the lord prefident of his majesty's their dwellings, but a number of council, the duke of Leeds, the women with their children, through duke of Devonshire, the earl of fear, appeared half naked in the Cholmondeley (lord chamberlain), streets, expecting every moment and the earl of Jersey (matter of the that their houses would fall and horse to the prince of Wales), lord bury them in the rains. The scar. Thurlow, and the ladies of her tered limbs of the unfortunate vicroyal highness's bedehamber, were tims, who for the most part hare present. Her royal highness and left large families to lament their the young princeis were in perfect loss by this unforeseen event, were, health.

by order of the magißrates, collea14th.

Between eight and nine ed together and deposited in the

o'clock this day, the pow. church-yard. The loss of this vader mills belonging to Mr. Hill, Juable manufactory is estimated at at Hounslow, owing to the wheels near 20,000l. The thock was felt of the mill not being properly as far north of London as the extrefupplied with oil, took fire, and mities of Enfield parith, and South blew up with a dreadful explo- beyond Croydon. A similar dilfion, which not only terrified the after happened to the fame concera inhabitants of the place but alarm- about 20 years ago. ed the cities of London and West


Vienna. The princess roy. minster, and ihe houses of the peo- al of France, Maria Theple several mules round the metro- resa, arrived here on the 9th, a polis experienced the effects of its little after fix o'clock in the evenpowerful concussions three men ing, amidst the loudestacclamations who were at work in the manuface of crowds of people, who accomtory, have lost their lives, and the panied her carriage as far as the flames from the mili communica- Burg, where his Imperial majefty ting to a punt in the mill river, bad caused a refidence to be prein which were 30 barrels of gun. pared for her. Count Colloredo, powder, fet fire to the whole, and cabinet minister to the emperor, acblew up with a terrible explotion; companied her to the place of her the man who had the care of the refidence from Burkeridorff, whivefsel being thattered to pieces, and ther be went to welcome her, in the the boat being blown out of the name of his Imperial majesty, as water. Not a vettige of the mill foon as information of her arrival is left standing, and Hounslow heath was received. Prince Stahremberg, is covered with bricks and tiles, the principal lord of the bedchamand the mangled limb of the unfor- ber, on the roth, went to the retunate sufferers. The houses in fidence of the princess, and preHounslow, ltleworth, and even sented to prinee Gavre all the fuBrentford, have suffered confider- ture houtehold servants, &c. defably; the Crown Inn at Hount. tined for her use. The fiti who low, and the King's Head at Brent. received the French princess royal ford, have not a whole pane of of France in this capital, were the glais in the wivdows; and the inha- archdukes and archduchesses. The bitants were lo terrified near the emperor and empreis honoured her spot, that they not only forfouk with a visit toon after her arrival,

and and received her with open arms. puty chaplain's house, and found In her own place of residence the stripped from the flaff, under his princess wept molt bitterly. She son's bed, a young man of 15, at has fince paid a visit to the arch- present a pupil in a public school. duchess Christine, who is indir

Porijmouth. In confe

2oth. posed. A grand and brilliant court

quence of a dreadful gale of day is expected to-morrow, which wind, a great number of hips at will be the first day on which her Spithead were this day obliged Imperial majesty will make her to cut their cables, and run for the public appearence after her lying- barbour, several of which got foul in. It is expected also that the of each other. Signals of distrels French princess royal will be intro- were seen flying on board many duced, with proper ceremony to the veilėls, but the weather was so exhigher class of the nobility and fo. tremely bad as to prevent any boats reign ambafadors. Countess Chan- going to their atlifiance. A man of clos, formerly governess to the arch- war's boat was driven out of the harduchess Elizabeth, first confort of bour with the tide this afternoon, and the emperor, has been appointed to overset near South-Sea Beach ; the the same dignity with the French whole of the crew got safe on shore princess royal. Prince Gavre is ap- except one man, who was unfortupointed governor to her royal high- nately drowned. The tide was many nels

. The only article preserved feet higher this day than has been by the French princess, from the known for upwards of 30 years; seeffe&ts which were put into her veral houses on the point having carriage at Paris, is said to be a been washed down, and a number small parcel, which belides a small of people removed their goods up quantity of linen, contained three into the town; for if the wind miniature pictures, and some hair of bad not abated, the tide would her father, mother, and the princ. have been full as high in the mornia cess Elizabeth her aunt; alto a pair ing, and many more houlez conof garters kuit by her late unfortu- fequently damaged. nate mother, out of the threads of

