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Power of ter

Poll tax.

Wrightsville. ner as an election for Justices of the Peace, for five Commission! ers; and all persons entitled to vote for members of the General Voters. Assembly, who may have resided within the limits of said town, during the ten days preceding the election, or may own freehold property within the limits of said town, shall be entitled to vote for said Commissioners; and said Commissioners shall be elected Election and annually thereafter in like manner.

Sec. IV. That the Commissioners so appointed or elected, Com's shan shall, as soon as convenient, appoint one of their number Presi-Provident dent, and shall also have power to appoint a Marshal, a Treasurer, Treasurer.

. and Clerk, all of whom shall be severally sworn faithfully to dis- clopke charge the duties required' of them as President, Commissioners, Marshal, Treasurer, and Clerk, to the best of their ability, during the time they may hold their appointments.

SEC. V. That the said President and Commissioners, or a majority of them, shall hold their meetings at such times and places when, whore, within the limits of said town, as they may think, proper; shall have power to levy a tax on real and personal property within the stion. limits of said town, and for the benefit thereof; provided, said tax shall not exceed fifty per cent. on the State tax. They may, for the same purpose, collect a poll tax on persons, living within the limits of said town, and liable to pay a poll tax to the State; pro-, vided, such po'l tax, levied by said Commissioners, be not more than one dollar on each person. They may pass laws for taxing Minulegs ten pin alleys, billiard tables, and other establishments calculated less to encourage idleness, shows in the town performing for the purposes of gain, and itinerants trading within the limits of said town, and shall have power to regulate or prohibit the sale of House of our order spirituous liquors and other intoxicating drinks, within the limits of Wrightsville ; provided, that persons selling such liquors under å license from said Commissioners shall not be exempt from also purchasing like license from the County authorities. Said Cominissioners shall also baye power to pass laws for enforcing order, for forcing order removing nuisances, and for the promotion of peace and good order. They shall also have power to punish offenders against their by-laws, by fine and imprisonment; provided, such fine shall not Provin. exceed ten dollars, or ten days imprisonment for each violation of their by-laws. They shall also. bave power to call out such persons as are liable to perform road duty, & who reside withiņsaid town; work on to work on the streets of said town, for 'a' term not exceeding ten streets. days in one year.

SEC. VI. That the President appointed by said Commissioners, during his term of office, shall be clothed with the authority of a President, J, Justice of the Peace, so far as to authorize him, within the corporate limits of Wrightsville, to bind over offenders against the laws of the State, to answer for such offence to the Court having jurisdiction thereof; to collect such fines as may be assessed against offenders by this law, and to act as conservator of the peace.

SEC. VII. That the said President and Commissioners shall re


liard tables,



May pass




and Tresasu

Authorizing sale of Exile Camp. Marshal, Cik. quire bond and security of their Marshal, Treasurer, and Clerk, rer shall give in such amount as they may think proper, and may also allow

them such compensation for services as the said Commissioners
may deem just and proper.

SEC. VIII. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 23rd February, 1866,

bond and se carity.



Sec. 1. Inferior Court of Terrell county author-/Sec. 2. Proceeds to be paid into State Treasu. ized to s-l1 Exile Camp.


(No. 319.)


An Act to authorize the sale of the Exile, Camp, in the county of Terrell,

and State of Georgia, and for other purposes.

SECTION I. The General Assembly of the State of Georgia do enact,

That the Inferior Court of the county of Terrell be and are hereby Coture of Tor.authorized to sell and dispose of the " Exile Camp,” with all its

appurtenances in Terrell county. Said Court shall have power to sell said Camp by advertising the same, thirty days, and sell the same at the Court House door in said county, and make titles to the same.

Sec. II. That the proceeds of such sale be paid into the Treasury State Treasu- of the State of Georgia.

Approved 10th February, 1866.

may sell.


Proceeds to

Exemption of certain persons from street and jury duty in Atlanta and Augusta.



Sec. I. Exemptions from street duty in the city Sec. 2. Additional exemptions in city of Augns... of Atlanta.

ta from jury duty.

(No. 320.) An Act to-exempt from street duty all persons who are or hereafter may

become active members of either of the existing Hook and Ladden or Fire Companies of the City of Atlanta.

SECTION I. The General Assembly of the State of Georgia do enact, .That all persons who now are or hereafter may become active Exemptions members of either of the existing Hook and Ladder or Fire Companies of the city of Atlanta be exempt from street duty in said city.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 8th March, 1866,

from street duty.

