemeterial purposes near Tennent, N. J.

1919. Appropriation for observance of anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg.

1920. Amending act relating to construction of public buildings.

1921. To withhold awarding of star-route contracts for period of 30 days.

1922. Payment to Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux Indians for lands.

1923. To dedicate April as Cancer-Control Month.

**2d corrected print.

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