An Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions

J. & J. March ... and sold by J. Johnson and B. Davenport, 1767 - 218 sider

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Side 188 - JJ/xJV; hence, The sum of the logarithms of any two numbers is equal to the logarithm of their product. Therefore, the addition of logarithms corresponds to the multiplication of their numbers.
Side 199 - ... to the greater, which is impossible : therefore .Fis not the center of the circle ABC. In the same manner it may be shewn, that no other point which is not in CA, is the center ; that is, the center of the circle is in CA.
Side 215 - Tranflated from the Author's Latin Original, not yet made public. To which is fubjoined, a Perpetual Comment upon the whole Work. By JOHN COLSON, MA and FRS Quarto.
Side 214 - the Operations, with fome of the Ufes and Applications of that admirable Method : According to the Scheme prefixed to his Traft of Quadratures, by ( its firft Inventor ) the incomparable Sir Ijaac Newton.
Side 153 - Since the fluxion of the logarithm of any quantity is equal to the fluxion of that quantity divided by the...
Side 5 - However, as the point b is continually nearer to a coincidence with the Tangent...
Side 200 - Now, it is evident, that, at the point of Inflection, the Radius of Curvature muft be Infinité; or, that, on one fide of...
Side 217 - DOCTRINE of FLUXIONS ; not only explaining the Elements thereof, but alfo its Application and Ufe in the feveral Parts of Mathematics and Natural Philofophy.
Side 132 - For then we ihall have as many points in the Evolute; through which, if a Curve line be drawn, it will be. the Evolute fought.

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