(No. 321.) An Act for the encouragement of Richmond Fire Company, Number

Seven, and for other purposes.

SECTION I. Be it enacted, That in addition to the number of firemen, now exempt from jury duty, belonging to the Richmond Fire Additional Company number Seven, in the city of Augusta, twenty, additional tom. Jury names on the list of the members of said Company are hereby exempted from all jury duty.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 23rd January, 1866.


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Jno. G. Park authorized to build mills thereon.



Sec, 1. John G. Párk authorized to use water.Sec. 3. May receive tolls. Duration of grant power, and build mills on Reserve

Rights to revert to the State. 2. May make estimate of cost, and divide

into shares. Subscriptiola to stock.
Transfer of.

(No. 322.) An Act to authorize the use of the water-power on the shoal and falls on

the Reserve at Indian Spring, with the privilege of building saw and grist mills thereon.


WHEREAS, Said falls and water-power in the stream passing through said Reserve, in the county of Butts, are on the lands of the State, and cannot be used for such mills without authority, and the granting of certain rights and privileges by the State to the citizens of said place, or to other persons ; And Whereas, such mills are greatly needed for the accommodation of citizens of the village at: Indian Spring, on said Reserve, and of the whole of that neighbor-' hood, as well as for the public generally, and the same may be erected thereon without injury by any overflow or pond on said lands, or on other lauds at said place, without any inconvenience to the citizens, or the public, or possible danger of affecting the healthiness of said place by reason thereof;

Section I. Be it enucted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enucted by the authority of the same; That for the purpose of empowering the citizens of said place, and neighborhood, to build said mills, and of

granting the certain rights and privileges necessary to the use and Jno. Pack, occupancy thereof on said Reserve, John G. Park, one of said citiired to use e zens, and his heirs and assigns, as herein directed and designated, and build mill be, and they are hereby authorized to have and use said water

power and falls, with the privilege of erecting with the stone thereon and contiguous thereto, on the grounds (not more than one fourth of an acre to be selected by him, or them, at or near the foot of said falls to be so used) of said Reserve for suitable structures, and a house for said mills, and a canal or race to be constructed on the bed of said stream within its banks, and a breakwater or dam near the top of said falls to turn or conduct the water of said stream into said canal or race. Said dam' or breakwater not to be constructed, nor any other work, so as in anywise to cause any. overflow or pond by the water of said stream upon said lands.

SEC. II. That said John G. Park, his heirs or assigns, for the purdet inte pose of having said mills built and ready as soon as practicable for

the aceommodation of the public may make an estimate of the pro

&c., author


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May mak


97th District, G. M.


bable cost and expense to be incurred in building and conducting

. and managing the same, and may divide the aggregate thereof into as many equal shares or portions as they may deem advisable and proper; to be offered, taken, and subscribed for, and paid in by the citizens of said place, and in case the same is not taken or subscribed for and paid in by said citizens in a reasonable time said shares Shares. or interest, or any part thereof undisposed of as aforesaid may then be taken, subscribed and paid for by other persons citizens of said State, elsewhere. Certificates, or other evidence of such interest or share of stock, for the amount taken and paid for, may be given by him, or them, to the persons subscribing, and may be transfer-How trair ed by assignment to entitle the holder thereof to the portion of interest therein specified and conveyed.

SEC. III. That said John G. Park, his heirs and assigns, or such persons to whom he or they may so convey said' rights and priviTeges as aforesaid, shall be entitled to have, take, and receive such toll or compensation for grinding of grain, &c., at such mills as is by law allowed therefor at other mills; and may use, control, and have the occupancy and rights herein granted and authorized to him, his heirs, and their assigns as aforesaid, for and during the term of twenty (20) years 'from and after the passage of this Act, Duration. when the said rights, &c., shall revert to said State, with all the Rights to reimprovements, buildings, &c., so authorized and constructed on said vert. Reserve as aforesaid.

Approved 23rd February, 1866.

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Sec. 1. Justices Court 97th Dist. G. M. to be Sec. 2. Two days session authorized.

held at Sandersville.


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(No. 323.)
An Act to change the place of holding the Justices Court in the 97th Dis-

trict Georgia Militia, of Washing ton county, authorizing two days sesa
..sion of said Court.

1. SECTION I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-
tives of the State of Georgia in General Assembly met, and it is hereby
enacted by the authority of the same, That from, and after the passage Jastices
of this Act, the place of holding the Justices Court, in said District, held at
shall be changed to Sandersville ; and it is further enacted by the Sandersville

to be

Court to be

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