Mathematical Questions and Solutions, from the "Educational Times": With Many Papers and Solutions in Addition to Those Published in the "Educational Times", Volum 29

W. J. C. Miller
Hodgson, 1878

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Side 58 - Between 1° and 2". Between 2° and 3°. Between 3° and 4°. Between 4° and S°_ More than 5°..
Side 66 - The chief use of the method, as far as I have yet carried it, is to determine the new limits of integration when we change the order of integration or the variables in a multiple integral, and also to determine the limits of integration in questions relating to probability.
Side 80 - Again, the well-known result that the feet of the perpendiculars on the sides of a triangle from any point on the circumscribing circle are cottinear follows from example 7, p.
Side 106 - ... 32.2 Use a fine needle point to make a pin prick about 0.005 in. (0.13 mm) in diameter at about the center of each of the marks in 32.1. 32.3 Mount the specimen flat with the apparatus of 30.2 and obtain distance measurements with the apparatus of 30.
Side x - Find the centre of a circle cutting off three equal chords from the sides of a triangle. 6. The triangle whose vertices are the three points of contact of the inscribed circle with the sides of a triangle, is always acuteangled.
Side 34 - The enunciation of a Theorem consists of two parts, — the hypothesis, or that which is assumed, and the conclusion, or that which is asserted to follow therefrom. Thus in the typical Theorem, If A is B, then C is D, (i), the hypothesis is that A is B, and the conclusion, that C is D. From this Theorem it necessarily follows that : If C is not D, then A is not B, (ii).
Side 21 - The highest point of the wheel of a carriage, rolling on a horizontal road, moves twice as fast as each of two points in the rim, whose distance from the ground is half the radius of the wheel.

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