This work being published by subscription, we have added a list of those subscribing, whose names were transmitted to us prior to its going to press, since which numerous others have been handed to the Agents, but not as yet transmitted to us, which precludes their appearing with the rest .

As we have among our Subscribers many celebrated names, either in connection with Rhode Island, or from other causes, we have, in order to add to the interest of the work, given a facsimile of their respective signatures.

The Author's acknowledgments are due to the many friends

who have aided him in the progress of the work, and more

particularly to David Melville, Esq., and B. B. Howland,

Esq.; also for information gleaned from the Notes of the late

Henry Bull, Esq., and Ross's " Historical Discourse"; also to

many other gentlemen, who have taken a lively interest in this enterprise.

Newport, B. L, 1853.

the Body with a Ramrod '. 120

Extract from the Will of Mrs. Sarah Reape 122

Literary and Philosophical Institution Established 123

Redwood Library Erected 125

Presentation of Books to Redwood Library, by the English King 125

Dr. E. W. Ohanning, on Redwood Library , 126

Bishop Atterbury's Character of Bishop Berkley 126

Interesting Letter of Bishop Berkley 127

Poem, by Bishop Berkley, " On the Prospect of Planting Arts and

Learning in America" 123

Bishop Berkley's Description of the Hanging Rocks, situated near

Sachusett Bay 129

Death of Bishop Berkley 130

Elegant Country and Town Residences 132

Description of the Splendid Mansion of Col. Godfrey Mai born, .. ib

Col. Malborn's Residence Destroyed by Fire, in 1766 133

Ancient Mode of Cooking Dunfish '. 134

First Fire Engine in Newport 135

Samuel Elam, Esq., of Vaucluse 136

On the Aristocratic Feelings of the Inhabitants of Newport 137

Sale, and Destruction of the " Endeavor," the Ship in which Capt.

Cooke circumnavigated the Globe.... 138

Cundall's Mills ib

Mr. Cundall Perishes in a Severe Snow Storm 139

Lawton's Valley 140

Count Seguin's Views on Seeing Newport ib

Count Seguin's Description of Miss Polly Leighton 141

Ball given to the Ladies of Newport, by the French Officers 142

Memoirs of the Ward Family 143

Richard Ward Elected Governor 144

Commencement of the Political Strife, between Samuel Ward and

Stephen Hopkins ib

Propositions for Peace, made by Mr. Hopkins 145

Monument to Richard Ward, Esq 147

A Packet-ship Captured by a Refugee-boat 148

Recapture of Packet-ship, by Capt. Nicholas Webster ib

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