List and Catalogue of the Publications Issued by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1816-1902


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Side 11 - Volume of the Principal Documents Relating to the Survey of the Coast of the United States, from October, 1834, to November, 1835.
Side 92 - That the following regulations for preventing collisions shall be followed by all vessels navigating all harbors, rivers, and inland waters of the United States, except the Great Lakes and their connecting and tributary waters as far east as Montreal and the Red River of the North and rivers emptying into the Gulf of Mexico and their tributaries, and are hereby declared special rules duly made by local authority: SEC.
Side 61 - No. 8. Geographical Positions of Trigonometrical points in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, determined by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey between the years 1835 and 1885, including those determined by the Borden Survey .In the years 1832 to 1838, by Charles A.
Side 58 - A new reduction of La Caille's observations, made at the Cape of Good Hope and at Paris between 1749 and 1757, and given in his " Astronomise Fundamenta," together with a comparison of the results with the Bradley-Bessel "Fundamental" also a catalogue of the places of 150 stars south of declination —30°, for the epochs 1750 and 1830.
Side 11 - Hassler, as superintendent of the survey of the coast, upon the operations performed in that icor/c between the months of May and December, 1835; with an estimate of the appropriation required for the next year's work.
Side 113 - Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury in response to a Resolution of the House of Representatives concerning the Present Organization of the Coast and Geodetic Survey.
Side 159 - Determinations of gravity with the new half-second pendulums of the Coast and Geodetic Survey at stations on the Pacific coast in Alaska, and at the base stations, Washington, DC, and Hoboken, NJ By TC Mendenhull.
Side 80 - Determination of an azimuth from micrometric observations of a close circumpolar star near elongation, by means of a meridian or transit and equal altitude instrument, or by means of a theodolite with eye-piece micrometer.
Side 72 - Geographical positions of trigonometrical points in the States of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, determined by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey between the years 1835 and 1885, and including those determined by the Borden survey in the years 1832 to 1838.
Side 10 - Works , 14, octavo. executed for the survey of the coast of the United States, upon the law of 1832, and their junction with the works made in 1817 by and under the direction of FR Hassler.

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