Captions to Resolutions.

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Ne, 20, In relation to the Card Factory recent- No. 38, allowing the Secretary of State to emly in operation in the Penitevtiary.

ploy a Clerk in his office for the pur* 21, In reference to a final settlement of

pose of replacing destroyed maps in the State's interest in the Cotton

the Surveyor General's office. Card Factory.

“ 39, Requesting the Goverr.or to pardon 22, For appointment of a joint Commit

Epsey Wood, a convict in the Pepitee to draft a bill authoriziug and

tentiary from the County of Frankestablishing a State Orphan Home

lin. or Homes,

40, Requesting his Excellency thé Gov. < 23, Respecting the penalty of the bond of

ernor to ivstruct the Superintendent Aaron Thornby, principal, and El

of the Westeru & Atlantic Rail ward R. Harden, security.

Road to give certain aid to farmers * 24, Requesting the Comptroller General and other persons upon said Rail to furnish certain informati.n.

Road. 25, Relative to the Commissioners ap- 41, Askivg that the President will have pointed by the late Convention to

certain mail routes opened in the investigate the condition of the fi.

State of Georgia. nances of the State from 1861,

42, To authorize certain persons to cast 26, Providing for the appointment of a

the vote of the State in elections held joint Committee to examive into the

by the Atlantic & Gulf Rail Road proceedings of the Board of Direc

Company. tors, appointed for the Western & 43, Allowing M. P. Quillian certain priviAtlantic Rail Road, by the Provis

leges. ional Governor.

** 44, Authorizing the Comptroller General - 27, Requesting the Secretary of the

to audit certain clajins for printing Treasury of the United States to

and publishing. suspend the collection of the Inter- 45, Authorizing and requesting the GovDal Revenue Tax in Georgia, and

ernor to purchase Wellborn's Pamrequesting Congress to allow this

phlet of Public Laws, &c., of the State to assume and coʻlect thej

present session, for certain County

officers. 28, Requesting the Comptroller General“ 46, In relation to his Excellency the Pres. to furnish certain information in re.

ident of the United States. gard to the Banks of this State. " 47, For the appointment of a joint sub* 29, Requesting a mail toute to be estab

committee to visit and report upon lished from Doctortown to Ocmul

the Deaf & Duinb Asylum at Cave geeville.

Spring: 30, Appointing a Committee to examine 48, Authorizing his Excellency the Gov. State Library.

ernor to appoint Commissioners to 31, Expressing the cordial endorsement

examine and report upon the proby the General Assembly, of the ad

priety of removing the Penitenti. dress of Hon. A. H. Stephens.

ary, or of establishing an addition32, Accepting the benefit of certain Acts

al ope, and report all the facts and of Congress of the United States

inforiration to the next meeting of

the General Assembly. 33, Requesting the Governor to memorial

Lunatic Asylum simply to supervise ize the Secretary of the Treasury in

the accounts made by the Steward. regard to the seizure of cottor incer- " 50, Authorizing the Governor to have a tain cases.

test inade of the matters of differ- , 434, Authorizing the distribution or dispo

ence between the State of Georgia sition of surplus books in the State

and the United States touchivg the Library.

Western & Atlantic Rail Road. 35, Requesting the Postmaster General to “ 51, To allow the Secretary of the Senate recommend the establishment of cer

and Clerk of the House ten days to tain mail routes.

bring up the unfinished business. 36, For appointment of a Committee of “ 52, Authorizing the Governor to appoint sixteen to digest and report a com

à Committee to examine Digest of mon 'school system to the next ses

Reports of Supreme Court, by A. sion of the General Assembly.

0. Bacon, Esq. 37, Making the Committee on the Govor 53, For appointment of Committee to poernor's Message in relation to pro

tify his Excellency of readiness to viding corn for the destitute a joint

adjourn, sine die. Committee.



donating lands for certain purpo- . 49, Requiring the Superintendent of vise


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(No. 1.)

