Hearings and Report on Workmen's Compensation in the District of Columbia: 67th Congress, 68th Congress...1926


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Side 179 - ... without regard to fault as a cause thereof, except where the injury is occasioned by the willful intention of the injured employee to bring about the injury or death of himself or of another, or where the injury results solely from the intoxication of the injured employee while on duty...
Side 361 - That for the loss of both feet or both hands or both eyes, or for becoming totally blind or helpless and permanently bedridden from causes occurring in the line of duty in the service of the United States...
Side 347 - ... permanent total disability. In all other cases permanent total disability shall be determined in accordance with the facts.
Side 1 - The common law bases the employer's liability for injuries to the employee upon the ground of negligence; but negligence is merely the disregard of some duty imposed by law; and the nature and extent of the duty may be modified by legislation, with corresponding change in the test of negligence.
Side 178 - That in cases of death or of permanent total or permanent partial disability, if the monthly payment to the beneficiary is less than $5 a month, or if the beneficiary is or is about to become a nonresident of the United States, or if the...
Side 445 - It is therefore essential that our Government should scrupulously refrain from entering any of the fields of transportation, communication, industry and commerce, or any phase of business when It can be successfully undertaken and conducted by private enterprise. Any tendency of Government to enter such fields should be carefully weighed In the light of its possible effect upon the very genius of our institutions.
Side 175 - You may put it into the record. (The document referred to and submitted by the witness is here printed in full as follows...
Side 178 - The above percentages shall be paid if there is no widow, widower, child, or dependent parent. If there is a widow, widower, child, or dependent parent, there shall be paid so much of the above percentages as, when added to the total percentage payable to the widow, widower, children, and dependent parents, will not exceed a total of sixty-six and two-thirds per centum.
Side 17 - This is not taken from the fund at all, but it is appropriated from the general funds of the State. Mr. MONTAGUE. I judged that from what you said just now, because you said that the time had been when the investigation of claims had been hampered or interfered with because of the failure to appropriate. Of course, if the State does not appropriate, you can not work. Mr. DUFFY. Mr. Chairman, I do not want to take up any more time unless there are questions to ask, but in concluding I would say this:...
Side 496 - No compensation shall be payable while such refusal or obstruction continues, and the period of such refusal or obstruction shall be deducted from the period for which compensation is payable to him.

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