The Qualitative Analysis of Medicinal Preparations

John Wiley & sons, Incorporated, 1912 - 132 pagina's

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Pagina 77 - ... actively metabolic cells, probably contain cysteine in place of cystine in the molecule and, as we have already noticed elsewhere, this difference may be of great importance in cell life (see Heffter and Arnold). If a protein which contains cysteine is dissolved in water and 2-4 drops of a fresh 4-5 per cent, solution of sodium nitroprusside and then a few drops of ammonia are added, an intense purple-red color appears at once. The color disappears on the addition of acetic acid. This reaction,...
Pagina 66 - Pure strophanthin gives a green color with sulphuric acid, rapidly changing to greenish-yellow and brownish-green, and in an hour or two becoming dirty brown without any green...
Pagina 78 - As explained in the introduction, the second portion of this work describes the methods to be employed in manipulating the various classes of medicinal products in order to effect a separation of their constituents according to the preceding scheme.
Pagina 75 - It also contains an acid aromatic oily liquid chiefly benzyl benzoate, with a little benzyl cinnamate, about 20 per cent.
Pagina 14 - Treat a portion of the sublimate with water, pour into an evaporating dish, and add a drop of ferric chloride solution; a purple color indicates presence of salicylic acid.

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