Edinburgh. On the 21st an old piece of tapestry which the 24th. init. his royal highness the found in her prison.

duke d'Angouleme eldest fon to 18th,

When the royal standard Monsieur, arrived at the Abbey

was flying at the Tower, being of Holyrood-boufe. His royal highthe queen's birth-day, a tricoloured ness is to be accommodated in the Glk flag, three yards wide and of apartments of the earl of Bredallength in proportion, was hoisted bane there, until such time as the over the rampart on a staff of seven royal apartments can be put in feet long, and continued hoisted for proper repair to receive their roy?! three hours before it was discovered highnesses; and his royal highness in the garrison. On the discovery, the duke d'Angouleme proposes to the major of the Tower, colonel see company for the present in the Smith, went himself to strike it, apartments of monsieur on Monwhen making into a wrong part, it days and Thursdays at noon. disappeared before he reached the

Edinburgh. The weather, spot, but was traced into the de


for three days pait, bas been B2


very tempestuous. On Saturday af- already brought, that one day laft ternoon it blew a perfect hurricane week information was conveyed from the S. W. In the new town, from Dover to London in the space and other exposed situations, many of only seven minutes. The plan persons were carried off their proposed to be adopted in respect feet, and thrown down; several io telegraphs is yet only carried carriages were overturned, and in into effect between London and some houles the windows were Dover ; but it is intended to extend broken and forced in. The fireets all over the kingdom. The impor. were firewed with chimney pans, tance of this speedy communicaby the falling of which several per- tion must be evident to every one; tons were hurt, though we have and it has this advantage, that the not heard of any being dangeroully information conveyed is known do. On Sunday morning the liorm only to the person who iends, and was equally violent. The gale was to him who receives it. The interfroni a quarter that is feldom dan-mediate posts have only to answer gerous on this coatt; but, if it was and convey the signals. equally violent on the West coast, Earl Cholniondeley has inthe consequences are to be feared.


formed the city remem. 26th.

Glasgow. By a sudden in. brancer, that his royal higliness,

undation yesterday at Gree- from being under the necetlity of nock and Port Glasgow, the tobac- dilmisting his establishment, is upco-cellars at the latter place were able to receive their congratulalaid under water from lix to pine tory compliments in a manner suitinches on the tloors, by which means able to his rank and with that rea good deal of tobacco is injured, spect which is due to the city of but to what amount we cannot lay. London; and that the prince exThe lots on lugar at Greenock will pretles much regret in not having be very great, probably not less it in his power to thew a proper than 30,000l. In fome of the regard for the good wishes of the cellars on the Welt Quay, the water city of London towards himself and was up from eighteen to twenty the princets. inches on the lower tier of sugar. This morning about 10, Michael The storm was also leverely felt Blanch, a Spaniard, James Colley, here; a stack of chironies was an American, and Francis Cole, a blown down in the High-lireet, and Black, who were found guilty at several trees in the neighbourhood the late admiralty seilions, of the have been torn up by the roots. wilful murder of William Little, 28th.

A telegraph was this day the master and commander of an

erected over the admiralty, American vessel, were brought out which is to be the point of com- of Newgate, and placed in a cart, munication with all the different and conveyed to Execution Dock, lea-ports in the kingdom. The where they were executed according nearest telegraph to London has to their tentence. lu the afternoon bitherto been in St. George's Fields; the three bodies were brought back and to such perfection has this in- to surgeons' ball, there to be dirgenious and useful contrivance been setted pursuant to the fentence of


the court of admiralty. Had it into lady Harrington's lap. A de. been a case of piracy, they would position on the above business was have been hung in chains.

taken at the duke of Portland's ofDIED.-In Portúgal, Dr. Lore. fice, before the secretary of fate ira, author of the « Flora Cochi- and two of the magistrates froin nenfis." This celebrated botanist Bow-street; when fome of the devoted 30 years of close applica- footmen attending on the royal tion to the composition of this family were examined. A reward work. Sir Joseph Banks invited of 1000l. is offered for the discovehim to this country, for the pur- ry of the offenders. pose of publithing it here; but

This day came on in the

18th, advanced age prevented him from court of king's bench, the accepting the invitation.