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WHEREAS, The Congress of the United States has, under the 5th Article of the Constitution of the United States, proposed as amendment to said Constitution, in the words following, to-wit:

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime, whereof the party shall bave been duly convicted,

Inaugurate Gov'r-Recess-Suits against Banks con'd-Advance to Legislature, $20,000 to L. Asylum. shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Sec. 2d. Congress shall have power to enfirce'this Article'by appropriate legislation."

Which amendment was approved on the 1st of February, 1865,

Therefore, be it Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, in General Assembly met, That the said Ancondiment amendment to the Constitution of the United States, be and the town of is. same is hereby ratified and adopted.

Resolvcd, That a certified copy of the foregoing Preamble and Resolutions be forwarded by his Excellency the Provisional Governor, to the Fresident of the United States, and also to the Secretary of State of the United States. Assented to December 9th, 1865.


Pro. Got. of Ga.


a bolishing slavery ratified.


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*(No. 2.) Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatires, That a Com-Committee to mittee of two from the Senate and three from the House of Rep-ments for inresentatives be appointed to make suitable arrangements for the auguration. inauguration of the Governor elect. Assented to 13:h December, 1865.


Pro. Gov. of Ga.



(No. 3.) Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Assembly met, That when the two bodies adjourn on Friday the fff-Rocoos. teenth instant, we adjourn to meet on the fifteenth day of Janu

Resolved, That a copy of the above Resolution be transmitted by the Clerk of this House to the Governor.

Approved 15th December, 1865.

ary next.

(No. 4.)

Saito con

against Bank

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That all suits now commenced, or which may be instituted in any Court of the manned State against any incorporate Bank of the same, stand continued Continued. until the final adjournment of the present General Assembly.

Approved 15th December, 1365.

(No. 5.)

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That the Treasurer of the State be authorized to advance to each mem

Sale of debris Mil. Institute-Branded stock-Disabled soldiers.

Tr. auth'd to advanco


000 sup

to Asylum.

ber of the General Assembly and its officers the sum of one hunmembers of dred and fifty dollars, the same to be accounted for in a settlement

of their final accounts for per diem and mileage.

-Resolred, That the Treasurer e authorized to advance the sum Authod to ads of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000,) as an advance for the support o for $1.29. of the State Lunatic Asylum, for the years 1865 and 1866. And og lune that the sum of twenty-five hundred dollars be advanced to the

Trustees of the Blind School for the support of the same.

Approved, provision having been previously made by law for these cases.

CHARLES J. JENKINS, Governor. 16th December, 1865.

(No. 6.)

gor The General Assembly do Resolve, That any two or more of the of building. Inspectors of the Georgia Military Institute be and are here

by authorized, in connection with the Hon. David Irwin, President of the same, to sell, either at public or private sale, any portion of the debris of the buildings of said Institute, that may, in their discretion, greatly deteriorate in value by delay; the nett proceeds to be paid into the Treasury of Georgia.

Approved 16th December, 1865.

Salo of debris

· Institute.


(No. 7.) Whereas, The people in many sections of this State have become possessed of many horses and mules branded “U. S." and "C. S.” by purchase and otherwise; And whereas, under the recent order of Maj. Gen. Steadman, they were led to believe that the Federal Government would not interfere with them in the right to hold, use and dispose of said horses and mules; And whereas, acting under this impression, many innocent parties have become the owners of said stock by purchase and otherwise ; And whereas, a more recent order of the Secretary of War, ordering the U. S. soldiers to take in the name of the Federal Government, all the branded stock found in the hands of the people, will work a great hardship, and deprive some of our poorest and most needy citizens of the means of making a subsistence for themselves and families,

Be it therefore Resolved, That the General Assembly of the State War to allow of Georgia most earnestly, but respectfully, request that the Secbranded stock retary of War do revoke said order, and do allow the present own

ers of said branded stock to retain the same.

Be it further Resolved, That His Excellency, the Governor, be reSecretary of quested to transmit a copy of this preamble and resolution to the

Secretary of War.

Assented to 18th January, 1866.




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to retain the
Gov. request
od to trans-
mit to


(No. 8.) Resolved, That His Excellency, the Governor, be requested to direct the Inferior Courts of the several counties of this State to re

rect Inf. C

Governor's Message-President Johnson -Revision of Code.

