Memorials of a Tour in Some Parts of Greece: Chiefly Poetical


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Side 28 - There is sweet music here that softer falls Than petals from blown roses on the grass, Or night-dews on still waters between walls Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass ; Music that gentlier on the spirit lies Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes ; Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies.
Side 6 - Be Yarrow stream unseen, unknown, It must, or we shall rue it, We have a vision of our own, Ah ! why should we undo it ? The treasured dreams of times long past, We'll keep them, ' winsome Marrow,' For when we're there, although 'tis fair, 'Twill be another Yarrow.
Side 137 - GREEK RELIGION. COULD we, though but for an hour, burst through those gates adamantine, Which, as the children of men pass onward in swift generation, Time's dark cavern along, are heavily closing behind them ! Could we but breathe the delight of the time when, fresh in his boyhood, Out of his own exuberant life, Man gave unto Nature, And new senses awoke, through every nerve of creation ! Waves of the old...
Side 142 - ... with a curious pleasure. Thou art become, oh Echo ! a voice, an inanimate image ; Where is the palest of maids, dark-tressed, dark-wreathed with ivy, Who with her lips half-opened, and gazes of beautiful wonder, Quickly repeated the words that burst on her lonely recesses, Low in a love-lorn tone, too deep-distracted to answer ? What must have been thy Nature, oh Greece! when marvellous-lovely As it is now, it is only the tomb of an ancient existence ? MARATHON.
Side 18 - Till high intelligences glisten In their intense Egyptian eyes, — So I began, in that light breeze, Glancing along those noted seas, To trace a harmony distinct, A meaning in each change of tone, And sound to sound more strangely linkt, Than in my awe I dared to own : — But when in clearer unison That marvellous concord still went on, And, gently as a blossom grows, A frame of syllables uprose, With a delight akin to fear My heart beat fast and strong, to hear Two murmurs beautifully blent, As...
Side 10 - Not only with her antique properties, But with all other gifts and privilege, Within the circle of his regal hand. Now forward, — forward on a beaming path, But be each step as fair as hope has feigned it, For me, the memory of the little while, That here I rested happily, within The close-drawn pale of English sympathies, Will bear the fruit of many an after-thought, Bright in the dubious track of after-years. A DREAM OF SAPPHO. THE range of rocks which forms the
Side 104 - Verran le madri ai parvoli le belle Orme del vostro sangue. Ecco io mi prostro, O benedetti, al suolo, E bacio questi sassi e queste zolle, Che fien lodate e chiare eternamente Dall' uno all

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