caufe of Jeffreys versus Mr. Wal. 20. At Lancaster, in an advan- ker and others, commissioners apced period of life, Mr. Alexander pointed for liquidating the prince Stevens, archited; who in the of Wales's debts, for the lum of course of the last forty years, erect. 54,68;1. for jewels furnished by ed more stone bridges, and other the plaintiff for his royal highness. buildings in water, than any man Melirs. Sharp, Elias, Levi, and in these kingdoms. Among the Dugden, eminent diamond-mermany works of that kind may be chants, were called on the part of mentioned the bridge over the Lif the plaintiff, who proved the vafey at Dublin, and the locks and lue of the articles to be, unset, docks on the grand canal of Ire- 50,9771. 10s. ; while Meffrs. Crisp, land. The north of England and Duval, and Francillon, on the Scotland exhibits nuniberless works part of the defendants, gave it as of his execution. The aqueduct their opinion, that, having examiover the river Lune, at Lancatter, ned the jewels, they were not is one of the greatest undertakings worth more than 43,800l. excluhe was ever concerned in; and, had five of the setting of a miniature he lived a few months longer, he pi&ture of her highness. The juwould have had the satisfaction of ry, after a quarter of an hour's seeing it completed.

confideration, found a verdi& for the plaintiff, 50,997). 1os

Richard England was put

19th. FEBRU A R Y.

to the bar at the old Bailey,

charged with the wilful murder of ift.

This night, after eleven Mr. Rowlls, brewer, of Kingston, o'clock, as the royal family in a duel at Cranford-bridge, June were returning from Drury-lane 18, 1794. Lord Derby, the fira theatre, when the carriages had witneis, gave in evidence, that he reached the end of John-Itreet, was preient at Afcot races; when Pall Mall, a stone was flung with in the stand upon the race-course such force as to break one of the he heard Mr. England cautioning glass pannels in the coach, in the gentleman present not to bet which were their majelties and the with the deceased, as he neither Jady in waiting; whích, after stri- paid what he loft or what he borking the queen on the cheek, fell Towed; on which Mr. Rowlls

went increalid

B 3

went up to him, called him raf- dious to avoid them. He had been cal or scoundrel, and offered to friendly to Englishmen whilâ a. ftrike him ; when England bid him broad, and had rendered some ler1tand off, or he would be obliged vices to the military at the hege of to kvock him do:n, saying at the Newport. Mr.justice Rooke lumfame time, “We have interrupted med up the evidence, after which the company sufficiently here, and the jury retired for about three if you bave any thing further to quarters of an hour, when they resay to me, you know where I am turned a verdict, guilty of manto be found.” A farther alterca: Naughter. The prisoner having tion erlsued; but liis lordship, be. fled from the laws of his country ing at the other end of the stand, for twelve years, the court was dildid not diftin&ly hear it, and then posed to thew no lenity. He was the parties retired.

therefore fentenced to pay a fine Lord Dartry now lord Cremorne, of one shilling, and to be imprisoand his lady, with a gentleman, ned in Newgate twelve months. were at the ion at the time the duel


In the king's bench, came was fought: they, went into the on the trial of Kyd Wake, garden, and endeavoured to pre- indided for a misdemeanour in vent the duel; there were several hissing and hooting the king as his other persons collected in the gar- majelty was going to the parlia. den. Mr. Rowlls desired his lord. ment-house, on the first day of the thip and others not to interfere ; present seslions, and likewise cryand on a second attempt of his lorde ing, “ down with George, no 1hip to make peace, Mr. Rowlls war," &c. Mr. Stockdale, the faid, if they did not retire, he must, bookseller, and Mr. Walford, the though reluctantly, call them im- linen draper, who acted as conttapertinent. Mr. England, at the bles on the day, were examined, fame time, stepped forward, and and fully proved the facts charged took off his hat: he said, “gentle, in the indictment; upon which men, I have been cruelly treated, I the jury without hesitation, found have been injured in my honour a verdict, guilty. A great numand chara&er ; let there be repara- ber of persons attended on the part tion made, and I am ready to have of the prisoner ; but as they could done this moment." Lady Dartry only speak to his general characretired, his lord thip stood in the ter, and not to the case in point, bower of the garden, until he saw Mr. Erskine, the prisoner's counMr. Rowlls fall. One or two wit- fel, declined calling upon them, nefles were called, who proved no- reserving their teltimony to be thing material. A paper contain: offered in mirigation of punithing the prisoner's defence being ment, on the first day of next read, the earl of Derby, marquis term, when the prisoner will be of Hertford, Mr. Whitebread, jun. brought up to the court of king's col. Bifhopp, and other gentlemen, bench to receive judgment. were called to his character. They Hull. After the family were

2u1t. all Ipoke of him as a man of decent gone to bed, a very alarmgenilemanly deportment, who, in- ing fire broke out in the babiitead of leeking quarrels, was itu. table part of Wressle Cattle, which

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