Bulletin, Utgaver 177-205

The Station, 1906
No. 41 contains a complete list of bulletins issued to July 1892 with both volume and consecutive numbers.

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Side 322 - June 30, 1898 ; that we have found the same well kept, and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the treasurer of the United States are shown to have been...
Side 298 - Ohio, shall be liable for all loss or damage by fire originating upon the land belonging to such railroad company caused by operating such railroad. Such railroad company shall be further liable for all loss or damage by fires originating on lands adjacent to such railroad company's land caused in whole or in part by sparks from an engine passing over the line of such railroad...
Side 90 - ARSENITE OF SODA. Dissolve two pounds of commercial white arsenic and four pounds of carbonate of soda (washing soda) in two gallons of water and use one and one-half pint to a barrel of Bordeaux mixture (50 gallons). The easiest way to make the solution is to put both the white arsenic and carbonate of soda in a gallon of boiling water and keep boiling about fifteen minutes, or until a clear liquid is formed, and then dilute to two...
Side 180 - News, vol. ii, p. 436. Found the twelve-spotted species at Buffalo, New York, and at Ontario, Canada. 1900. Smith, JB— Ent. Cir. 18, New Jersey State Bd. Agr., p. 2.
Side 22 - With tireless industry do the Warblers befriend the human race; their unconscious zeal plays due part in the nice adjustment of Nature's forces, helping to bring about the balance of vegetable and insect life, without which agriculture would be in vain. They visit the orchard when the apple and pear, the peach, plum, and cherry, are in bloom, seeming to revel carelessly amid the sweet-scented and delicately-tinted blossoms, but never faltering in their good work.
Side 298 - The ears selected should be uniform in size, shape, color, indentation and size of kernel. Uniformity, or trueness to the type determined upon, is essential to progress in corn improvement. Uniformity of kernels is essential to machine planting. 5. Weight of Ear: To be determined by the use of scales after corn is thoroughly air dry.
Side 2 - ... to be dry and of the color which it usually has when ripe. Upon opening one of these abnormal pods, the mass of seeds was found to be fairly filled with active, footless, little yellow maggots, none of them more than 3.25mm long. When disturbed they wriggled from...
Side 81 - ... the report of the Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture for 190S.
Side 131 - So-called pure ash-free proteins are chemically inert, and, in the true sense of the word, dead bodies. What puts life into them is the presence of electrolytes.
Side 171 - Massachusetts till after the middle of June, as stated by Dr Packard. The eggs are probably laid on the developing fruit, as is recorded by Miss Ormerod of the related B. tomentosus. The following notes on its life history are based on records by Dr Fitch. The larvae are usually found lying on the inner side of the cup or cavity in the berry. When full grown they drop to the ground or fall with the fruit and transform to pale, dull, yellowish pupae under leaves or other rubbish, where they remain...

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