The Gunpowder-treason: With a Discourse of the Manner of Its Discovery; and a Perfect Relation of the Proceedings Against Those Horrid Conspirators; Wherein is Contained Their Examinations, Tryals, and Condemnations: Likewise King James's Speech to Both Houses of Parliament, on that Occasion; Now Re-printed. A Preface Touching that Horrid Conspiracy, by the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas Lord Bishop of Lincoln. And by the Way of Appendix, Several Papers Or Letters of Sir Everard Digby, Chiefly Relating to the Gunpowder-Plot, Never Before Printed

Tho. Newcomb, and H. Hills, and are to be sold by Walter Kettilby, at the Bishops Head in St. Pauls Churchyard, 1679 - 321 sider

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Side 175 - Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.
Side 121 - ... benefit of the common air. For which cause also he shall be strangled, being hanged up by the neck between heaven and earth, as deemed unworthy of both, or either • as likewise, that the eyes of men may behold, and their hearts contemn him.
Side 9 - ... excuse: for being here come, to thank God for a divine work of his mercy, how can I speak of this deliverance of us from so hellish a practice, so well as in language of divinity, which is the direct opposite to so damnable an intention ? And therefore may I justly end this purpose, as I did begin it with this sentence, ' The mercy of God is above all his works.
Side 17 - NOF yet is it, on the other side, a convenient place for private men, under the colour of general laws, to propose nothing, but their own particular gain, either to the hurt of their private neighbours, or to the hurt of the whole state in general...
Side 60 - So, as we stood close together, Mr. Catesby, Mr Percy, and myself, they two were shot, as far as I could guess, with one bullet, and then the company entered upon me, hurt me in the belly with a pike, and gave me other wounds, until one came behind, and caught hold of both my arms.
Side 18 - ... ordained, as I have often said. And as you are to give your advice in such things as shall by your king be proposed : so is it on your part your duties to propose any thing that you can, after mature deliberation, judge to be needful, either for these ends already spoken of, or otherwise, for the discovery of any latent evil in the kingdom, which, peradventure, may not have come to the king's ear.
Side 239 - Now for my intention, let me tell you, that if I had thought there had been the least sin in the plot, I would not have been of it for all the world; and no other cause drew me to hazard my fortune and life, but zeal to God's religion.
Side 89 - For the highest treason that they could imagine, they called it crimen lessee majestatis, the violating of the majesty of the prince. But this treason doth want an apt name, as tending, not only to the hurt, but to the death of the king: and not the death of the king only, but of his whole kingdom,— non regis, sed regni, that is, to the destruction and dissolution of the frame and fabric of this ancient, famous, and ever-flourishing monarchy, even the deletion of our whole name and nation.
Side 41 - Thomas Percy, .Robert Catesby, Thomas Winter, John Wright, and myself, and, soon after, we took another unto us, Christopher Wright, having sworn him also, and taken the sacrament for secrecy. When we came to the very foundation of the wall of the house, which was about three yards thick, and found it a matter of great difficulty, we took unto us another gentleman, Robert Winter, in like manner, with the oath and sacrament as aforesaid.
Side 14 - Commiffioners,that they have not agreed nor concluded therein any thing, wherein they have not forefeen as well the Weal and Commodity of the one Countrey, as of the other ^ So can they all bear me record, that I was...

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