A Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Matches, Gun Cotton, Colored Fires and Fulminating Powders

H. C. Baird, 1864 - 336 sider

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Side 316 - It may be placed in store, and preserved with great safety. The danger from explosion does not arise until it is confined. It may become damp and even perfectly wet without injury, and may be dried by mere exposure to the air. This is of great value in ships of war, and in case of danger from fire, the magazine may be submerged without injury.
Side 348 - RAILWAYS : Their Location, Construction, and Management ; with General Plans and Rules for their Organization and Operation ; together with Examinations as to their Comparative Advantages over the Omnibus System, and Inquiries as to their Value for Investment ; including Copies of Municipal Ordinances relating thereto. By ALEXANDER EASTON, CE Illustrated by...
Side 348 - THE INTERIOR DECORATOR : The Laws of Harmonious Coloring adapted to Interior Decorations : with a Practical Treatise on House-Painting. By D. R.
Side 312 - ... of a second, or to instantaneity. The instantaneous explosion of a large quantity of gun-cotton is made use of when it is required to produce destructive effects on the surrounding material. The slow combustion is made use of when it is required to produce manageable power, as in the case of gunnery.
Side 340 - NICHOLSON.— A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding: Containing full instructions in the different Branches of Forwarding, Gilding, and Finishing. Also, the Art of Marbling Book-edges and Paper. By JAMES B. NICHOLSON. Illustrated.
Side 350 - Assayer's Guide; Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners and Smelters, for the Tests and Assays, by Heat and by Wet Processes, of the Ores of all the principal Metals, and of Gold and Silver Coins and Alloys. By Oscar M. Lieber, late Geologist to the State of Mississippi. 12mo. With illustrations $1.25 " Among the Indispensable works for this purpose, is this little guide."— Artizan.
Side 311 - The waste in gunpowder is 68 per cent, of its own weight, and only 32 per cent, ia useful. This 68 per cent is not only waste in itself, but it wastes the power of the remaining 32 per cent. It wastes it mechanically, by using up a large portion of the mechanical force of the useful gases. The waste of gunpowder issues from the gan with much higher velocity than the projectile; and if it be remembered that in 100 Ib.
Side 316 - The gun-cotton circular web is inclosed in close tubes of India-rubber cloth, to form a match line, in which form it is most convenient, and travels with speed and certainty. In large quantities, for the explosion of mines, it is used in the form of rope, and in this form it is conveniently coiled in casks and stowed in boxes. As regards...
Side 349 - Inventor's Guide — Patent Office and Patent Laws : Or, a Guide to Inventors, and a Book of Reference for Judges, Lawyers, Magistrates, and others. By JG Moore. 12mo., cloth $1.00 * Jervis. Railway Property. A Treatise ON THE CONSTRUCTION AND MANAGEMENT OF RAILWAYS ; designed to afford useful knowledge, in the popular style, to the holders of this class of property ; as well as Railway Managers, Officers and Agents.

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