Suspend the enforcernect of Judgments, perfeet service against Exp. Co's., regulate Court costa.

(No. 224.) An Act to suspend the enforcement of Judgments in cases of Forcible En

try and Detainer for ten days, to gire parties dissatisfied with the sume, time to moke out their writs of certiorari.

5. Sec. I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Geor

gia, That in all cases of Forcible Entry and Detainer, the enforceTen days a!. ment of the Judgment shall be suspended for ten days, to allow

the party dissatisfied with the same, time to make out his writ of
Certiorari; Provided, that the party conplaining of said de cision
shall, at the time it is made, give the opposite party written notice
of his intention to take said case to the Superior Court.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 12th March, 1866.


this State.

(No. 225.) An Act to perfect service against Express Companies. 6. Sec. I. Be it enacted, That from and after the passage of this

Act, service may be perfected in any suit at law or proceeding in When chief equity upon any Express Company, whose chief officer does not adite reside in reside within the State, by leaving the bill, subpæna, writ, attach

ment or other original process necessary to commence the same at any of the offices of any Express Company doing business in this State, or by serving the same upon any agent of said Company within this State, and that judgment or decrees obtained in cases so commenced shall bind the property of said defendant as fully as though service had been effected on the President or other chief officer.

7. Sec. II. That when the chief officer of auy Express Company

shall reside in this Statė, it shall be the duty of such Company to post in a public and conspicuous place, 'at each office where it transacts business, the name of its President or other chief officer, on whom service can be perfected in this State, otherwise, service made as provided for in the first Section of this Act, shall be deemed sufficient and proper service.

Sec. III. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 23rd February, 1866.

When chief officer resides in this State,

(No. 226.)

An Act to regulate Court cost in certain cases. 8. Sec. I. The General Assembly do enact, That from and after

the passage of this Act, the amount of all revenue stamps used ded in costs. upon affidavits, declarations, bills, judgments, executions, letters of

administration, and any other writ, process, order or decree, issued


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To relieve certain persons from Jury duty. Land.
by any Court of this State, upon which a revenue stamp has to be
used, shall be taxed in the bill of cost against the defendant in
all cases in which the defendant is cast in the suit, and in the grant-
ing of letters of administration, letters testamentary, &c., to be
taxed against the parties for whom the same are used.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 6th March, 1866.

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(No. 227.) An Act to relieve certain persons in this State from Jury duty. 9. Sec. I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State or Georgia, That from and after the passage of this Act, all citizens of this stage above the age of sixty years are hereby exempt from aborrecer service on any Juries of the several Courts in this State.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 20th February, 1866.


cxempt from jury dus ty.



Sec- 1. Time extended for granting land on/Sec. 2. Grants flice be issued to Surveys now


(No. 228.)

An Act to extend the time in relation to issuing grants on head rights, so as to extend the time for granting the same until the 25th day of December, 1868, and to authorize the Secretary of State to issue grants to all surveys now in office.

1. Sec. I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, That the time for granting lands surveyed on head rights be extended to the 25th day of December, 1868.

2. Sec. II. That the Secretary of State be authorized to issue Certain grants to all surveys now in office that have not been granted.

Sec. III. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 21st February, 1866.

Time extend ed.

grants to be issued.

Relief of maimed indigent soldiers and officers.



Sec. 1. Governor to advertise for proposals to Sec. 3. Comptroller to keep book of registry. furnish artificial arms und legs.

Orders to applicants. Contracts to be made. Maimed 4: Receipt of applicant. A ffidavit of soldiers to apply to Ordinary. Sur.

manufacturer. Order on Treasurer. geovs to be appointed to examine 5. Penalty for fraudulent use of papers.

patents and report.
2. Description to insure identity of appli-

cant. Duty of Ordinary

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(No. 229.)

Governor authorized to advertize:

to whoin.

An Act for the relief of ma med indigent soldiers and officers, citizens of

this Štate, who belonged to military organizations of this Siate in the State or Confederate States armies.

1. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, That the Governor be authorized and required to cause an advertisement to be inserted for sixty days in one newspaper publish

ed in Augusta, one in Macon, for proposals to furnish artificial Competition arms and legs for disabled soldiers, inviting competitors to bring

to Milledgeville samples, and prices at which they will be delivered at some central point in Georgia, to be named by the bidder, where the same will be, by said bidder fitted to the disabled limb ; when said bids bave been received and opened at the end of sixty days, the Governor shall give the contract to the lowest bidder,

taking always into consideration in the determination of said bids Ontr'et giver as well quality as price, and after notifying the person selected, it

shall be the duty of the Governor to make a contract with the bidder to supply all limbs applied for within twelve months, upon the terms and conditions of this Act. That whenever any maimed indigent soldier or officer, who has become so maimed in the ser

vice of the State or in the service of the Confederate States, while deri me doldier a member of any Georgia military organization, it shall be lawful -apply „to for such soldier or officer to apply to the Ordinary of the county

where he resides for an order to obtain such artificial limb or part thereof as his maimed condition may render necessary, which he shall be entitled to receive on complying with the conditions of this Act. That the Governor be requested to appoint a com

. make report. mittee of scientific surgeons, who shall examine and report to him

upon the various patents, the value and worth of such limbs.

2. SEC. II. That every such application shall contain a personal description of the applicant, designating his age, color of his hair and eyes, his height, and any other distinguishing mark calculated to insure his identity, also the Company and Regiment to which he belonged, the place and time of receiving his wound, and

Maimed offi



Surgeon to

Description to insure identity of applicant.





Relief of maimed indigent soldiers and officers. his present business or employment, which statement shall be sworn to by the applicant, and the facts verified by some citizen of the county known to the Ordinary, all of which shall be kept by the Ordinary as an office paper, and a copy of the same transmitted to the Comptroller General, accompanied with the certifi-Duty of Or ] cate of the Ordinary, that he believes the statement to be entitled to credit, which application and certificate shall be filed in the office of the Comptroller General.

3. Sec. III., l'hat the Comptroller shall keep a book in which Duty of shall be registered the name of each applicant, and a synopsis of the facts contained in the application, and shall forward to the Ordinary an order on the person who may take the contract herein provided for, for such limb or limbs as the applicant may have lost, in which order, the person of the applicant shall be described. delivered to This order shall be transferred by the Ordinary iu writing, and delivered personally to the applicant.

4. Sec. IV. When the applicant shall present the order and receive the limb from the makers or their agent, he shall give therefor a receipt written on the back of the order, and say that the picale to be limb or limbs suit his condition and are satisfactory, which paper Eomptroller. shall be returned to the Comptroller, and be by him examined and audited, and if accompanied with an affidavit by the manufactu- Affidavit of rer or his agent, made before some oflicer of this State authorized rer. to administer oaths, that he has in good faith delivered a limb or limbs to the applicant in accordance with said receipt, that the same was of the quality contracted for, and that the person receipting identified himself as the person entitled under the order of the Comptroller General to receive the same; the said receipt Receipt order shall become an order on the 'Treasurer in favor of the contractor on Treasurer. for the sum or price agreed upon in his contract with the State for the limb or limbs so furbished.

5. Sec. V. That if any person entitled to any of the provisions or benefits of this Act, shall fraudulently use any of the papers fraudulent issued under its direction, in any way to his own benefit, except use of papers according to the true intent and meaning of this Act, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be punished by confinement in the Penitentiary not less than one year nor more than three years, and shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars, in the discretion of the Court, and either or both of these punishments may be inflicted in the discretion of the Court.

Approved 12th March, 1866.




Authorize married women to deposit money in Savings Banks.



Section 1, Married women may deposit earnings in Savings Banks. May control samas thas


(No. 230.)

An Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to authorize married women to

deposit money in Suvings Banks, or Institutions, now chartered, or which may hereafter be chartered by this State, and for other purposes therein mentioned, assented to Decenber 16th, 1861.

pues may de


1. Sec. I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of

Georgia, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That it Married we shall and may be lawful for any married woman to deposit in any endit eaming: Savings Bank, or Institution for Savings, now chartered in the

State of Georgia, or which may hereafter be chartered in said
State, any sums of money, the proceeds of her own labor, or that

of her children, less than two thousand dollars taken in the agCentrale gems gregate, and to control, draw for, dispose of, devise or transfer, in

any way whatever, the sum or sums thus deposited, in every res-
pect as if she were not a married woman.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 1õth March, 1866.

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