Requesting port to the Comptroller General, by the 15th of January next, the door to number of destitute soldiers' widows and orphans and disabled sol- to make rodiers in their several counties; also the number of such widows, ceruing diaorphans and disabled soldiers who are able in part to support them- diera, ke. selves; and also the probable amount of bread stuff required to supply such persons till the first day of October, 1866.

Approved 18th January, 1866.

abled sol

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Part of Gov's

(No. 9.) Resolved, That so much of the Governor's Message as relates to the improvement of the public grounds and the necessary repairs per reof public buildings, be referred to a joint committee of both bran-Committee. ehes of the General Assembly, with directions to report upon the same at as early a day as practicable.

Assented to 18th January, 1866.

(No. 10.)


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Whereas, It is one of the privileges if not duties of this General Assembly, convened under circumstances so peculiarly interesting and important to the future of Georgia and her people, now that it is about to adjourn over its session for a brief peried, not to do: 80 until it shall have given some expression of its high appreciation of the President of the United States, through whose justice and magnanimity, and through whose regard for the constitutional rights of the States, civil goverộment has again been put in motion at the capital of this state,

Therefore be ii Résolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia in General Assembly met, That ia ley of Presi Andrew Johnson, the Chief Magistrate of the American Republic, Georgia, in her recent past, while yielding to a power she could not successfully resist, and in her present condition moving onward in the work of reconstruction, bas-felt a sustaining arm, and will ever be grateful for the generous clemency extended by him to her people, the magnanimity displayed toward them, and the determined will, that says

to a still hostile faction of her recent foes, “thus far shalt though go, and no farther," "peace, be still.”

Assented to 19th January, 1866.


dent Johnson,

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(No. 11.)

Whereas, David Irwin, of the county of Cobb, one of the Commissioners who prepared the Code of Georgia, is engaged in and preamble. has nearly completed a careful revision of said Code, excluding therefrom all such parts as have been repealed, and including all laws passed since the adoption of the Code, which are now of

Gov'r to borrow inoney-Goy'r to make request of President.

force, so as to make said-Code conform to the 5th Clause of the 1st Section of the 5th Article of the new Constitution of this State, with the addition, under appropriate heads, of such general laws as the General Assembly may enact at its present session ; And whereas, the said David Irwin petitions the General Assembly to provide for the appointment of a committee to examine and report upon the work,

The General Assembly do therefore Resolve, That so soon as His Ex

cellency shall be informed by the said David Irwin, that the said Gov to ap revision of the Code is completed, His Excellency, the Governor, wittee to ex. be and he is hereby authorized and directed to appoint a committee ion at Cole of three competent gentlemen, whose duty it shall be to examine:

said revised Code, and report the result of such examination to His Excellency, the Governor of the State.

Assented to 19th January, 1866.

(No. 12.)

Gov. auth'zd.
to borrow

Resolved, That His Excellency, the Governor, be and he is bereby authorized and empowered to borrow, upon the faith and credit of the State, the sum of one hundred thousand dollars.

Approved, to be executed under ordinance by the Convention, 20th January, 1866.




(No. 13.) Whereas, The people of Georgia, in Convention and by legislative action, have in good faith accepted the issue of the late war, and are bound by every principle of honor and motive of interest, to defend and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States, and the Government thereof; And whereas, such is well known to be our fixed and settled determination, we can therefore perceive no good reason for the longer continuance of military law or forces in our State, except such as may be requisite for a peace establishment, nor can we see the necessity for the seizure and occupancy of private property by the military authorities,

Be it therefore Resolved, by the General Assembly of Georgia, That His Excellency, the Governor, be requested to communicate

to His Excellency, the President of the United States, our fixed « President, and unalterable purpose to observe, obey and defend the Consti

tution and laws of the United States, and the Government thereof, and to maintain by all the power of the State the supremacy of said laws, and to ask of him, if not a withdrawal of the troops of the United States from the State, a surrender of all private property belonging to individuals, and a restriction of the military to The vocupation of barracks, forts and arsenals, or such other quar

tov't. r@. quested to make request

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